Luis & the Kop: Where to from here?

I don’t even think any Liverpool fan would begrudge Suarez a move to a Real Madrid or Bayern Munich of this world, provided the price is right of course (which by my reckoning places a market value on Suarez of £60 million minimum). What was embarrassing about the whole fiasco was that he seemed so desperate to escape the club for Arsenal no less. That’s right, a team that have come to celebrate fourth place as if it were a trophy, with a manager in the twilight of his career who is at risk of turning what should have been a great legacy into a tag of also rans, which in truth is what Arsenal have become. Yes they may have got Champions league football, but anybody who seriously thinks Arsenal have any chance of winning Europe’s elite competition is watching the wrong sport.

Then there was the amount of the bid which in itself was a show of disrespect. The fact Suarez and his advisors even thought Liverpool would entertain such a bid showed a lack of class on their part.

Yet despite all of this the support has been unwavering, if less enthusiastic towards him. His first appearance back at Anfield against Crystal Palace recently saw his name chanted by a large section of the crowd, even if it wasn’t as loud as it had been in the previous two seasons.

Suarez is certainly a man who divides opinion and I’m sure he has even caused disagreement amongst some of the Liverpool supporters themselves. Ultimately it comes down to personal choice whether you to choose to sing his name or not but as a good friend recently said to me, it is your right as a football fan to be a hypocrite and I can’t help but think he has a point. There is no right or wrong answer on Suarez, the damage he has done to the club in some senses can never be repaired and I personally have never seen such a public show of dissent from one of our own players. But if Luis Suarez continues to score goals for Liverpool, goals which could in turn help him achieve his own ambition which he undoubtedly deserves, he will find out very quickly that there really is no better place to be. The next chapter is Suarez’s to write and his relationship with the Anfield faithful will be tested to the maximum once more in January when potential suitors return to stalk Liverpool’s prized asset. If Suarez is still at the club after then it can only mean Liverpool are in with a shout of doing something big themselves this season, in which case the support for Suarez will be as vociferous as ever, why? Because he’s wearing the red of Liverpool.

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  1. Dave R says:

    The Saint never wore number 7 , but he was the first special one I can remember even his name was special , the old joke when I was at school and people seemed to be getting obsessed with football Kop Idols etc . What would happen if Jesus came to Liverpool today ? The reply was we’d play St. John a bit deeper . For me he was the first player who shook the Kop . Number 9 by the way ,then later. Number 10 when him and a very young crazy horse were more than a match for Harvey Kendall and Ball