Date: 7th January 2012 at 4:00pm
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The Daily Mail is reporting that Newcastle striker Demba Ba has a £10million release clause in his contract following his summer move from West Ham. If this is true, it real does not surprise me as I am sure Newcastle thought that Ba would not hit the ground running as he did and £10million would have been a reasonable release clause for him coupled with his £40,000 a week salary.

But now that the Newcastle striker has fired 15 goals already this season, he has become one of the hottest properties in the league.

Now the reason I am running with this story is because we all know we need another striker to join Liverpool and when I saw this story about Demba Ba possibly being available for only £10million, I thought, “could he be a good signing for Liverpool?”

We all know what has happened to the last “hot shot” Newcastle striker we signed! My biggest fear would be that Ba could easily be another Andy Carroll.

Many top clubs would be interested in signing Ba if he is available on the cheap but would be rise to the occasion of playing for a big club? All too often, players who bang in the goals or play really well for the lesser teams, struggle when they move to a bigger club.

At Liverpool we have a perfect example with Charlie Adam. Adam was Mr. Blackpool last season as he virtually pulled the team through the season by himself. But now following his move to Liverpool he has looked pretty average for most parts of the season.

Ba has been banging in the goals for Newcastle this season and some pretty impressive goals at that. Carroll was doing the exact same thing for Newcastle last term and in a way they are two similar players, so the thought of Ba at Liverpool may sound good and exciting at this moment in time as he is the hottest property in the league but I do not think he is what Liverpool would need to sign. What are your thoughts?


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  1. Andy says:

    Its an absolute no brainer if the lad is actually available at that price, I would expect Newcastle to try & improve his contract and take this clause out of his contract now that this news has been released

    • chris says:

      seeing wot carrol did at newcastle copared to at liverpool, i would say its not that ba is what we need it’s newcastles ability to deliver the chances but also it’s their style they dont realy pass back they move forwards and alway give the striker a chance liverpool always pass back and we en up with too many dfender to get through, give the striker the ball more and hell do more.

  2. lucas the lion says:

    I know you put a ? at the end of the title, and it’s a reasonable article to make, but if we were to save all the money we are supposed to be spending on linked players, we could bail out most of southern Europe.

  3. Mick says:

    Its total BS from the Daily Mail

  4. davy c says:


    • jr567 says:

      NC will not take back andy as the fans dont respect him no more and the midfeild that supplied him his goal is gone aka nolan and barton he wont fit to the new plans NC have oh and hes shit now.

      • John says:

        Newcastle have already approached Liverpool about a potential short term loan deal for Carroll as cover for Ba whilst he’s away at the African Cup of Nations.

  5. Blah says:

    Hes cheap, he hes strong with hoshead and packs a shot…Why would we but him?

    Sorry not British enough KK…

    6th position at best!

    • Septimus says:

      Agreed also he’s Black and Kenny has only ever signed one Black player in his time as Manager at Celtic…Newcastle..Blackburn and Liverpool.

      • papa says:

        I think you have a problem. Thats the fourth time I have seen you say that. “KK don’t buy black players”. Joker!!! Ron Atkinson bought black players though, didn’t he? So that must mean he is not a racist… public when no one is listening. And there is only 2 black managers in the whole of England so what does that say about the english???

        • Septimus says:


          Facts are facts and yes Ron Atkinson was a racist.
          However I have not accused Kenny Dalglish as a racist.
          My FACT is that he hasn’t signed a Black Player since John Barnes.
          That take some F**KING going in the modern game in my books

  6. Blah says:

    Predictive text is so annoying!!

    • David Aris-Sutton says:

      As are pople who think KK only wants British players, if you have nothing interesting to say (badly) then save us all the trouble of knowing your opinion.
      Ba would be a good buy but I’m sure that Kenny has his eyes on other players first, if the release clause is true then no doubt there will be a number of clubs interested and some of those with euro football so I don’t see him coming here

      • karl says:

        people like u do my nut in never say anything bad bout kk…. well the stats dont lie the amount of money he has wasted is unreal andy carrol 35 mil hendo 18mil downing20mil adam 8mil thats 80 odd mill on a load of shite untill stevie g game on against newcastle i forgot what we are kenny hasnt been great for me and deservs to be critiszed like any other manager give him a yr or 2 not happening sacked kept as a club figure and martin oniell the manager we should of got wen we sacked woy ynwa

        • Stevie h says:

          Agreed dalglish is a cheque book manager at best and cant even do that properly now. And even though he was crap for us was appalled how he stirred things to push roy hodgson sacking so he could get the job. Sick of dalglish being bullet proof if any other manager signed a 35 m flop he would be hounded out of anfield.

          • papa says:

            tell me what other manager signed a 35 million pound flop and was hounded out of anfield??
            In fact tell me what manager has ever been hounded out of Anfield??
            your point is irrelevant.

          • John says:

            How did KK sign Carroll if he was only caretaker manager?! (and was in no way in line to get the role permanently at the time). Carroll in no way fits with any of KK style of play, I think you’ll find Camolli’s fingerprints all over this one. At least use your brain before you comment.

