Date: 13th October 2013 at 11:30pm
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Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard has revealed that money has never been a decisive factor in his career and the love he has for Liverpool is what has kept him at the club for all these years. All too often today you find players moving from club to club to find that big contract and to seek instant success on the field. To find players like Gerrard who are a one club man is very rare and I think the breed of such players is over now.

Gerrard’s comments come from the Daily Star as Captain Fantastic said: “I am the captain of my boyhood team. I have a special relationship with staff and supporters. There is a bond there.

“I’ve never made decisions financially. I make them with my heart – and that’s why I haven’t moved on.

“My only regrets are the times I’ve had lows at Liverpool.

“You’re letting the fans down. That’s hard. You’ve let people down. But I find I have learned more from the lows.

“The feelings the fans go through at the end of a match – I feel them too.

“There’s a lot at stake every time I pull on a shirt for Liverpool.

“I’d never say never about our ­chances of winning the Premier League title.

“But if I’m being honest, that’s not the aim.

“The aim is for a top-four place – and to finish above Everton.”

It is interesting to note Gerrard’s ambitions for the season: I think they are very realistic, a top four finish and finishing above Everton would be a very good season. If you ask me now if I would take that at the end of the season, I would say “Yes!”

We need to remain realistic, yes we are top of the table but there is still a long journey ahead of us and anything can happen, we just need to keep taking it one game at a time and treating each Premier League game as a cup final. Let’s see where we are come January and we can have a very good picture of where we are headed.

There would be nothing more fitting for Liverpool and Steven Gerrard if we are able to win the Premier League title whilst Gerrard is still playing at the club. There is no doubt that Gerrard deserves it.


16 responses to “Steven Gerrard reveals why he has never left Liverpool”

  1. John says:

    Thank captain fantastic

  2. John says:

    NO WAY did he let Liverpool down or the fans
    He always gives 101%…
    Bloody Hell … he was carrying Liverpool for
    the best side of a decade…
    Magician … Legend … Brilliant …

  3. chris lfc says:

    We love you Stevie. Thank you for all the great times. One last push and lets win the EPL. Class. Legend. Hero. Father. Fantastic.

  4. C Martins says:

    U ar the captain fantastic. We all love u. For your commitment in the club. U ar the best.. U ar a great legend. We all say thank u

  5. chiadiheart says:

    U’re the best & the honest lfc player since decate. u’re world number one talismatic midfieder, I luv u okasiokasi.

  6. Malege10 says:

    Live Long Life! Captain Fantastic! we all appreciate your effort to our Club

  7. Glad that he is still with Liverpool all these years.He is a living legend.

  8. Felix Akpesiri says:

    Gerrard has been a good leader,hero,legend nd even shareholder in this our gr8t club @Liverpool..kudos my General 4 ur goodwork..Y.N.W.A

  9. sirguy says:

    Wonderful Captain, U r just an example for the ways players r suppose to be, U R more than the League title itself. Thank U So much!

  10. stanley says:

    I love u so much my captine ur my hero

  11. Red277 says:

    The general. The mid field maestro! No red player in our history has been like u. U r the greatest. We’l win the EPL 4 u! Red blooded are we! Lfc till i die!

    • Ashley. says:

      There are some excellent players to have worn the red shirt and only a few world class and Steve g is one of them. He hasn’t won the Pleague yet? But what u have won and done for this club says it all. We may never see a player of this type born and breed play for a club like this. YNWA. Steven Gerard.

  12. Kazzy says:

    General george steven gerrad ,you are a living legend i love u able captian!

  13. kopdat says:

    I lov u Cap. Fantastic ur are de best. A tru red, a legend, a master and above all a motivator to others. keep walkin wit hope n u ll neva walk alone

  14. Stagetola says:

    Worlds greatest… .U are the best! Non can be compared. Having u in the LFC team is worth it. I love u so much. YNWA!