Date: 5th December 2013 at 8:00pm
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It is funny to think that Luis Suarez may not have taken to the field on Wednesday night against Norwich as he had a troublesome calf, Brendan Rodgers has revealed.

Speaking on, the Liverpool manager said, “To think he (Suarez) actually had a tight calf before the game, but yet wanted to get out there and play like he did. He has had that a few times; before Wigan away last year, his hamstring was a bit tight and he got a hat-trick that day.”

It is a good thing that Suarez has the right mentality of a footballer who just wants to go out there and play. He could so easily have said that his calf is bothering him and he does not think he can play. I guess that is one thing you can not fault Suarez for; his determination to play for Liverpool.

With the whole transfer saga in the summer with Arsenal and Suarez ‘wanting to leave’ Liverpool and being told to train by himself, he could so easily have rolled over and decided not to contribute to the Liverpool cause. But he has gotten stuck in and you could see it against Norwich, all he wants to do is go out there, play, enjoy himself and score goals.

That is a rarity to find in players today, a large chunk of them just want to earn loads of money and drive fancy cars. Just have a look at Nicklas Bendtner at Arsenal: he is hardly getting any game time even though the club are short of strikers and he is not moving to another club which can give him more playing time because he is apparently on a very lucrative contract at The Emirates. So one would rather just sit on the bench and earn thousands a week whilst not playing!

Thankfully Suarez took to the Anfield turf on Wednesday night for all of us to see his brilliance. Many at Anfield were left speechless by that performance, it truly was special and I am just thankful I got to see it in my lifetime.


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    Infact Luiz suaraz is a real role model,upon al the trouble time he went 2ru towards d end of last season he stil show his profetionnalism on the peach.Wao,may d lord continue 2 empower u and also make u glad LUIZ.I pray u hav no injury complain as season progreses.Conclusively,my condolence msg goes 2 d family of d best president i ever seen in d whole world Mr MANDELA.