Date: 9th October 2013 at 3:20pm
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The football world is a very funny one, things change in one second and split decisions can affect a club for many years. It is hard to wonder what Liverpool would be like today with out Brendan Rodgers.
Rodgers may not be the best manager in the world but we have gotten so used to seeing him at the helm that I can not picture anyone else right now in the hot seat. Roberto Martinez was strongly linked with a move to manage Liverpool after Kenny Dalglish left, but FSG opted for Rodgers.

But now we understand that Rodgers may not have been Liverpool manager today if Harry Redknapp was appointed the England manager in February 2012. Redknapp was hot favourite to replace Fabio Capello but the FA opted to go for Roy Hodgson, a shock decision if you ask me!

In his latest autobiography, Redknapp states that he would have hired Rodgers, who was manager of Swansea at that time, as his assistant if he got the England job.

“He had players at Swansea passing it like Franz Beckenbauer,” Redknapp writes in his new autobiography which is being serialised in the Daily Mail.

“My thinking on Brendan was this: if he can do it with players from the lower leagues at Swansea what can he do with Rio and Terry or Rooney and Gerrard?

“So when Tottenham played Swansea on April 1, 2012 I pulled Brendan after the game and said that if all the speculation about me and England was true would he consider coming to the European Championships in the summer as my part-time coach? He was up for it.”

Rodgers joined Liverpool with a very good reputation after his brilliant job at Swansea. He built his Swansea side on great passing play and we all thought that with him joining Liverpool, we would see an even better passing game. As Redknapp pointed out, imagine what Rodgers could do with brilliant players around him.

We have not seen this eye catching passing football from Liverpool this season but we are getting the results with the players and tactics we can use right now. I am sure in the long term, Rodgers will want Liverpool to pass and keep possession better than any other team on the league.

For now we must be content with what we are seeing; which is effective, winning football from Rodgers’ side. Who knows where Liverpool would be now if we did not get Brendan and had someone else at the helm.


5 responses to “How Brendan Rodgers may not have been Liverpool manager today”

  1. Cou says:

    I don’t think he would take a job as assistant to Harry, even then. He was already a premier league manager and is very ambitious. He would more likely be the actual manager of England than a 2nd, especially if the FA could put a few of their scarce brain cells together.

  2. Sam Wanjere says:

    The ‘problem’ with us LFC fans, meant in the best possible way, is we’ve become accustomed to so much excellence over the years, which in turn makes it hard to rate seasons as good (so far) as our current campaign.

    I still agree BR is nowhere near the finished product, as is his Reds and going forward we’ll see the team morph more into his image of a club. He’s done remarkably well for a man who’s made a very difficult transition from a Swansea to Liverpool FC. Like Toure or Sakho it seems Rodgers has been at LFC forever; a part of the Boot Room.

    It is an exciting time to be a Kopite, regardless of how the season pans out. Great things are in store and the future is a very bright RED. YNWA!

  3. danwaziri says:

    we thank god for him BR been the coach not matrinez,where we could have by now without RODGERS, we hav now seein some sign of top four finish now thanks to FSG.keep pushing@YNWA TEAM@KOPS

  4. Since BR is with Liverpool , this season will be crucial for him as he needs to steer Liverpool back to the Champions League.

  5. Chris Penfoldivany says:

    Liverpool will finish fourth.