Date:23rd October 2013 at 12:03pm
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Perhaps Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers should try a rotation policy in the striking department instead of the use of two strikers involving Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge that has been adopted at the moment by the Irish man.

I know this will be a hard nut for many other Liverpool fans to crack, but, I’ll still say it, rotating the strikers might be worth it in some ways.

The two people involved in the SAS partnership both have a very high tendency of being selfish with the ball during counter-attack situations. Especially, the Sturridge half of the partnership. Suarez seems to be more conscious of team work than Sturridge, judging by the game against Newcastle on Saturday.
Daniel Sturridge had a good number of chances for link-up plays with Suarez during the match but he blatantly chose to dribble, most of which were unsuccessful dribbles.

As a matter of fact, if Sturridge were in the position of Suarez during the second goal and Suarez in his position, he might have chosen to shoot instead of the square ball that the Uruguayan opted for which resulted in a goal for Sturridge and an assist for Suarez. There were also many other occasions during the match that Suarez and other teammates tried involving Daniel in link-up plays by passing the ball to him and running up for a return pass that he failed to do as expected in the situation but went for fruitless solo efforts. However, Suarez too had his own selfish moments but by far less than those of Sturridge.

Another problem with the use of two strikers is that it has a way of confusing midfielders as they often have difficulty in choosing which striker to play with. But, a lone striker will leave a midfielder with either of two options of passing the ball to the striker or going for goal in case the striker is not in a good position to receive a pass in the final third.

Furthermore, since Rodgers’ philosophy of football is tiki-taka, a pattern that is best played with more than three mid-fielders on the pitch, dropping a striker for an attacking/creative midfielder will add to the fluidity of the game. It will help in retaining possession of the ball which is key to effective attacking. It will also reduce the chances of strikers falling out of position by dropping deep into the midfield since there are more midfielders on the pitch to do the job of building up attacks.

And if I may suggest whom to drop and whom should play instead, I’d say Daniel Sturridge should rest and one of Luis Alberto or Joe Allen should play in his place as the duo are adept at keeping the ball and passing it too.

What do you think about this? Should the Reds boss try out SOS (Suarez Or Sturridge) or stick to SAS (Suarez And Sturridge)?