One shock omission: How Liverpool should line up against Newcastle

Central Defenders

This is where the selection headaches start for Rodgers. Using the 3-4-1-2 formation, Rodgers has opted to go with Sakho, Skrtel and Toure at the back. None of them have put a foot wrong so it would be unfair to drop them but Liverpool’s vice captain, Daniel Agger is now fit again and ready to return to the side.

It will be interesting to see if Rodgers decides to recall Agger and the only player who would tactically make sense to step out for Agger is Sakho. The French defender has been immense in defence and does not deserve to be dropped but tactically it would make sense for Agger to replace him if Rodgers deems fit as Sakho plays on the left side of the back three due to him being left footed and Agger is also left footed.

But with that said, Rodgers should just stick with Sakho, Skrtel and Toure at the back and Agger should bide his time on the bench.

12 responses to “One shock omission: How Liverpool should line up against Newcastle”

  1. Dave R says:

    You should be writing for the Beano or Dandy

  2. john t says:

    I hate websites ( and no longer read them) that make you click page after page to read one article. Put it on one f’kin page.

    • Patrick says:

      That was very rude John, nobody asked you to read it.

      Liverpool will have a strong bench when Coutinho is back too, we’ll need that and somebody like Moses coming on against tired players could change matches.

  3. adilinho says:

    Jordan over Gerrard?!!! bahahahaha….your crazy or dumb

  4. Jack says:

    Do not write another article, Tony, until you have significantly improved your command of the English language.

  5. chris lfc says:

    Some fans can not get over the fact that it is okay and needed to “drop” Gerrard from time to time. The guy needs to rest. Why burn him out this early on? The guy is not a spring chicken anymore so forget him playing every minute of the season. Giving Gerrard a break will also give others a chance like Allen and Hendo. Gerrard is not going to be around forever so we need to start finding his replacement.

    • JoeYNWA says:

      Chris, With all due respect, Gerrard played every prem game last term? I’m pretty sure he wont suffer burn out just yet. 33 or not!

    • Dave R says:

      Leave Lucas out and play someone who can actually play and has some energy that would give Stevie an easier time , sitting on the bench squirming at every clumsy tackle the fella makes won’t do him any good at all

  6. bukanol says:

    ???ah U?r right.gerrard should be rested n brought in at †?? second half

  7. Red2theBone says:

    I like the 3-4-1-2 formation

    Mignolet/Toure/Skrtel/Sakho/Johnson/Enrique/Lucas/Gerrard/Henderson/Suarez/Sturridge with Moses and Sterling comming on in the 70 min mark with freshness and great speed when the magpies are worn out from looking out after the deadly SAS team!

  8. Tpfleen says:

    When will some folks here realize that ‘character assassination’ is a lame thing to do? If you don’t have anything positive and objective to say or contribute to a discourse, you’d better hold your peace.
    Tony, I totally agree with the ‘one shock omission’ point.

  9. Maxmos says:

    Totally agree, Gerard should be rested in this kind of matches and come in matches like that of Arsenal