Date: 8th December 2013 at 2:00am
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Brendan Rodgers has explained that the reason he sold Andy Carroll to West Ham for £15million was in order to bring out the best in Luis Suarez as reported in the Daily Mail.

The Liverpool manager said, ‘My thinking was that, when you play with a target man, he becomes the focal point of your team, so everything has to be set up around the big guy. Sometimes you get sucked into doing it more direct, and clearly, with my history as a coach, I don’t work that way.

‘Removing that means you have to connect your game better through the lines, through the thirds. Possession is not good enough on its own, you have to penetrate. That’s what Luis does. He is always on the move, in spaces and in behind defenders.

‘He can drift along the back line, he spins on the shoulder and he has got that freedom to do what he does best. You look at the goals he has scored in my time here, and not too many have been from whipped in crosses, which, to be fair, big Andy was brilliant at. The style has brought out Luis’ qualities.’

This makes a lot of sense and it just goes to show that Liverpool should never have signed Andy Carroll in the first place. It was a bad signing from the beginning; yes Torres was sold for £50million and we had money to spend and needed to bring in another striker, but splashing £35million for Andy Carroll only benefited Newcastle in the end as they had a massive bank balance.

People tried to candy-coat and justify the Carroll signing by saying ‘he is one for the future’ and ‘he may be tall but he is brilliant with his feet’ but he never achieved all this potential at Liverpool because he was not a Liverpool type player. Can you imagine Carroll trying to play in the current Liverpool side now? It would never work with all our intricate moving in the attacking third that Coutinho, Suarez and Sturridge are so good at.

West Ham suites Carroll to the tee if only he is able to be fit again. I am so glad he was not playing against Liverpool on Saturday as he would have been revved up for this game and try and prove himself, and with our fragility in dealing with crosses in the box, he could have given our defenders a torrid time.

Some say that Carroll would have provided Liverpool with a good ‘Plan B’ if we need something different but even then, we do not have the type of wingers capable of whipping in crosses into the box for Carroll to feed off. As Rodgers said, we would have to just lob long balls into the box for Carroll but even as a Plan B, that is not the Liverpool way.

Thank you Brendan Rodgers for seeing that Carroll would not work at Liverool, and credit to you for selling him even though it was a huge financial loss.


2 responses to “Rodgers explains why he sanctioned £15million transfer”

  1. Timothy says:

    Congs to Brendan Rodgers

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