Date: 13th October 2013 at 8:51am
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The Luis Suarez transfer saga has started again and we are not even close to the January transfer window yet. Can the press and media please just leave Liverpool and Luis Suarez alone and let us focus on playing well and achieving our aim of a top four finish. All this speculation and rumours can not be beneficial to the club.

The Mirror is reporting today that Liverpool would be willing to sell Suarez in the January transfer window.

The report suggests that:
1) Arsenal may come in with an improved bid of £50million for Suarez but the striker may turn down a move to London as he would rather join Real Madrid.

2) The Liverpool hierarchy are preparing for another Suarez transfer tussle in January.

3) Suarez has disclosed to close friends that he will maintain his prolific current form to attract more suitors.

4) Liverpool are already looking around for a replacement in the event of Suarez leaving.

One thing we can be pretty sure of at this stage is that there will be more transfer speculation regarding Suarez’s future just like we had in the summer.

I know a lot of fans are caught down the middle when it comes to Suarez but personally I feel that if we get a bid of £50million or more from Real Madrid in January then we should just sell him. We can not continue to have this Suarez cloud looming over our heads during every transfer window. As they always say, “No one is bigger than the club”. If Suarez leaves we will simply have to go out and replace him and who knows, we may find a player even better than Suarez.

From a financial point of view, we signed Suarez for £22.7million in January 2011 and if we can sell him for 100% more than that, then I am sure the likes of Ian Ayre will be happy with that bit of business.

Do not get me wrong, Suarez is a fantastic player and arguably the third best in the world, but we can not continue having all this speculations taking the attention off the club and the success we are having on the field.


20 responses to “Reports: Liverpool to sell Suarez in January”

  1. tom tom says:

    I agree. Sell him but not for 50m. He is worth more than that and he is not cupped tied for Europe. We should get 60 – 75m for him.

  2. REGHAN says:

    The asking price should be starting at £85m no longer £50m that’s the market rate. Liverpool must play hard ball like spurs did for Gareth Bale and having sold 1 player they bought a whole team with that money

  3. alonso martins says:

    we will only sell him for 75million pounds or nothing & never for arsanal..with that money, we will get up to 4 quality players.

  4. Nick says:

    You get a bit sick of hearing the same negative headlines about Suarez wanting to leave Liverpool or that Liverpool is wanting to sell? As mentioned, why can’t the press and media leave LFC alone, it’s almost like they have got a personal agenda that they want this to happen as they have nothing else constructive to write about. The facts are this, at this moment, LFC are second in the table, LFC see Suarez as an integral part of this season in order that we try and secure Champions League football and Suarez knows that he will probably never have a club that have stood by him from the fans to the staff and most of all Brendan Rodgers despite all previous on-field problems. Would he get this at Real, I doubt it. In my opinion, if we get top 4 this season, Suarez should say to himself, I want to stay here for a few more years as under Rodgers, I believe success is not too far away.

  5. Kalu says:

    for me Suarez worth £100m nd that is good price for him.

  6. TG says:

    £100M not a penny less or jog on!!!

  7. cristien says:

    What are those press and media smoking in LFC and Suarez Future?

  8. ken says:

    why would you believe one word wrote in the mirror they make a story up because they are united supporters to try and upset are team then people dont ignore it they follow the story up and thats how the shit spreads.john henry said suarez is a big part of liverpools plans for this season and you want to believe the mirror shit instead of are owners get behind the team not against it

  9. LFC05YNWA says:

    Asking price should be minimum £80m
    But in my opinion we shouldn’t sell, suarez and sturridge are guna take us back to champions league football Suarez will be here for awhile he ain’t going nowhere!!??

  10. BRENDAN says:

    SUAREZ NOT FOR SALE . Why risk not getting top 4 ..its all lies people who write this crap either support another team or just making up bull when there are no stoties around. Why not say rooney is going to hull ,rvp wants arsenal return or rio has to get half his mouth sown up..

  11. BRENDAN says:

    The mirror should take a long hard look at no longer reflects the peoples views.i hope it goes bust.

  12. Nikhil says:

    100m is much high!!! I think we must start with 75-80 and end with at least 65-70,….. He really worth it,…

  13. Reddy says:

    I just can’t see him being sold in January. FSG were firm about keeping him in the summer when he wanted to go so what’s changed? Far more likely he’ll be sold at the end of the season when he’s still got 2 years on his contract. And again, FSG were clear that he won’t be sold to Arsenal or any other rival Prem team. FSG also pointed to Cavani going for £55mill when Arsenal bid £40mill so it also looks like they won’t accept an offer below that. So on the evidence it’s more likely he’ll be sold at the end of the season for in excess of £55mill to a foreign giant, most likely Real Madrid.

  14. Looks like the English press is trying to force Suarez to leave Liverpool.

  15. Danno says:

    We should be selling the likes of back pass allen & Borini first,neither are even good enough for the bench.And before use get on my case over Allen ( HE’s S**** END OF ) Can you trust Rodgers with the suarez money ;-( Aspas Alberto Allen Borini ;-( only sturridge & Coutinho have been good buys.£40 million down the Swany with Allen Borini Aspas Alberto.

    • Cou says:

      There you go again with your stupid rants Dicko. You’re **** end of and either an Everton fan or just a pthetic loser in Mum’s basement ranting about Liverpool at every opportunity. Top of th e league and you’re still ranting on with your idiotic whinging.

  16. Faruq Ozinya says:

    Suarez is nt a price asset. Suitors shld keep off

  17. ali says:

    IF Arsenal want pay 50 , means hes worth 85m ,,
    I think if we sell him 70m is a very low price , Bale not worth 83m for sue LS is a much better goal scorer . if our owners are smart 88m is our price , get someone like Gerrerd, plus 2 attackers 30m plus

  18. Red277 says:

    Well said mates! Not 4 sale! So,shove off!