Date: 3rd February 2014 at 9:57pm
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Liverpool fans all over the world were glued to TV’s hoping for LFC to bring in a player we sent a delegation to sign. Liverpool have been involved in a number of high profile negotiations recently (Diego Costa, Henrick Mkhitaryan, Willian, Salah, Konoplyanka) all players who would easily have improved Liverpool’s first eleven. Instead we spent roughly 14 million on Aspas and Alberto. Money Ian was happy to spend.

As a true supporter I always want to give players time to prove themselves. But a Salah or Konoplyanka for 14 – 18 million would come in and add true quality to the team and help with goals which we need spread across team. So we need to look at who is controlling these deals.

Brendan Rodgers is doing very well with his very thin squad and is super diplomatic when it comes to protecting those people who are suppose to close these deals. Or Managing Director Ian Ayre seems to be more concerned with saving money and getting very, very good sponsorship deals. In the short term these deals do not help though. If you look at where we are and how we playing currently, why are we worried about the long run when we still have a shot to win the league right now? Signing quality players can only help us do that or at least 4th.

I do understand that sometimes teams will ask for crazy money for players and deals become extremely complicated with multiple agents etc. Does that mean we should walk away to show we aren’t push overs? No, this is at the cost of winning the league or getting our champions league football. This is Liverpool football club. We strive to be the best and in history always have. We shouldn’t be concerned about waiting for our day to come someday. Everyday should be our day. We riding a high and under Brendan, things are really looking up. So we need to take the chance and go for it. Most fans are feeling we can achieve something this season but it feels like the owners and decision makers are not so sure or waiting to sell the club to the highest bidder.

We have heard all this before, when owners promised to give the support to win. We have a chance now but it seems they holding us back. This is not bitterness from the Konoplyanka deal (maybe a little). This is a pattern that has been there since Brendan took over. Sell, get rid of dead wood (which I agree with) but then at least buy some quality, when last did we go for a quality player. The current average star nowadays cost 30 million and we have only ever bought 1, in our history. Big mistake right (Thanks for nothing Andy Carroll) so now we buckle at anything over 15 million.

Man United have many players in that range and not all have worked for them but they still know you need to pay for quality. It’s always a risk, just seems we not willing to risk. Owners and directors are more concerned with cash flow than trusting a very good manager that some of the biggest clubs will be willing take. Maybe it’s time for the directors and owners to take a leaf out of the supporters song book. Walk on with hope in your heart and You’ll never walk alone. Where is their faith? Seems Brendan is walking alone. Do we think we can really keep Suarez by losing out on players like Konoplyanka? No chance. He might love the club and supporters but must shrug his head when we cant sign any class players. Not just this window but the last one too or should I say three, four. Please John Henry, help me believe in you cause I believe in the club with all my heart and we have the best fans in the world.



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  1. Dilip Tailor says:

    I really don’t know why Henry and his fenway sports group have bought Liverpool! He keeps saying it reminds him his Boston team he owns. Thats got to be rubbish cos if he bought Leeds Utd it would still remind him of the Boston team he has in America. Henry let me remind you you have the biggest football club in England but your ambition isn’t big enough as Liverpool football club. Infact you are wasting your time and money if you dont buy the best top quality players now to win the league and get into champions league. If a small club like Chelsea can out bid a massive club like Liverpool it show you are small time charlie’s. Take that big massive cigar out of yiur mouth and start buying quality players or sell the club to the richest arab on the planet and let Liverpool FC be reborn and let it be restored to its rightful place which is the top of the leauge and the champions of europe.

    • Abbs says:

      100% agree with that mate

    • Siva says:

      100 % right, Dilip.

    • Gaz says:

      Yep, because when Financial Fair Play comes in next season, where if you post an annual loss, you get punished, we will really be in a good position when we are spending 200 or 300 mil a season. In Rodgers I trust and in FSG I trust. He is a businessman, but a good businessman and a good sports businessman, he has proved this with Boston Red Sox, and this isn’t the first Sporting Franchise he has owned. Under the guidance of FSG and Rodgers, they will bring the sustained success that we deserve, we don’t want 1 title and then fall by the wayside again, we want sustained success, which takes time and patience, if you don’t like that, go support Chelsea or Man City.

  2. Mark says:

    Yanks go home

  3. mark says:

    totally agree 100% a big club like liverpool should have owners that are as financially as big as the club they own , ours are not ,not asking to be a chelsea or man city and spend stupid , all we ask for is some decent quality in our side , cant keep expecting to get lucky and every now and then find a world class player if we cant give them the success their talents deserve , since when have we become a club that loans players to add depth , seems these days we are content , if we lose on a signing we are content , we draw a game against a team we should hammer of the pitch we are content , seems we are content in hoping we get 4th , shankly always said first is first second is know where , so i wonder if he saw us today always 5th and lower what words would come into his vocabulary ,to be a succesfull club you need to get things done on and off the pitch seems we cant get things done off the pitch , wheres the ambition in our owners to take the risks there is none , or if it is its in 5 years time , well sorry we have waited long enough , if as owners you cant take us that step further its time you sell up and give the club to some who can , if everton end up making 4th and we dont , thanks for the embarrasment us as supporters have to face as we have to watch a team that shouldn’t stand near us play champions league in brendan we trust in our owners we dont ynwa

    • Gaz says:

      FSG financially are as big, they own one of the richest baseball franchises in the world. However, they are not going to dip into the Red Sox coffers to finance us, they are treating Liverpool as their own entity, which means the revenue Liverpool gain, Liverpool spends, not the revenue Red Sox gains Liverpool spends. They have started the ball rolling by bringing in top merchandising and sponsorship deals, now it’s up to the team to get into the position where the revenue is coming in through CL qualification.

  4. victor says:

    I dnt knw for dis board o it seems they dnt beleive in rodgers no new sighning and expectation high on rodgers to get top 4 run

  5. reg says:

    Its time that Anfield card holders, fans and supporters show the door to the current american owners. Mo more american owners. Stands must be empty or find ways to force the owners to sell.

  6. pino pino says:

    Fsg out,u guys are cheats sucking our club money and then using it to improve ur baseball team.

  7. itani mandiwana says:


  8. TonyS says:

    Stop being so naive – if you don’t have the cash flow you can’t buy.
    As for the American owners – they spent over 100 million with previous managers – who, in the most case, blew it on mediocre players. The setting up of the committee to decide on transfers means that the owners are “once bitten, twice shy”.
    The failure to sign people sounds more like a CEO who can’t negotiate his way out of a paper bag – get rid of him NOW.

  9. Nandha says:

    We don’t have the good knowledge in contract negotiations or we don’t current market trends. We should wait and outbid other teams the moment the wanted to buy . Ian need to be sacked

  10. kariemu barnabas says:

    Ian ayre should b sack,pls rodger call back assadi,suso,and borini 4rm loan nd loan aspas nd alberto 4 dm 2 av sense,winning d league nd champions league is were will belong YNWA

  11. kariemu barnabas says:

    Ian ayre should b sack,pls rodger call back assadi,suso,and borini 4rm loan nd loan aspas nd alberto 4 dm 2 av sense,winning d league nd champions league is were will belong YNWA lv u all pals

  12. Dino says:

    We need top players from defence ,midfield n strikers (top) not to contend with what the current squad is about