Date: 30th January 2012 at 6:30pm
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There has been a lot of talking saying that Liverpool chief Tom Werner got Liverpool to sign Stewart Downing from Aston Villa based on seeing a fake video of Downing kicking balls into trash cans.

The video is impressive (as you can see below) but surely anyone who knows their football knows that was a fake video.

Werner has explained this by saying, “Someone told me about this. It’s a great story, but unfortunately for the person who wrote the piece, it isn’t true. It actually comes from an interview I did five months ago with Ian Ayre for our club TV channel in which I said that when we first talked about signing Stewart, we’d found a video of him kicking footballs into some trash cans.

“I explained in that interview back in August we knew the footage had been doctored but I guess that detail doesn’t really help stand up the story.

“The amount of people involved and the work that goes into a signing a player is huge so the suggestion that we’d buy someone on the back of one doctored video is ridiculous.

“The story that a hoax video caused us to buy a player is more of a hoax than the video. John and I don’t get involved in choosing footballers to acquire.”


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