An in-depth look at Liverpool’s midfield problem

Jordan Henderson would have been the perfect choice to replace Steven Gerrard provided of course he is fit for the next game. Henderson had been impressive form of late, full of running, whether be it in midfield or attack you can bet that you can rely on Henderson.

Jordan Henderson had already made 15 appearances so far for the Reds. He had made 4 shots on target and 11 shots off target. With such stats you can feel that Henderson is going to score someday. He even created 26 chances for the team. Henderson had a passing accuracy of 86%. He completed 42% successful duels. In his defensive duties, Henderson had 72% successful clearances, 22.6% interceptions and 4.8% successful blocks.

In all his 15 appearances he had only 1 yellow card awarded to him. He made one error that lead to a goal. Clearly his work rate is much more impressive than Lucas. No wonder Brendan Rodgers prefer Henderson to Lucas in midfield. Let’s hope that Henderson is available for the spurs game.

Should Henderson be not available , then there is always Agger who can also play as a defensive midfielder. Moses, Ibe and Alberto all are available as well. Moses had the gamest time of the 3 players so he can’t blame Liverpool for lack of playing time.

Who can forget the impressive start he had at the Swansea game when he stole a pass and scored a goal in the process helping the team to a draw. Ever since that game Moses’ performance had not been very encouraging.

Moses had 5 shots on target and 4 shots off target in all his 10 appearances. He created 8 chances for the team. He had 87% pass accuracy. He only completed 42% of the duels. In his defensive duties he had 75% of interceptions, 12.5% clearance and 12.5% blocks. He made an error that led to an attempt at goal. In all due fairness Mosses operate well on the left flank.

In conclusion

The loss of Steven Gerrard and Jorden Henderson is massive for Liverpool which the opposition teams will look to exploit. Whichever players were to be selected for the next few games have to take this opportunity to prove their worth.

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4 responses to “An in-depth look at Liverpool’s midfield problem”

  1. Kirk Dale says:

    An in depth look at Liverpool’s midfield problem. ? Hands up who thought this was an ad. for a Lucas Leiva 2014 calendar ? Go on be honest

  2. charlie says:

    what a dreadful article.

  3. Bill says:

    Very nice article. True Liverpool have got problems in midfield.

  4. Thanks for all the feedback.will try to improve on the next article.