Date: 14th October 2013 at 11:50pm
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The Independent is reporting today that Real Madrid are ready to offer their striker Karim Benzema to Arsenal for a knock down fee of £20million so they can raise funds to sign Luis Suarez in January.

Benzema seems to have fallen out of favour with Carlo Ancelotti as the 25-year old striker has scored just twice in eight matches this season.

Like many Liverpool fans, I am sick and tired of this Suarez transfer speculation! One day the reports are saying he is set to leave Anfield and then a few hours later you hear that he is staying. I think the press are just running out of stories to sell during this International break and Suarez is the easiest headline to run with.

Now if the reports that Real Madrid are willing to sell Benzema to fund the purchase of Suarez or accurate, then Liverpool should look at cutting Arsenal out of this deal. No transfer is ever simple but surely if Madrid want Suarez, Liverpool will need another striker to replace him, so why not just arrange to bring in Benzema for Suarez?

A straight swap for Suarez and Benzema would not work as Madrid would have to add some cash to give to Liverpool for this deal to take place. If Benzema is being valued at £20million then Suarez’s value should easily be £50million meaning Benzema plus £30million would be a good bit of business for Liverpool. The Reds would have a hefty amount of cash in the bag plus a pretty decent striker in the form of Benzema. With the £30million cash, Liverpool would then be able to get in at least two quality central midfielders which is a department that needs strengthening.


13 responses to “Why Liverpool should swap Suarez for Benzema”

  1. Patrick says:

    Liverpool simple won’t sell Suarez in January. The summer if Madrid come calling and Liverpool didn’t finish in the top 4 I think it’s bye bye to Suarez. I feel Suarez is just cleaning up his image so a Madrid or Barcelona won’t be put off. Obviously I hope that doesn’t happen because Suarez in the top 5 players of world football.

  2. Steviemark says:

    I don’t think liverpool shuld sell suarez and if dey r to sell den i think d beta replacement is Emmanuel Emenike, d Nigerian is a very gud striker dat most defenda in d league wilhave problem facing coz he is strong has dribble skills n score goals @ free will.

  3. badru says:

    please roger dont sell suarez, cos we really do need him and there no striker dat can b like him, please dnt make mistake of selling one of the sas

  4. Will Selfe says:

    There is no denying that suarez is a top player worth 50 million. Reckon with the likes of sturridge and a fit in form coutinho we’ve got a good attacking force. I reckon Suarez will go in January anyway and if we can raise a solid 50 million we could get some decent players in and give the squad a little more depth. Wouldn’t want Benzema tho.

  5. osang says:

    i dont uderstand why we panic so easily,FSG are trying to build liverpool and not break the liverpool,cos if you look at how they dispatch Andy Carroll a 35mil aquisation for just 15mil, Stewart Downing 20mil for a mere 7mil should tell any liverpool fan that they sell whoever is not in the imediate and future plans of the club and management staff.Fortunately,Suarez is in both plans of the club.So,Fsg and are no pushovers when it comes to who is staying and who is going.If you want more confirmation,ask those who were smoking at the Emirate during the summer transfer window.

  6. Julian Drakeford says:

    No No and No. This is a bad deal. Benzema is not worth 20m. Suarez is worth £80m. There is no other player on the planet with his moves except Messi.

  7. osang says:

    As for swap deal with madrid for suarez and Benzema it can only be good if madrid paid 35mil pounds+Benzema before the deal can be considered.Though my opinion of Benzema remains that he’s a good striker who’s playing in the shadow of etremely good players in C Ronaldo,so,more often than not he lacks the confident to even go near the level of C Ronaldo,at other times he fills under appreciated in madrid.I think he can be a hit at liverpool in the same way as sturidge,This is thanks to our appreciation of people/players.Dont forget that 95percent of liverpool fans were oppose to the signing of sturridge.

  8. Chuks says:

    Suarez is staying in lfc cos were either going to win the league or at least be in the top four. Suarez Stiridge partnetship needs more time to develop and i can wait for continho & moses also blending with the duo, Suarez is still very key to LFC BR should do all to still keep him. YNWA!

  9. ismail says:

    br.shud not sell suarez if he wants to finish wit top four,then he shud also go for koke in atletico madrid or javier pastore in psg to reenforce the mildfield.

  10. Ezekiel K says:

    Selling Luis Suarez for whatever price(£100m) translates Liverpool’s disinclination in challenging for honours. Suarez is a player no opponent ‘ll be willing to face. Look at the Uruguayan national team, this guy is the one making things 2 happen.

  11. Reghan says:

    Suarez is worth more than £50m and Liverpool should hold out for the same fee Real paid to sign Gareth Bale or even a new world transfer record £90m or £100m would be more in tune. If player exchange were involved, then Real will have to part with Di Maria, Alonso and Coentrao + £40m then it would be a good deal. Clubs must stop succumbing to Real’s pressure. Only decent replacements for Suarez would be Luis Muriel, Radamel Falcao, Jackson Martinez, Christian Benteke and Burak Yilmaz not Benzema. If Monaco were involved Liverpool can expect over £80m

  12. Sumay says:

    Wel i love suarez an i want him to stay.

  13. Captin InZaino says:

    Suarez owes Liverpool by playing a great season with no outrageous suspensions. Now seriously Suarez must be worth 60 – 65 mill if he does that and keeps current form.