Date: 1st December 2013 at 6:06pm
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Liverpool went down to an embarrassing 3-1 defeat to Hull on Sunday. If Liverpool are to finish in the top four, these are the kind of games Brendan Rodgers’ men have to be winning.

The squad has been rocked by late injuries which never helps a team in preparation for the game. Daniel Sturridge has now been ruled out for 8 weeks and judging from the display today, he is going to be missed. Philippe Coutinho only managed to start on the bench for this one following an ankle knock picked up during the week.

Brendan Rodgers has to shoulder a lot of blame for the result today. Firstly he dropped Daniel Agger for Kolo Toure which meant that Martin Skrtel had to shuffle across to play on the left side of the back two when he has been playing regularly on the right. This change would obviously have an impact on Skrtel’s game. Why did Rodgers not just pick Sakho in place of Agger as Sakho would have just slotted in on the left and we keep Skrtel on the right. We know we need to rotate players but wise rotation is needed.

Secondly, yes, injuries forced Rodgers to go with Victor Moses and Raheem Sterling out wide to support Suarez, but these two looked lost and I believe it is because they did not know exactly what they were meant to be doing i.e. no clear instructions from Rodgers. Granted that Moses and Sterling as players had shocking games but Rodgers has to be questioned whether it was right to start them and if they were tactically aware of what they were meant to be doing.

When the game was locked at 1-1 in the second half before Hull scored to make it 2-1, Liverpool were on the front foot and at that stage Rodgers should have made the change earlier to bring Coutinho on. We do not know the fully extent of the Brazilian’s injury but an earlier introduction could have helped us go and grab that killer second.

Having seen that Victor Moses was having a poor game, Rodgers should have reacted earlier to take him off and bring on Luis Alberto.

Sitting at 1-1, this is a game we must have pushed on to try get a win and not just sit and hope something comes up. Rodgers was too slow in making tactically substitutions to help us grab the win.

All in all, a bad day at the office and we need to bounce back in a big way against Norwich at Anfield. All hope is not lost for a top four finish but we need to be beating these smaller teams.


41 responses to “Brendan Rodgers to blame for Hull defeat”

  1. Henry says:

    Embarrassing for LFC. Rodgers was outclassed by Steve Bruce. I never thought I would see the day I say that.

    Drop Moses and Sturridge and start with Coutinho and give Aspas a chance.

    New striker need in Jan if Sturridge is out for long.


    • sanjay says:

      Is BR the type of trainers we needed at anfield.How many errors tactically for a match with average teams.How much should be given to him by the directors for the team.Should not forget tactically KK had a 3.5.2 formation against MU and we won.BR sold J Selvey Error capital.He was supposed to use Selvey for the older gerrard.Now We don’t see a 4 finish or even 6th place.should not forget managing Swansea and liverpool is very different.Now will need a massiah to help us.It will be Harry Redknapp.

  2. Steve 8 says:

    This game showed how pathetic the depth is in our side. Rodgers can only do so much with the players he has the they are below par.

    I agree BR could have made subs earlier, and they came too late. Poor defending too for the goals. Toure had a shocker! Dont know why he played. Bad call by BR to play him.

    • Baxter says:

      “Rodgers can only do so much with the players he has the they are below par.”……lets not forget who bought/loaned all the mediocre players we have on the field and on the bench, three transfer seasons and we are still relying on the “old backbone of players” with only a lot of rejects to call upon to “turn the game around”…..I believe Rodgers needs another three to five years before he might start looking like a Manager of a top team….question is,..are Red supporters prepared to wait for something that might never happen, mediocre Managers are a dime a dozen but the number of top class mangers can be counted on two hands, odds are he won’t make it.

  3. zindoga says:

    3-1 to Hull???? Blame the players not Rogders! Johnson was amiss, Flanagan offers nothing going forward from the left. Why Henderson was played at number 10, i have no idea! Moses and Sturridge should be kept in the reserves. We need to go shopping in January! Hopefully this result was a wake up call to FSG that we need money money money in Jan

    • iruua says:

      BR spent 50 milions pounds on crap. How much money BR need to bring 2 very good players? In the summer he spent 22 m pounds on 3 average players (Aspas, Alberto, Ilori). Why? With 22 mil pounds, he could bring 1 very good player.

  4. Charles says:

    Dont blame BR, the players were just not up to it.

