Date: 7th October 2013 at 12:36pm
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Its great when going into (another annoying) international break on top of the league. Okay we’re second on goals scored, but still…

One thing I’ve enjoyed over the last 3 games is the rise of SAS. Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge have clearly formed a good understanding and combine well to confuse the hell out of defenders. Its a joy to watch.

Here’s what Luis Suarez had to say about is partnership with with Daniel Sturridge:

“We compete for the shirt of Liverpool and we try our best for the team, not for me or him.

When you have one big striker and a very good player in Daniel, I am so happy. He tries his best for the team and tries his best to play with me.

“Last season we didn’t play very well and we finished in a bad position and this season we’ll try to be better.

“If we stay with the same football style and try for the win every game, we can try for the top four.”

But I’m sure like a lot of Liverpool fans I’m finding it hard to get excited by the exploits of Luis Suarez in particular. But Why?

The simple reason is because of all the things said and done in the summer transfer window. The lies about wanting to leave England and then the flirting with Arsenal.

So when he scored the opening goal against Crystal Palace, a brilliantly taken improvisation after slipping in the box, I celebrated, but not with the same intensity as I would’ve last season.

When players are in such form you start to dream about the future and how they will figure. But if we’re on borrowed time with Luis Suarez its hard to envision an LFC future with him in the side.

It all feels to me like we’re going through the motions til next summer (I highly doubt he’ll push to move in January). So maybe I’m doing my best not to get attached to this undoubtedly world class player of ours because of the disappointment of the summer transfer window’s events.

What I’ve come to learn over the years since Fernando Torres’ shock departure for a rival team is not to get attached to players and to just love the team for its entirety. Of course that’s difficult to do at a club like Liverpool, where players like Robbie Fowler, Kenny Dalglish and Steven Gerrard are held up as demi-gods.

Will the lack of loyalty in the modern game bring about an end to the way we idolize individual players? For me its becoming a sad reality.

The positive thing is that we’ve discovered that we’re not just reliant on him anymore although he adds a whole lot more to the team when he’s in the side.

We’re 2nd in the league though and as long as he’s here and forming the 2nd half of the deadly SAS combo, I’m more than happy.


2 responses to “To be excited, or not to be excited”

  1. dan says:

    Well, if you knew that the managerial side of the team will handle a single players situation well, you wouldn’t be that sided for you knew either we will have a strong team coming the end of the season and Suarez might not feel the depression and the urge to leave, or, you would know that even if he even then acts american-like and goes, you will have people to trust on that will keep our team VERY strong.
    So my point is, the lack of complete feeling about celebrating he’s goal has more to do with lack of confidence involving the management of Liverpool FC.
    Again, you can’t blame Suarez for his desire to feel comfortable with the ability of players surrounding him, his team’s ambition mixing with reality etc etc. If i was in the form of my life and i wouldn’t trust my club for being able to achieve my ambitions i would feel exactly the same.
    I have to say, he didn’t act as bad as Bale did at least, and he’s playing well now. I myself am more concerned about Brendan being not bad but not good enough, FSG not being series enough, Ian Ayre being not capable enough, and a whole bunch of players who are getting big credit way to easily, and that might not have in them to be top 4 and CL players, while these problems are being berried.