Date: 30th January 2014 at 11:09am
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Liverpool managing director, Ian Ayre, has flown out to Ukraine to try seal a deal to sign winger Yevhen Konoplyanka according to reports in the Mirror.

Many Liverpool fans have been unhappy with Liverpool’s lack of transfer activity this January window. We all know that it is a tough window to bring in quality players but missing out on Salah to Chelsea has left a bitter taste in many fans mouths as we had another transfer target ‘stolen’ away from right under our noses. And now it is also being reported today that Tottenham are trying to also sign Konoplyanka!

I may not know exactly how these transfer dealings work, but on the surface it looks like Liverpool and those incharge with transfers are doing a very poor job! We can not always be ‘linked’ and ‘monitoring’ players and end up being ‘close to signing them’ and all the time we miss out and they go to another club. Just like on the playing field, we need to be clinical when it comes to transfer signings. It will not surprise me at all if we miss out on Konoplyanka to Spurs because we are either too slow to seal the deal or we are not willing to pay an extra £1million.

If we are to be serious top four and title contenders, we also need to flex our muscles in the transfer market too. Settling for signing players like Aspas, Alberto, Borini, Cissokho and Moses will not get us anywhere. Those are squad players at best, we need to be signing big name players who can make an instant impact on our starting lineup. Granted we do not have the lure of Champions League football and deep financial pockets but this coming summer we need to bring in two or three big names if we are to take this club to the next level.

A signing like Konoplyanka will be a decent one if we get him for £15million. He is a quality player whom at 24-years old is at the peak of his game. He will offer us great pace and skill down the flanks and we may finally have a player capable of beating the defender on the outside with pure pace. The Ukrainian winger may not be the big name signing fans want but I guess it will do for now. What upsets me the most is that we have not made an effort to sign a central midfielder this window as we are seriously thin in that department. Maybe the big names such us Fernando, M’Villa and Song are not available this window but we have to make sure we strengthen that department in the summer.

I guess now we just have to wait an see how Ayre’s trip to Ukraine goes. I will only be happy once we see Konoplyanka being paraded at Melwood as a Liverpool player. For now, anything can happen especially with Spurs waiting in the wings.


16 responses to “Ian Ayre travels to Ukraine to seal Konoplyanka deal – Reports”

  1. Tony says:

    If ian ayre is doing the deal its dead that guys a dope

  2. Ken Hawkins says:

    Salah is not in the same league as Kono and Ian Ayre is no dope. Liverpool are being prudent and what a change that is from spending £35m on Carroll. I was glad we didn’t get Dempsey, no better than the others mentioned above. There is more to the Salah deal than the media and the bloggers are aware. Basically, the final say was down to the player and he chose Chelsea. I don’t believe his agents…most agents are devious and greedy. I for one am glad we didn’t get him…he is over-rated.

    • Stanley says:

      What a pr*ck you are Ken,IDIOT ayre will be out if we don’t buy by tomorrow !!! Because we will be shouting his name tomorrow night TO GO with the SHAMBOLIC Committee ;-(

  3. Stanley says:

    Every Liverpool fan knows this deal is DEAD,due to the fact we have the WORST NEGOTIATER IN THE HISTORY OF FOOTBALL !!! Let’s put it this way,if IDIOT Ayre screws this deal up ( The Demonstration outside Melwood tomorrow at 6pm is going to be very interesting ) We want him and the Committee OUT ASAP,and we won’t be fooled any more by FSG’s BULLSH*T ;-( Every transfer window is the same ;-(

    • Darren says:

      What about last year ,couts and sturridge.think you maybe right about the deal being dead though,if you believe reports the players agent is in liverpool while Ayer heads gone to the Ukraine ,how’s that gonna work?

  4. C.lahi says:

    Ian ayre what a dope i am sick of lossing out to chelsea and totenham FSG must do something or konopi will be at totenham by the end friday

  5. We suffer in the hands of tottenham and chelsea. Imagine, missing out on Eriksen deal and more. We can’t keep bitting our fingers. Ayre pls, if you know what you will do to mek the world happy, u better do it. Because all the Nigerian are not happy..

  6. atma says:

    We really need to buy best players but with Iyre you will never get good players because he is not at the level. We need people of high level and full knowledge of players then they can buy.

  7. Godwin says:

    what are we using our money 4, y dnt we bring out money nd sign players ,we have been loanin out our players without signing who 2 replace them every time on d verge I haven’t seen done deal .The same story we heard about m.villa koke ferdinando shaqiri salah, as for me i am tired of on d verge, nd let me tell u people if u can’t sign Dmf then go nd bring bk suso convert him I am sure he will help just dat he is nt strong

  8. Godwin says:

    am tired of hearing dat on d verge I will see new players in our squad even if it is 1 LB 1 DMF and A Winger

  9. mogomotsi letsebe says:

    Spending 2much can lead us to the top of the table,we stil have plenty of games to play,buy quality players only PLZ management

  10. bibitayo says:

    Honestly, am fed up with all these rumours and links whatsoever…I don’t think we majorly need a winger right now..our major signing should be a defensive midfielder like d likes of Tiote, Song, Victor Wanyama or Romulo…we need to strengthen @ d midfield cos that’s where d heart of football is in order to battle it out with d likes of all this so called big teams.

  11. I supported all the liverpool fans that contributed for the well been of our dearly club is this page. Pls lan ayre,go and buy big plays to night or resign from u job. Above all u too lazy to do your job.

  12. John McAuley says:

    Dear LFC. If you are reading the KOP Blog, I agree with the majority of the comments made before mine. Tell Mr Ayre not to come back without the Player which he can parade at Melwood on Saturday.
    Then let him and his Committee get down to the SALE of the CRAP LFC have accumulated sine July last year. Aspas, Moses Sissoko etc etc.. Put the money in the Kitty to be ready to strengthen the squad once we qualify for Europe. YNWA. 813

  13. bjderb says:

    I have shouted as loud as anyone blaming Ian Ayre , but dealing with the modern-day agents is a nightmare ,as soon as LFC show any interest in a player the agents contact the media to start a bidding war , this plays right into the hands of the very very rich clubs . If we fell foul of Abramovich he could virtually stop us from signing anybody , by simply outbidding us , that is the main reason we have not sent Moses back to Chelsea .