Date: 28th November 2013 at 8:00am
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With the news that Jose Enrique will be out of action for 10 weeks following knee surgery, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has seen that he may need to go into the transfer market in January and seek left back cover.

Speaking to the Liverpool Daily Post, Rodgers pointed out that Enrique’s injury is not ideal and a solution needs to be found.

“It is not ideal,” said Rodgers.

“You would prefer two in there to really be challenging. Jose is clearly one of the best left-backs in the league and to have him out is a blow.

“We brought in a cover one in Cissokho and you have the likes of Jon Flanagan who can play on both flanks comfortably.

“It is certainly something that if Jose is going to be out for a long time we would have to look at it for sure.

“We think Jose will be a few months. It is not a long-term one but will be the New Year for sure.”

With Jon Flanagan having a brilliant game against Everton, it looks like the young defender may get the nod ahead of Aly Cissokho for the upcoming games.

Cissokho who is on loan from Valencia has struggled to impress in the few games he has played for the Reds, thus Rodgers would be desperate to bring someone else in in January.

The January transfer window is always a difficult one to bring in new players as most clubs are not willing to sell their good players. Liverpool have however had some luck in this window as Suarez, Sturridge and Coutinho have all arrived in January. I am sure the scouts are hard at work to find a decent left back that can be signed in January. Liverpool have been linked with a move for German International left back Dennis Aogo.


20 responses to “Rodgers identifies area that needs attention in January transfer window”

  1. Danno says:

    You must be thick rodgers if you can’t see are central midfield is SHAMBOLIC !!! Everton overrun us on Saturday in that second half,and only Mignolet put up any resistence ;-( Gerrard can’t play 90 minutes ( That’s a fact ) Lucas hasn’t been the same player since 2 years out.Allen is just a fucking joke.Henderson has energy but nothing else ( Headless chicken ) We need the CENTRAL MIDFIELD ADDRESSED in JANUARY,or I hope you get SACKED come June ( Because we will never get into EUROPE with that MIDFIELD ) And stop playing your fucking PET allen ( HE’S SHITE AND EVERY LFC SUPPORTER WANTS HIM OUT ) ASAP

    • Ouma tadeo says:

      Danno, you a fooballer? It seems you are only good at seeing negatives, what about positives??? Nway its you opinion.

    • Eddie says:

      Sack Rogers? You’re a moron you don’t have a clue!! This is the best we have been playing in years, and it’s down to Rogers he built the squad idiot. Are you even a supporter? stop hating and start believing in the team and manager or fuckoff! YNWA

      • Danno says:

        MORON who knows Allen Borini Aspas Alberto Assaidi cost us OVER £40.000.000 Million Pounds,and none have or will make an impact at Anfield…

    • john smith says:

      danno you’re a man u loving anti scouse knob.

  2. Zanz Kedah says:

    Ryan Bertrand and Alberto Morena will best answer to solve leftback position.Others ? Will just become jokers again…CDM we wants Koke.

  3. Sharn says:

    Yes, i totally agree that Danno is a total MORON, and strongly believe he never played football and thinks playing Football Manager makes him a football pundit! BR is the right man for the Pool job, thats forsure! All that is needed is 2-3 transfer windows like BR has been saying since he took charge of Pool. Nothing happens over night, but hey, look at the type of football we’re playing, look where we are on the log? I also fully agree with Eddie, BR is building a squad, not recruting, but building! So it will take time, and even though I want things to happen now, and are tired of a club like Spurs (according to the British) has surpassed my Mighty REDS, and the Mans, Cities, Chelsea (except Arsenal), look down on us, and PROCLAIM we not on the level they are, and hence, no more a force to be reckon with! Its as clear as day that we are moving in the right direction >>>>>>>>>> and fast! We as SURPORTERS AND FANS MUST BELIEVE IN THE MANAGER AND PLAYERS, AND BE PATIENT!!! CAUSE WHEN THE TITLES START COMING, ITS GONNA POUR!

