Date: 17th November 2013 at 7:22pm
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Joe Allen’s performance for Wales against Finland would have gotten Brendan Rodgers think how best he can reintroduce the Welsh midfielder into the Liverpool side. Allen managed to pick up the Man of the Match award for Wales in this game as he sat deep and pulled the strings in Wales’ midfield.

Having been plagued by injuries from the end of the last season and the start of this campaign, Joe Allen has been desperate to get back into the Liverpool side and show us all why he was dubbed the Welsh Xavi from his days at Swansea.

There is no doubt that Allen still has a lot to learn in the game as he is only 23-years old and he can become a mainstay in the Liverpool squad for many years to come.

With Gerrard starting to age, we need a midfielder who can come in and spray passes from the middle and this is something Allen is capable of doing. He will face an uphill task to get into the current Liverpool side now as Gerrard, Lucas and Henderson all seem to be ahead of him in the pecking order. But if he is able to bring the form he displayed for Wales back to Liverpool then Rodgers is going to have a major selection headache.

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12 responses to “Rodgers faces selection headache after midfielder’s man of the match performance”

  1. Patrick says:

    Allen’s problem in the premier league was players in the opposite team were just brushing him aside and running by him, he’s too weak and bad at tackling to be a holding midfielder for Liverpool.

  2. I can’t see how BR is going to have a selection headache as this is more proof that he isn’t good at getting the ball forward . He is always passing it sideways and looks lost for a pass. I honestly think that Allen is not good enough for LFC and he should be sold as he will take a long time to make a difference in this lfc side . If he ever does make a difference.

  3. Deano says:

    Back pass Allen has zero Pace,Zero Strenght,Zero Creativity,isn’t fast.Him and that Borini are truely garbage footballers.Rodgers has bought some bloody average players :- Allen Borini Aspas Alberto Assaidi and thats about £45 Million Pound waisted on below Average players ;-( We could have bought two Class Players for that ;-(

    • elpistolero says:

      Borini is crap. But Allen and Alberto are good players. Have you forgotten how good Allen was our prior to his shoulder injury in late November? You’ll be eating your words soon. Wait and see.

      • Francis Emu says:

        Borini isn’t crap,his pre-season performances showed something was wrong last season,Rodgers played him out-wide whiles he’s best known to be a centre forward and Aspas is facing similar situation now.

    • csc says:

      does annoy me when people jump to these conclusions based on nothing.

      Allen: played really well until his shoulder injury. Let’s see how he does now he’s back. I’m sure he will get game time.

      alberto: hasn’t got much game time yet and is young and still adapting. (was really good vs newcastle in our 2-2 draw. despite how little he’d played prior)

      aspas: has not played once in his preferred position which is a centre forward. has been used in the number 10 role when saurez was still banned and coutinho out wide on the left)still adapting.

      borini: same problem used out wide when he is a centre forward. lets see if he has any impact at sunderland over the season, he’s scored one blinder lets HOPE for more.

      Moses: again played out of position in the number 10 role or as a wingback… when he plays right wing.

      Aly Cissohko: played what 3 games since he’s back from injury and people are already calling him a flop. It’s a different league he’s just back from injury, probably not full match fitness and probably not at full confidence. It’s not like enrique is the best.

      but you always support your players because at the end of the day they wear a red shirt.


      • Danno says:

        Stop defending them all,there not good enough !!! If there not playing in there preferred role TOUGH SHIT…
        Rodgers must have told them before he bought them,I’d probably only give Alberto more time the rest can go…And before you ask ” I’m a Scouser from Knotty Ash…

  4. Francis Emu says:

    I think you’ve all got it wrong about Joe! He’s a wonderful player with lots of qualities that suits the modern game…eye for pass,intercepting and winning balls,”skilful and agile on the ball”,something that liverpool midfielders have been lacking including Gerrard,Lucas and Henderson. Injuries have cost Allen and I think it’l take a wee bit of playing time to get him back on track and will prove his doubters wrong.

  5. A johnson says:

    Allen can still improve, our midfield is weak ,we need a goal scoring midfielder

  6. Inda says:

    The problem wth u pipo is tht u are gud in concluding, joe is a better prayer & he wil be a gr8t player 4 us jst gv hm sum tym

  7. Danno says:

    Eye for a pass,are you having a laugh lol He isn’t called back pass Allen for nothing ( That’s a good word for Allen NOTHING,because that’s what he brings to are club ) We will never get Champions League while we have midfielders of his ILK.We need a Midfield General with Pace Power Strenght & goals.

  8. Dave R says:

    Come in number 21 your time is up