Why Liverpool should sell Dirk Kuyt

Under Rafa Benitez for example, Kuyt regularly made up for average performances by scoring vital goals in big games. This season however, there has only been one goal in the League Cup against lower league opposition to make up for his lacklustre performances while even the struggling Andy Carroll has outscored the Holland international.

Selling the Dutchman would make sense for all parties. It would earn Liverpool some decent cash for a player who is past his prime, and it would be good for him to be able to refresh his career at a club where he would once again be one of the main men. Most importantly for Liverpool though, selling Kuyt would free up vital space up front for a top new talent who could help bolster the teams attacking options.

I had predicted during the summer that Kuyt would spend a fair amount of time on the bench this season, and the outcome hasn’t surprised many people. It is unfortunate for Kuyt who I appreciate has done so much for the club, but the acquisition which really made the Dutchman redundant for the Reds was Craig Bellamy.

The Welshman has been amazing so far this season considering he was a free transfer and unfortunately for Kuyt, he is also a forward who can play on the wings. This puts Bellamy in direct competition with Kuyt for a place in Liverpool’s team and it is fair to say that it’s the former Manchester City man who is winning the battle.

As for Kuyt, I admit there were times when I doubted his ability but time and time again he has proved his value to the team. Under the management of Kenny Dalglish however, Liverpool are adopting a brand of football which may not necessarily bring the best out of the Dutchman and I for one won’t be surprised if Kuyt makes way for an exciting new forward in the near future.

Article courtesy of Mark Wilson at Live4Liverpool

2 responses to “Why Liverpool should sell Dirk Kuyt”

  1. asraf88 says:

    sell dirk kuyt and carrol .they play soccer like bunch of girls. i think jessica albaa know how to play soccer and can play better and score goals. we need quality players and we are not like man u suckes. they bring back old dogs scholes and fergie mind games. we dominate in 80s in style . that is history

  2. Ezeson Geovanni says:

    Unless a good right wiger is brought to fill the void, Kuyt should not be sold.