4 Player changes Liverpool must make against Norwich

2) Replace Lucas with Joe Allen

Joe Allen

This will be a tough decision to make as many fans still have Joe Allen’s miss against Everton fresh in their minds. If you put aside that miss, Allen did not have a bad game against Everton and if he is pushed back a bit deeper and he is not forced to go anywhere near the attacking goal, he could actual be decent.

Lucas has had a consistently average season so far and he is not being dropped because Liverpool do not have another natural defensive midfielder to come in for him. The Brazilian has also been guilty of picking up too many yellow cards this term and giving away silly free-kicks in dangerous areas. He needs to be dropped and hopefully that will make him come back a better player.

6 responses to “4 Player changes Liverpool must make against Norwich”

  1. Gerald says:

    i agree with u, but i wnt like to see allen. He should be replaced with moses. moses can do great things with the ball just that he fell out of luck in the hull game.

    • Dave says:

      Are you mad Gerald give Moses ( The Lazy Twat ) Another go !!! Sorry NO ( HELL NO ) And same goes for Sterling ;-( Waist of fucking space BOTH !!!

  2. Dave R says:

    Lucas consistently average ? Can’t you spell shite

  3. anu lfc says:

    wht r u sayin man r u out of ur mind..droppin lucas fr allen..he is just shit..he had a decent game against evrton becoz he was nowhere to be seen near the ball..he wasnowhere to be seen in the game…

  4. Emma says:

    Which moses,No to Moses No To sterling,they d coz of lfc loosin against Hull..let Br pair Suarex & countinho as two man front as he use 2 used Suarex & Sturidge coz countinho can score goal,so let br convert him 2 join suarex 4 pairin