Date:1st October 2013 at 5:00pm
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One man played a huge role this summer in keeping Luis Suarez at Liverpool and that is Steven Gerrard. The Liverpool skipper was quizzed on his thoughts of Suarez leaving Liverpool as a potential move to Arsenal loomed, “Did you ever think that Suarez may have played his last game for the club?”

“Every day in the summer,” Gerrard said. “When you have a player as good as Luis Suarez, you know that the big clubs are going to want him.

“I was waking up every morning, hoping that nothing would happen and that he would still be here. Nobody tried harder than me to do that (make him stay) and he knows exactly what I think of him.

“I knew if we could keep him here, the better our chances would be.

“He is a special type of footballer and he gives us something different. When the club got the message to him that they were not going to sell him, he got his head down and has worked hard. He has never given us a moment’s problem.”

It is clear that Gerrard influenced Suarez to stay by talking to him. At one point in the summer it seemed Suarez was set to leave the club with Arsenal having made bids for the player. But Liverpool stood firm and rejected the offers from the London club and managed to hold onto the prized striker.

There is no doubting the influence Steven Gerrard has on the field for Liverpool and this Suarez situation goes to show the kind of influence the player has off the field too. This bodes well for Gerrard’s ambitions of one day being the Liverpool manager, he would have to talk to players of the likes of Suarez and convince them to stay when they feel like it is time to move on.

“I think it is a credit to Luis for the way he has come back,” added Gerrard. “A lot of players who have been in his position might have come back and spat the dummy out, not trying for the team.

“But he is not that type of guy.

“He realised that the club wanted to keep him and he has respected their decision. He is here now and he wants to stay.

“He wants to achieve something this season and he looks as hungry as he has ever done.”