Date: 5th November 2013 at 5:26pm
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Most of us are very passionate about the football clubs we support. Some of us have been backing our teams since we understood what football was about at the age of four and have been shouting and screaming for them for thirty plus years. Some of us are privileged enough to be able to attend all our favourite teams games whilst some have to rely on the internet to keep up to date with the action. No matter where in the world you are or what team you support, you have to have some element of passion for them.

But it is this passion that seemed to spill out of control in South Africa on the weekend as it is being reported that a policeman, who is a Liverpool supporter, shot a friend of his who was taunting him following the Reds 2-0 defeat to Arsenal on Saturday. The friend who was shot is apparently a Manchester United fan.

Being a Liverpool fan, I know the feeling of being taunted by Manchester United fans and it is one of the worst feelings in recent time, but that does not give you the right to pull out your gun and fire a shot.

The reports from IOL in South Africa are saying:

The policeman was with friends having a braai, at a home in Mullien Place, Springtown, when he allegedly shot his friend in the chest.

According to a source close to the victim, the men had been watching the English Premier League match between Arsenal and Liverpool.

The policeman, a Liverpool supporter, was taunted by Manchester United supporters after the match, the source said.

Liverpool lost 2-0 and during an argument that followed the policeman allegedly shouted “Manchester United who?”, cocked his gun and fired a shot to the side.

The bullet struck his friend, who was sitting next to the braai stand.

It is unclear if the bullet first ricocheted off the ground.

The shot victim was rushed to hospital whilst the policeman was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

I try my best not to watch Liverpool playing on the television with fans from other clubs watching in the same room. Those situations can get pretty tense and volatile and lead to unfortunate incidents like this.

We do not know what was going through the policaman’s head when he fired the shot. Was he angry at Liverpool for losing? Was he angry at the taunts from the Manchester United fans? Or was he simply just angry with something else in his life? Only he will know.

For now, our thoughts and prayers are with the shot victim and hopefully he makes a full recovery.


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