    • Danno says:

      If you think our midfield is good enough to take us to the promised land ( YOUR DELUDED MORON ) Outside TOP 8 come MAY…OH has Allen Borini Aspas Alberto Assaidi made an impact at Anfield ( NO ) And they’ve cost our club well over £40.000.000 Million Pound ;-( Enough Said !!!

  4. Danno says:

    And by the way I’m from Knotty Ash LIVERPOOL !!! Our any of use even from Liverpool…

  5. Smith. Jones says:

    Danno you need to chill out mate.
    We are second in the league at the end of November,Any Liverpool fan would surely have settled for that at the start of the season.
    Regarding Borini , maybe not good enough but seldom played up front ! And yes I do remember the misses ! Aspas dosn’t really look too clever either but maybe needs a little time to adapt,was playing well in Spain as a striker and not a winger !
    Alberto could be a real gem , but again he is a young guy who is after making a big move , and good on him for having the balls.
    As regards Assaidi , not sure anybody knows what happened there.
    Everybody knows we need to strenghten midfield , so nothing new there.
    A presumtion on my part is you are Rafa / Kenny fan ! As are all us , but we have moved on !
    By the way I’m not from Knoffy Ash Liverpool !
    I have been following LFC for 35 years now and been at quite a few games so I hope my opinion has some merit !

  6. Yes,we lack midfield stability n quality we need-dm,cm and att-mid.yes gerrard can’t play 90 minutes and should be back up for any strong/height dm we bring.

  7. Common sense says:

    Danno or Dunno or what ever your name is it maybe true that some of the players you mention don’t make it. But in most part they are very young and it is impossible to say either way paticularly Alberto. As for Allen just look at Ramsay. You couldn’t find a Gooner that rated him last season and they would of paid you to take him now he’s their best player and has had more of an impact that Ozil. Rogers was trying to buy a CAM in the summer so he clearly does feel that we need strengthening so put you toys back in your pram Kidda.

  8. barrow says:

    I think Moses should be starting ahead of Henderson….he only has de energy bt senseless at goal n non creative

  9. Zacks says:

    BR should compire the likes of moses with this sensless Hendo in the midfield.

  10. Young maxi says:

    Shut the fucking up to those who don’t support Danno we need CAM and allen,borini,aspas.assadi all wasted our money .we need Cam in january all shut the fucking up.

  11. Richie says:

    BR is the man so far.lets not dwell on the past.rafa was ok,bt at some point he couldnt deliver is building the team and learning by the mistakes that has occured sofar…#ynwa!

  12. Young maxi says:

    Do u think we are going to hold on de 2 position till the end of de season NO remember we haven’t played the likes chelsea,man citie ,spur with dis horrible CAM if care is not taken we run to 7th which will de end of br’s work CAM is needed in january koke ,turan,jorjinho,lars bender all wants …¥NWA

  13. osang says:

    Danno i dont think they is any other thing you are good at, except criticizing Brendan Rodgers.But, i think it’s the frustration of being a liverpool fan over these years and the inferiority of never being able to coach LFC in your life time,or measure up with BR, cos managing a football team and talking football are vastly different in many ways.Even talking football, you are still not good at.However, you mention Allen,Alberto,Aspas,Asaidi,Borini as hav’nt not made impact,but you fail to mention coutinho,sturridge,mignolet,sakho,Toure and so on.Common sense said”In all nonsense,they is sense”So if you fail to wake up to the reality that LFC has progressed since BR took over,then you must realy be an abject,frustrated LFC fan and a dump football analyse.

  14. Alee pambo says:

    Br we need midfield thats ol about.

  15. Denis D says:

    The thing is B Rodgers is a good young manager, but he has his flaws.

    He talks too much, he doesn’t have a back bone. Most of the defensive players he brought to club in summer, have been good and a success.