    • Jay says:

      I have been saying time for a wake up call and this proved it! I had us down for a defeat before we started and Hull obliged by taking us apart completely. Pathetic field showing and Rodgers has NO answers to it. Why we bought three strikers in summer and miserable fail to play them I will never know. You can buy all you like come January but Rodgers will not give them any play to bed themselves in. My words were a 10th place finish weeks ago and I remain with that. Kid yourself all they like some supporters do but we remain second rate and falling!

  5. waq oldham says:

    i dont understand br if we need to win the title we need to spend heavy on top class players. sad and bad day

  6. Gordan says:

    These results happen guys. Good thing is Norwich is a few days away and we can get this one out our system. Sturridge’s injury is going to hurt us as we have no cover for him. Signing that Greek guy would help. YNWA

    • Al says:

      I don’t have any confidence we will even draw with Norwich.

      Rodgers is a poor inexperienced manager who decided to tinker and failed disgracefully AGAIN! He is a liability and sick to the back teeth of him. I hope he is sacked in the morning. Why the f*** did he start with Moses and sterling and not coutinho????? Sterling is a dreadful player and Moses is average at best. Shocking decision making from Rodgers. He showed total disrespect to hull and expected to walk it today with an unrecognisable team. Why didn’t agger start today? Why make so many changes, WHY?

      I am absolutey disgusted with the club today, I hope Rodgers is sacked in the morning. Truly dreadful manager who hasn’t a clue. Rodgers out NOW! If I saw hi in the street I’d put him on his arse

      • Ray says:

        WHY are you such a big mouth? WHY are you such a big muppet? WHY are you such a big clown? WHY do you think you are hard when clearly you are nothing but a scared little keyboard warrior hiding behind a computer in your mummy’s bedroom? PS if you met Rodgers walking down the street and for once in your sad little life tried to fight instead of running away as fast as your legs could carty you, Breadan would knock you the fuck out you sad little boy.

      • j75j says:

        All you questioning why Coutinho didn’t play are showing how little you take notice of what is happening at the club! He has not trained all week due to a high level ankle injury and needed an injection even to be used as a sub!!!Why don’t you read the team news before the game!!!!

  7. Patrick Idrifua says:

    BR should take the blame for this, i have been appreciating him since but today his team selection was terrible .just coz moses complaint of playing time he was given the chance,everyone knows Kolo is gud 4 noting right 4m city but Agger was dropped

  8. Patrick Idrifua says:

    BR should take the blame for this, i have been appreciating him since but today his team selection was terrible .just coz moses complaint of playing time he was given the chance,everyone knows Kolo is gud 4 noting right 4m city but Agger was dropped

  9. utam utam says:

    a very pedestrian performance from Liverpool. playing two right footed defenders was I think presumptuous by the coach. kolo had a poor game and skrtel was very uncomfortable on the left side of the central defence. his link up with Flanagan was poor leaving a lot of space through the left which elmohamady exploited very much. Henderson could not link up the midfield and attack so Suarez comes in deep to get the ball. sterling and moses stay wide so his deliveries in the box meet no Liverpool players. he tries to go alone and loses the ball. moses plays very unenergetically on the whole. a very disappointing display from Liverpool. I personally think when we are short on personnel the 3-5-2 helps us grind out results against the lower teams. just a thought

  10. PatrickThe Red says:

    Why change the defence at all? It only causes more problems constantly moving them in and out. All the games Liverpool lost you could argue it was down to Rodgers clueless tactics. Sterling should never play again until he develops his game somewhere else.

    • Al says:

      Get Rodgers out!!

    • utam utam says:

      I agree with u. I think BR should stick to defensive pairings when all the center defenders are available. agar and toure kept 3 clean sheet playing together n I think sarkho n skrtel were beginning to form a partnership. it was very embarrassing to see our center backs clattering into each other on more than 1 occasion

  11. israel says:

    Blame BR, he’s so inexperience in tactical changes. FSG shud hav went 4 Roberto Martinez. He made same mistak against southtownton, playin 4 central defenders @ d bak 4, against Arsenal, playin 3 @ d bak n 2day playin Toure n stirlin frm d beginin. It is abt tym LFc shop 4 gud players in all d position if they must win d league. Johnson n Henderson ws nt jst in d game frm d start overstressin Suarez. I wount blame him if he pushes 4 a transfer com january. BR is destroyin a team he has worked so hard tryin 2 build. Its abt high time Board of Directors call him 2 order. Shame on u BR

