Date: 1st April 2014 at 3:04pm
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The last two transfer windows have not been the best for Liverpool in the attacking department. There had been calls to bring in quality midfielders and wingers but nothing came through. On Sunday against Tottenham we saw Christian Eriksen and Gylfi Sigurdsson lineup for Spurs at Anfield and these are two players who were heavily linked with moves to Liverpool in the past but those deals never transpired.

John Aldridge had a go at these two in his Daily Post column by saying, “I’ll tell you what made me smile. Watching the likes of Gylfi Sigurdsson and Christian Eriksen wilt in the face of a powerful Anfield atmosphere.

They were two players who were consistently linked with a move to Liverpool in the past, but wound up at Tottenham instead.

In fact, a lot of our fans were upset that we couldn’t secure deals for those players. It was held up as another sign that Liverpool were declining as Spurs were rising.

What must they be thinking now?

You don’t get atmospheres like that at White Hart Lane, lads, and you don’t get hidings like that when you play for Liverpool.”

Tottenham have had a very up and down season in the league but against Liverpool they have been torn apart. We beat them 5-0 on their home patch and now 4-0 at Anfield, clearly showing that we are a much better team than them. I am sure none of the Spurs players enjoyed being on the field on Sunday and one can only wonder what was going through Sigurdsson and Eriksen’s mind.

Those two could so easily have been Liverpool players but they will tell you that they opted to rather join Tottenham: how they must be ruing that as we are not a few steps away from lifting the Premier League which I doubt they will ever lift at Spurs whilst they are there.


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  1. Dale says:

    Would be wise to remain humble.

    We should leave the gloating and arrogance to teams in recent years who have shown how not to win.

    Respect you opponent, be modest in victory and crush everything in your way with a smile on your face.


    • Amit says:

      Nice comment. John Aldridge needs to calm down and stop the trash talking. We haven’t won the league yet. I was under the impression that we hesitated on Eriksen rather than he opting for Spurs the way Sigurdsson did. I might be wrong. Anyway, probably worked out for the best. This way we can get even better players in the summer.
      Leave the gloating to Man U (not anymore) and Chelsea idiots. Keep calm and play football. 🙂

      • Sean says:

        As a Spurs fan that’s how I remember it as well Amit. There were rumours that Agger was pushing for Liverpool to sign Eriksen but Rodgers was unconvinced. Ironically enough there were rumours form our camp that AVB was unconvinced and Vertoghen was the one who was trying to convince the team of Eriksen’s quality.

        As it is we only moved for Eriksen after the Willian deal fell through with the player commenting that he signed within four days of us contacting his agent so it’s unlikely that Liverpool ever actually put a deal on the table for him as he’d have taken it before we got anywhere near him.

        As for Siggy, it might have been best if you’d gotten, none of our managers have been able to get him playing like Rodgers did at Swansea but it is what it is.

        All the best for the Cl and I hope you get rid of Ian Ayre for the summer and bring in someone that can actually handle player negotiations so you can add some squad depth for Europe. Hopefully next season once our squad and backroom is more settled we can return to playing the football we have over the past four seasons and make a proper push again.

        • Franco says:

          Sean, i give my credits to you as a fan for such nice analysis and kind words for lfc. Yeah we had those tough times as u know, trying to convince the right players to come in and improve our side. Hope u( spurs) join us in Europe footy next season.

        • Junkle1 says:

          We said. Bravo!!!

  2. George says:

    Good work ethic, team work, man management etc may be at their peak at LFC. The manager has been witty enough to make a turn around on the available squad and talent and the output is astonishing. However, I believe the story might have been different if we had Ericksen and Sallah, players LFC missed out on because managers were not keen enough. For Mirktaryan, Diego Costa etc, I suppose it is a case of not being able to attract bees when you have no flowers. For now we have to be moderate and work for the future. Stakes will now be different because LFC has identified itself with the giants. The bar will be raised when Champions’ league football comes on board and when every team of the premiership regard your team as the most difficult to compete against. Management should consider adding quality and width to the squad as a matter of priority.

  3. Spursfan says:

    What a pile of crud!
    There are many players that could have joined one PL team but either chose another or were not pursued strongly enough. Are they all regretting their choice, no. Some maybe but mostly they get on with their lot.
    In recent seasons Liverpool have trailed Spurs by some margin, having gone through their own downturn, so no surprise that players have chosen to join Spurs. Eriksen & Sigurdsson are good players and will hopefully be part of the Spurs set up for years to come.
    The situation at Spurs is being vastly over-hyped. After several seasons of relatively steady progress this year is little short of a disaster. The performances against the top teams has been woeful and many others have been disappointing or poor but they still sit in 6th position; not what is expected but something to build on (again!).
    Given a new coach that knows what it is all about (please!) and less turmoil for next season things can and almost certainly will improve.
    Enjoy your time at the top, but be careful with the mockery. It has a habit of coming back to bite you where it hurts.

    • Ash says:

      Go wank yourself!!! *Y*N*W*A*

    • Leights says:

      We are not mocking you. Spurs on paper have a fantastic squad…but you will never ever ever understand what it means to us, and for the first time since 1990ish (including Istanbul 2005) this feels real YNWA

    • Junkle1 says:

      Blah blah blah!!! what a troll?

  4. Chia Pak Yuen says:

    Well said, stop that mockery and every dog has it’s day,just enjoy the
    progress, YNWA

  5. Dude says:

    The reason we’re in the position we now find ourselves in is due to one man. Rodgers. Spurs have a fine squad but they don’t play like a team. No point in having one of the worlds best players if the 10 behind him are not doing their jobs. We were linked to AVB at one time. We could easily have found ourselves fighting for a Europa league spot. We may or may not win the league this season but the main thing is that we’re finally becoming a force again. And it feels good. Be humble. At least till we know the outcome in 6 games or less time!

  6. micheal says:

    spurs mock us by going to the players we want to sign saying we dnt ve champions league to offer lfc z lfc u cnt compare us wit spurs no matter wat history speak 4 himself

  7. Cmummy chuks says:

    It only ve take the work of God for us to ve goten to ths stage we are nw. GOD BLEs the kop n God bless lfc n the fan all over the world. Cum may we lfc fan wil celebrite as champions