Date: 8th January 2014 at 11:00pm
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When Liverpool signed Victor Moses on loan from Chelsea at the start of the season, many fans expected a lot from the Nigerian forward but we have all been disappointed, none more so than former Liverpool striker John Aldridge.

Aldo was writing in his column this week and aired his disappointments with Moses and went as far as saying that Liverpool should cut his loan short and send him back to Chelsea before the season is over, if that is possible.

One may say that Moses has not been given enough opportunities to play at Liverpool but I can bet you he has gotten many more chances at Liverpool this season than he would have gotten if he had stayed at Chelsea. One can lay a bit of blame to Moses’ poor Liverpool form to Brendan Rodgers.

When Coutinho was injured earlier on in the season, Liverpool lacked a player to play behind Sturridge and Suarez who was capable of linking up play between midfield and attack. Rodgers decided to play Moses in that ‘number 10′ position and that proved to be a big mistake and Moses looked lost there. Victor is best suited to playing out wide in attack and not down the middle; maybe that affected Moses to the extent that he has never managed to regain decent enough form.

Coutinho returned from injury and all was well again and Moses was relegated back to the bench and used very sparingly by the Liverpool boss. The FA Cup tie against Oldham on Sunday could have been Moses’ last game in a Liverpool shirt as he was given a rare chance to start but was a huge flop. Rodgers had to take Moses off at half-time as he was simply not good enough. Aldridge said, “The Nigeria international could have no complaints about being hauled off at half-time of Sunday’s 2-0 win over Oldham. He looked completely disinterested in that opening 45 minutes and gave the manager little option.

“There was no desire, no spirit. Maybe he’s lacking a bit of confidence or maybe he’s just unhappy because he’s played so little recently.

“But he certainly doesn’t look like he’s in the right frame of mind. He can’t complain about not being in the team after that performance. You have to command a place and he failed to stake any type of claim.”
So where to now for Moses at Liverpool? One thing is clear, I can not see Brendan Rodgers wanting to make his loan spell from Chelsea permanent as he simply is not good enough for Liverpool. With the return from injury of Sturridge and the rise in form of Sterling, coupled with glimpses of promise from Aspas and the potential arrival of Mohamed Salah from Basel, Moses is set to spend the rest of his loan spell on the Liverpool bench.

It is a real shame though considering that he has a lot of potential and promise but has not been able to show it in the Red shirt. He is not the first to have whittled from playing for Liverpool, do Diouf and Diao ring a bell? Let us not forget that Moses was named the BBC African Footballer of the year in 2013, meaning that he is actually a good player. With our luck, watch him go on an have a blinder of a World Cup for Nigeria in Brazil!


9 responses to “Victor Moses’ Liverpool future”

  1. Dan says:

    The most Disinterested LAZY BASTARD I’ve ever saw in a Liverpool jersey ( EVER ) Liverpool should not even put him on the bench,know wonder Chelsea our always laughing at Rodgers ( Because he’s a fucking sucker for players he’s worked with )

  2. Sir Cecil says:

    This is what one gets when one holds out a begging bowl for free players. Best to buy players one wants, rather than freeload from other teams. If nothing else, think about the dignity of it. It’s bad enough groveling to another club to borrow players, but if one is going to lower oneself, at least ensure it’s for a worthwhile player. Liverpool doesn’t want to be known as a haven for Chelsea rejects, does it? Joe Cole, Moses, Borini, Johnson, Sturridge… now there’s even talk of Kalou and others! At least they paid a proper fee for Sturridge and Johnson, so the result was decent acquisitions. But nevertheless, it’s time Liverpool stood on their own two feet and stopped asking Chelsea for favours. It’s also very selfish of a “big club” like Liverpool to take on freebies like Moses, when there are poorer, more needy Championship sides who would like to have the player for free. Why take the food from the mouths of the little clubs? Has Liverpool no sense of pride? The Anfield club has rich owners who should be able to pay their way without having to resort to beggar-like handouts. Come on Liverpool… we all know that the club has won no more Premiership titles than Milton Keynes Dons or Torquay, but at least PRETEND to still be a big club. Don’t make it obvious to the world that you are cheap.

  3. colin says:

    Obviously the two comments above are to be taken seriously.

    • Sir Cecil says:

      You mean “seriously” as in Liverpool’s latest request to Chelsea for Bertrand? Have you seen the posts from Liverpool supporters saying Chelsea must be “scared” of Liverpool because they might not want Liverpool to have Bertrand? As if Liverpool hasn’t taken enough Chelsea reserves already! They want more! Is that what you mean by being taken “seriously”? If one Chelsea reject doesn’t work out, try another? And another? Joe Cole, Borini and Moses not enough? You managed to get some reasonable value from Sturridge and Johnson… forget Bertrand and Kalou and call it a day. Try someone else’s reserves. I’m sure Everton will gladly give you their least-regarded cast-offs on the cheap, if you go cap in hand like you do with Chelsea.

      • Stan says:

        At least where not as stupid as Chelsea 😉 Spending over £70.000.000 Million Pound on Torres Benayoun & Meireles,they where Liverpool’s rejects !!! And just because use have a sugar daddy,doesn’t make use a great side ( Which your not )

  4. Taph says:

    I think Moses sometimes forgets he’s on the pitch with other players. Has anyone ever seen him play a first time pass. The ball literally gets stuck when he receives it because he always takes an extra touch or does another turn.

    I think his teammates have noticed this. In one of the recent games he came on (either Hull or Man City) it looked to me like the other players were not passing him the ball!

    HE literally is in a parallel universe where time is really slow and you can take however long you want on the ball.

  5. If Moses doesn’t change his attitude for the better than I see no hope for him at Liverpool or anywhere else.

  6. malcolm duncan says:

    What about Lakaku loan to Everton from Chelski he has done great for them the only problem is when he has to go back who will do the scoring then? the only game Moses made any attempt was his first game when he came on with real intent and did get his rewards with a goal, but since he looks like he is just no6t interested in Liverpool. as for wrong position these are so called professional’s that all they have to do is play football for millions? any real footballer would go where he is needed and try his best with a bit of effort and heart.