  12. Yohana J Mdodo says:

    Brendan Rodgers, today made alot of mistake from choosing who has to start in first eleven, even substute it’s been a problem for a while now……some of the players are not committed

  13. samuel adeyemi says:

    After waiting for 18months, this is when all you dumb thinking kopites have finally realised that Rodgers is just a Grade C tout called Manager… Look, dalglish wasted money but rodgers wasted more cummilatively, KD gave us Suarez and Capital 1, u guys fired him, now you are crying like rats looking for whores(toure, allen and moses) to screw… Moses is my country man and I see him play for nigeria, conor coady is better than him… YNWA

  14. Davies says:

    Be4 we started the match,I predicted we’re going to loose the match,because of Rogers stupid and unproductive selection (1) he played two right cornerback (2) he played Moses and Starling on either side of the wing which never make any difference (3) he he made late substitution. Therefore I believe these three lapses were evidently enough to known that Braden Rogers is not tactically sound and shown the way out,because we are sick and tired of this players rotation and experimentation,so if FSG want to win anything or remain in top four at the end of this season,I implore them to go for,(1)Montoya (2)Pastore (3)Constantinos,in this January Transfer Window.

  15. Davies says:

    I mean centerback

    • utam utam says:

      for the last 2 seasons most of the attacking width for Liverpool has come from our fullbacks Enrique and largely johnson . our wingers have contributed very little. I think playing narrow in the final third so we can crowd the box has served us well this season. I would have played a 442 with Suarez and aspas upfront with cortinho at the tip of a midfield diamond

  16. adenaiya says:

    BR should be blame,he shdnt have start sketel and kolo.use aggar and sketel or kolo and shako.lucas should sit for henderson,lucas is not powerful as henderson.try iago aspas,give him a chance.johnson is not mobile as before.we need rugged guys on the pitch.ibe is someone I see as rugged.and again when you know sturridge is not all that fit,he shdnt have place him on hardcore training,this what you do week in weak out,just give them some exeecise to do.

  17. Ejyk says:

    I always know the end of a match thru BR’s selection.

  18. vita says:

    Yawn!!! I have said this b4 am not yet half convinced by Br.He bought Aspas,Borini,Illori,Allen,Sakho,yet none of them starts,he still rely on other people’s with Martinez who brought Lukaku,Mccarthy,Barry,Delofeu,Kone,Robles this tells me Martinez is surely better than Brendan both tactically and in decision making.Back to square one.

  19. vita says:

    I have said it b4 Lucas is not good enough, he allows the opposition to take too much shot at our post.

  20. Fourty5 says:

    This is the time we all agreed BR is a mediocre and need to be sack, A fool is a person who make same mistake at a time. The same thing he did against the saint and arsenal. PLEASE SACK HIM.

  21. masside says:

    nonsence br changing players and tactics from match 2 match is no success absaloutly rubbish,b.r is the 1 and only 2 blame,weak,weak,weak

  22. morgan Hills says:

    Rodgers with is stupid tactics…we need money 2 get good players in d nxt transfer window…player like pastore,sharawy.mitroglou…nd I dnt knw wah flanagan is doin in d 1st team…hz nt matures….Money money money…..FsG all we demand!!

  23. biggie says:

    we can not lose games to small teams like hull and expect to win league. Rodgers pull up yo socks plse.we need results nt wht you did yesterdae.fuck you

  24. Mallau says:

    Br is just thinking he is at swans and this fsg just come to destroy our club,check our signins allen,aspas,alberto,borini,sturidge countinho, copere dis with the likes of swansea,south,newcas,stock, we luk alike but we expect to compete with de likes of tot,chel,,even arsenal are paying 42m for player. Lfc is doom solution sack rodgers bring in a coach dat have played in champions league.

  25. Dave R says:

    Lucas ? Like playing with 10 men does nothing adds nothing going forward , that’s not his job his admirers say he’s there to protect the back four . Well Nuff said

  26. wayne says:

    All LFC Fans stand togethr and be realistic- RODGERS GOT IT WRONG!








  27. Jimbo says:

    What a load of rubbish? You really think Rodgers gave no instructions to Moses and Sterling? Fucking idiocy.

  28. to be honest i hate rodgers and why he sold shelvey and downing then send borini and asaidi also suso and he’s complaining that he does’nt have enough squad to use when there’s injury to important player and i wonder why he dump sahko and cyssickho on the bench in a game like which we need to win and keep 2 or 3 position in our hands.rodgers only goog in making a lot noices when we a win in any game.