Date: 9th October 2013 at 7:00pm
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This story does not seem to want to go away. We have heard how Steven Gerrard did all he could in the summer to keep Luis Suarez from leaving Liverpool and now we hear from Suarez himself that Gerrard did play a critical role in his decision to stay with the Reds for at least one more season.

The Uruguayan told his national media: “I do not know if he (Gerrard) prayed but what he said is what he feels because he was talking to me all the time.

“Gerrard, for me, is a legend in Liverpool and a great team-mate that helped me a lot.

“His attitude was an extra boost for me to take the decision to stay in Liverpool – both he and the fans of Liverpool influenced much for that. I admire him for the great player he is worldwide.

“For me he will always be a benchmark and at club level he is the best player I have played with in my career, as a person and as a footballer.”

So based on this, whatever Gerrard told Suarez worked because the striker is still at Liverpool and firing in the goals.

But there is more to this! I do not believe Gerrard talking to Suarez was the sole reason for Suarez still being a Liverpool player today. This too surely played a role in Suarez staying:

1) Arsenal were the only club that we understand made a bid for Suarez in the summer. There was no way Liverpool were going to sell their best player to their closest rival. Selling Suarez to Arsenal would have been criminal and we would have just handed a top 4 finish to the Gunners on a silver plate.

2) Real Madrid were too busy trying to sign Gareth Bale that they did not put in much focus on Suarez. Suarez himself has hinted that he would love to join Real Madrid one day and I am sure if Real made a decent bid for Suarez in the summer, Liverpool would have seriously considered it. Liverpool would have received a decent transfer fee and sold the player to a club who would not challenge the Reds in the Premier League.

So couple the fact that Suarez was never going to go to Arsenal and that Real Madrid did not bid for him, then throw in the chats from Gerrard, you can see why Suarez is still at Liverpool. But with the January transfer window coming up, it would not surprise me if the Suarez saga starts again.


9 responses to “Suarez: Why I stayed at Liverpool”

  1. James says:

    Does this mean an end to the Suarez saga or will these brain dead feature writers continue to report more fertiliser. The fans and the player have all moved on. Come on guys catch up and write something of interest.

  2. terrance paine says:

    Lets move on guys. The guy is staying and it doesnt matter why he is. Lets be thankful he is here. Lets win the title and give him no reason to leave.

    • James says:

      Well said Terence. These muppet writers need to get a life and move on. Suarez and lfc have closed the chapter on this saga but these guys just cannot get their head around the statement he is not for sale.

  3. lfc 1980 says:

    Gotta luv Stevie G. Not only does he influence on the field but off it too. Next Liverpool manager imo

    • red1 says:

      God I hope not. Terrible captain, would be an even worse manager. Strolls around the pitch like a prima Donna. The sooner we get a fresh hungrier cm the better

  4. Sasidharen says:

    Same old story recycled once more. Everytime Suarez is on International duty these stories keep coming out again and again. Yesterday it was big mouth Cavani again spewing bile. Come January, John Henry will need to make another statement that Suarez is not for sale at any price. End of story.

  5. I am getting pretty bored with Suarez’s news.

  6. madusax says:

    If suarez leaves liverpool today,the club will neither be relegated or go into administration. Torres left before suarez came up T???????? the stage and now he is a world star, let him leave and another world star will emerge. Stop this issue and focus on more serious matters affecting liverpool football club.

  7. senate says:

    Same old story,I’m fed-up with diz news.let’s keep on keeping on.