    But most of the attacking creative players Rodgers have brought to club have been pathetic apart from Coutinho and Sturridge: Alberto, Assaidi, Aspas, Borini and Sahin’s loan stint at club.

    Danno, is wrong with saying sack Rodgers. But he is 100% right about our midfield. Every side we have played with classy, creative, mobile, nibbly in your face pressing centre midfielders, or mobile powerful tough tackiling centre midfielders. Gerrard and Lucas have been exposed

    And that is why we either drew or lost to these teams: Arsenal,Everton, Newcastle, Southampton and Swansea.

    Gerrard(33) and Lucas(26) are both immobile, struggle when they play mobile midfielders who press well.

    The owners need to give B Rodgers 55-70M in January, Not their 20M crap budget. 20M cannot buy one world class player in the current market and we are 11 class,quality players away from having world class Squad. We have class first 11, but weak squad. But B Rodgers needs to bring in these 5 class, quality players that will strengthen the key areas for us to push on and maintain pursuit of Top 4 all the way through season.

    As if we were in Europe, we would be nowhere near top 4 as our squad is poor to say the least.

    Rodgers between the next two Transfer windows needs to ship out these 8 dead wood average or injury prone/ sick note players off books:

    1: GK B Jones 2: CB S Coates 3: RB: J Flanagan 4: RB: Kelly

    5: AM: Alberto 6: RW / RWF: Assaidi 7: FD: Aspas 8: FD: Borini

    And then in January Rodgers needs to bring these 5 players to club:

    1: DM: M’Vila(23) Of Rubin Kazan for 10-14M to compete and cover Lucas

    2: CM: Y Cabaye(27) Of Newcastle for 14-18M to compete with Henderson

    3: RW / RWF: M Salah(21) Of Basel for 12-15M to play as right winger or right wing forward, salah’s pace and speed will trouble any full back in world football. And Salah is class, creative, direct and scores goals.

    4: LW /LWF: D Capel(25) Of Sporting Clube De Portugal for 4-7M to play as left winger or left wing forward, Capel is left footed, he is class, creative,direct pacey, quick, has good delivery into box and scores goals.

    5: FD: K Mitroglu(25) Of Olympiacos for 5-8M to compete and cover with Sturridge and Suarez

    M’Vila(23)and Cabaye(27) would bring class, creativity,goals, mobility, power, strength and steel to centre of park. And bring back some similar class and quality we have been lacking for over 5 years now in centre of park as their class,quality has still not been replaced. (Alonso and Mascherano)

    Capel(25) and Salah(21) would bring the club class,creativity, consistency, GOALS, Electric pace and speed out wide on either wing. Both wingers would score 5-10 goals a season and they would both create 5-15 goals a season each

    And K Mitroglu(25) is a mobile powerful striker with a good touch and is a very good finisher

    These 5 players would get club back in Champions league this season and would sort out the key problems we have in squad. Lack of mobility, creativity, goals, power, strength in centre of park.

    Lack of creativity, consistency and goals from out wide on either wing and there is no back up plan if sturridge or suarez get injured or are suspended Together, then team/squad would be screwed

    And if these 5 players are brought to club in January and we make the top 4

    These will be the other 5 players needed to complete the squad:

    Two players are needed to take over the mantle from our captain fantastic: S Gerrard: for the next 5- 7 years at club

    CM: Koke (21) Of A Madrid for 15-18M
    AM: Munian(20) Of A Bilbao for 15-24M

    And these Four players:

    GK: A Mccarthy(23) Of Reading for 4-7M to compete and cover Mignolet for next 5-7 years at club

    CB: K Papadopolous(21) Of Schalke for 10-12M to compete with Agger, Llori, Sakho and Skrtel as Toure i doubt will be at club next year, he is 34 and his experience was just needed for this season

    RB: M Montoya(22) Of Barcelona for free transfer to compete with JOHNSON

    LB: S Umtiti(19) Of Lyon for 3-7m to compete and cover Enrique