Date: 23rd October 2013 at 12:03pm
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Perhaps Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers should try a rotation policy in the striking department instead of the use of two strikers involving Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge that has been adopted at the moment by the Irish man.

I know this will be a hard nut for many other Liverpool fans to crack, but, I’ll still say it, rotating the strikers might be worth it in some ways.

The two people involved in the SAS partnership both have a very high tendency of being selfish with the ball during counter-attack situations. Especially, the Sturridge half of the partnership. Suarez seems to be more conscious of team work than Sturridge, judging by the game against Newcastle on Saturday.
Daniel Sturridge had a good number of chances for link-up plays with Suarez during the match but he blatantly chose to dribble, most of which were unsuccessful dribbles.

As a matter of fact, if Sturridge were in the position of Suarez during the second goal and Suarez in his position, he might have chosen to shoot instead of the square ball that the Uruguayan opted for which resulted in a goal for Sturridge and an assist for Suarez. There were also many other occasions during the match that Suarez and other teammates tried involving Daniel in link-up plays by passing the ball to him and running up for a return pass that he failed to do as expected in the situation but went for fruitless solo efforts. However, Suarez too had his own selfish moments but by far less than those of Sturridge.

Another problem with the use of two strikers is that it has a way of confusing midfielders as they often have difficulty in choosing which striker to play with. But, a lone striker will leave a midfielder with either of two options of passing the ball to the striker or going for goal in case the striker is not in a good position to receive a pass in the final third.

Furthermore, since Rodgers’ philosophy of football is tiki-taka, a pattern that is best played with more than three mid-fielders on the pitch, dropping a striker for an attacking/creative midfielder will add to the fluidity of the game. It will help in retaining possession of the ball which is key to effective attacking. It will also reduce the chances of strikers falling out of position by dropping deep into the midfield since there are more midfielders on the pitch to do the job of building up attacks.

And if I may suggest whom to drop and whom should play instead, I’d say Daniel Sturridge should rest and one of Luis Alberto or Joe Allen should play in his place as the duo are adept at keeping the ball and passing it too.

What do you think about this? Should the Reds boss try out SOS (Suarez Or Sturridge) or stick to SAS (Suarez And Sturridge)?


19 responses to “Why Liverpool should consider dropping either Suarez or Sturridge”

  1. Donal says:

    Anybody who’s watch Suarez knows he holds the ball too much and surrenders more possesion and dribbles more than Sturridge. And how does playing somebody less and essentially giving them fewer opportunities to play make them less selfish. As for 2 strikers confusing midfielders, now I’m embarrassed for you! By the way with our only other striker injured who would you rotate?

    Seriously….. mortified for you!

    • Martyn says:

      I agree and playing with 2 strikers creates more chances for goals, we may need to balance the team a bit more, I’m sure that will come with time πŸ˜€

  2. Why would anyone change something that is working so well for Liverpool? The other option is to use Aspas. If Liverpool is up by half time at least 3 goals to nil , then it would be a good time to bring in Aspas to replace either Sturridge or Suarez.

  3. john the red says:

    Rodgers will not drop either of them if they both fit. Even if we go back to 433 you will see Suarez play on the left or right and Sturridge in the middle.

    sturridge needs to be selfish. That is what a good number 9 does.

  4. David says:

    To be fair they are missing Coutinho, Id wait and see what difference he makes when he returns…

  5. Dailysho says:

    I think SOS style should be put to trier too. Or warning should be pass to Sturridge. His selfish pattern almost cost us..

  6. Ray says:

    Replace either Suarez or Sturridge with Joe Allen are you a professional clown or just looking to give people a laugh.

  7. Yas says:

    Have you even watched a game this season? Worst tripe I have ever heard!

  8. Odike princewill c says:

    Everytin is posible in football.playing 2 selfish strikers is a risk.drop daniel and bring on allen or alberto 2 hold ΓΆn 2 d ball and allow suarez make his runs

  9. Billious says:

    What you been smoking Temitope Adesanya? I’ve never heard such rubbish. Are you a Bluenose troll by any chance?

  10. Slick Digby says:

    “Another problem with the use of two strikers is that it has a way of confusing midfielders as they often have difficulty in choosing which striker to play with” – if a midfielder is ‘confused’ by having to select between two options then we have serious problems. Two attackers with intelligent movement will be harder to defend against, and should therefore make any (decent) midfielder/defender/child’s job easier…

  11. Adewumi Olasunkanmi says:

    Am ok dis type formation

  12. Adewumi Olasunkanmi says:

    Am ok dis type of formation

  13. mg says:

    I think he’s right about 1 striker, wrong about his reasons. I think we need 5 midfielders, yeah people say SAS is working but only against poor opposition. You need 5 midfielders a against stronger teams to control the game. I think we should go back to 4-3-3 from last year and play Suarez on the right, hell still score and create for sturridge. My Liverpool team would be 4-3-3 johnson- toure-agger- Enrique

    Henderson – gerrard

    Suarez – coutinho- Moses


  14. pls rogers give us 4_3_3 or 4_4_2 sasorsos the two idea is good

  15. Ara says:

    I read a lot of dumb articles, but this was the worst. Please try your hand at something else, and don’t waste our time…!

  16. Bjay says:

    playing the SAS is brilliant and i aslo agreed that playing two selfist strikers isnt good..BR should talk to Sturridge especially about his act
    SAS or SOS all i want is discipline in the team,even if its suarez that will be bench for the team to be good then so be it…
    ”no man is bigger than the team”

  17. SPIV says:

    Undoubtedly best current first 11 & chosen subs


    Suarez Coutinho Moses (sub Henderson)

    Lucas (sub Allen) Gerrard (sub Louis Alberto)

    Enrique Agger Toure Johnson