Brendan Rodgers’ Half-Term Report

Low Point of the Season

There havn’t been too many of these in whats been a mostly positive campaign but the defeat to Hull City was an undoubted blow. In a match where the Reds rarely threatened they found themselves on the wrong end of a 3-1 scoreline, to a Hull side which had struggled for goals all year. It was an unexpected performance and thankfully one that has proven to be a blip than a true reflection of the teams capabilities. The Reds bounced back emphatically as they have often done under Rodgers (it was only recently a Brendan Rodgers Liverpool team lost back to back games for the first time which probably had something to do with the hand dealt on fixtures).

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3 responses to “Brendan Rodgers’ Half-Term Report”

  1. Stem says:

    Sorry but Liverpool have Zero change of being in the Champions League ( OR TOP 6 ) And it’s basically down too he quality ( OR SHOULD I SAY ” LACK OF QUALITY BEING BROUGHT INTO ANFIELD ) OVER £55.000.000 Million Pound WAISTED on FRINGE players who have never made an impact ( EVER ) Allen Borini Assaidi Aspas Alberto Ilori are truely SHAMBOLIC BUYS.It makes you think when Rodgers is only interested in CHEAP B CLASS players from European Leagues,and Ian ayre a NEGOTIATER hahaha FSG just want to BLEED LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB DRY…

    • Meat Pie says:

      It’s important that when I say how dumb that assessment is, I’m not just talking about how you spelled ‘wasted’.

    • Derek Lambert says:

      Who do you support?, sounds like you are scared of Liverpool’s potential at the current moment. Your intelligence level represents all that is wrong with the internet, that is allowing morons to voice an opinion.