          • Stevie h says:

            If Camoli signed him then it would have been with kks approval. Wot about downing, Adam and Henderson suppose he didn’t sign them either. Kk is yesterday’s manager and even thou we play better football than woy I think he would of spent money a lot wiser if he’d had it to spend of course. Cheque book kenny is exactly that I’m afraid thou I admit other managers are as well such as Mancini.

          • Stevie h says:

            Er hodgson was hounded out by dalglish and co

  7. colmanjacklfc says:

    Im a true Liverpool Fan I totally agree with Davy C we should trade Newcastle Andy Carroll back for Demba Ba they will have made 35 million and will have got there Geordie man back where he still wants to be.

  8. Lexotexo says:

    Lets trade carrol for demba ba

  9. chrissie says:

    Why not buy him and keep Carroll ? £10 mil is nothing these days .Carroll has not been given a chance yet so give the lad a break. We should get shut of Downing and Charlie adam they are just bloody usless .The only one who rate’s Charlie adam is Charlie adam.Buy honda as well.£13 mil a bargain.

    • colmanjacklfc says:

      Truefully Mate I would like us to buy Demba Ba and Darren Bent but I cant see Newcastle selling Demba Ba on the cheap which means we may have to give them back there Geordie man Andy Carroll. Since Demba Ba will be off to the African cup of nations, we will still need to bring in a forward and Darren Bent is very ideal who has a proven goalscoring record.

    • RednRed says:

      you think that Adam and Downing are C*AP, which they are, but Carroll has been given a lot of chances, and everyone knows that he is also total C*AP!!!

    • Blackwog says:

      Are you serious Adam has been very good for us he is a strong player both physically and mentally he reads a game better than a lot of our players, he was a great buy for 8mil, Carroll needs time but i think he is a one dimensional player.

  10. Ashfah Hussain says:

    Run of the mill kind of A STRIKER. We dont need him instead please find a prolific striker who is able to fill the shoes of Torres, even if it may cost more.

    • Jon says:

      Yup you are right.. 62 career goals in 134 games definitely makes him a run of the mill striker.
      7 goals in 13games for West Ham in the premier league last season and now 15 goals in 21 games really make the case for you.
      Now to look for a prolific striker, where do we start? Help please.

    • papa says:

      Statistically Carrol is a better striker than Torres so those boots have been filled already!!

  11. Wong says:

    no way he’ll be available for 10 million based on his current form… newcastle will probably renew his contract before anything can happen…

  12. Ezeson Geovanni says:

    BA is a more complete player than CARROLL. I wouldn’t hesitate to pay even £12million for him. BA can take on defenders one-on-one unlike Carroll. His footworks are superb & he got shots too. I think its no brainer. If LFC will do this business, then its good.

  13. Raphael says:

    big clubs are like big dogs. They don’t know crumbs can fill the stomach someday. We all are witnesses to the fact that the good things in life are free (e.g. Bellamy). Kenny, unless he repents, will perform worse than grandpa roy! Watch this space!

    • shark says:

      well said raphael.

      • papa says:

        Raphael how is it possible that KK can perform worse than woy??? Woy lasted 6 months and left us in 13th.
        KK would have to shoot half the team and play the under sixteens to come close to ol woy!!
        Talking rubbish must be your forte!

  14. Billy Fraggs says:

    To the site owner: I’ve noticed recently that your headlines have become more and more misleading. That this story: there is NO evidence that Demba Ba is linked with LFC, but you’ve made it sound like Liverpool are interested. You’ve done this to deliberately trick people into clicking through. If you continue with this, I will report you to newsnow for breaking their editorial standards, which state:

    * Your stories must ‘feature relevant headlines, which must not be sensational, misleading’

    Your headlines recently are deliberately misleading. You have been warned.

  15. Raphael says:

    big clubs are like big dogs. They don’t know crumbs can fill the stomach someday. We all are witnesses to the fact that the good things in life are free (e.g. Bellamy). Kenny, unless he repents, will perform worse than grandpa roy! Watch this space! Kopoid

    • chris says:

      were nine points up compared to this time last year with roy and then we got the second most points behind chelsea in the second half of last season, were three point away from chelsea in 4th and in the semi’s of the carling with a team with new members needing time to gel and injuries to vital players got one back in gerrard lost one in lucas and now suarez suspended that 4th spots well in our grasp!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      • Stevie h says:

        Prob coz kk has spent a fortune mainly on crap to be fair but RH didnt have that sort of money. For the money kk spent we should be comfortable top 3 by now.

      • Blah says:

        Your mum could have taken over and we would have had more points than last yr at this point!

  16. Joy says:

    We need to sign someone like Tevez or Torres for a striker, as for Charlie Adam I always wanted KD to sign Scott Parker instead of CA .

  17. john says:

    I don’t think that spending 10 million on someone like Ba is a gamble. First of all it is only 10 million. Secondly Ba is a different player to Carroll. Ba has ALOT better ball control and can run with the ball. And he can take on people and is a clinical finisher. i think that he would put away all the chances that he would get. Andy Carroll was mainly someone who could head the ball at the time, and the odd left foot strike. But Ba is a lot more composed, and fit well in either an aerial or passing game. For 10 million, I would take Ba everytime of the week.

  18. Gareth says:

    It is a gamble as he failed a medical at stoke, tony pulis saying his knee is a ticking time bomb waiting to happen, but id still be happy if this happen. Hes a much superior player than Carroll and has done a lot more in the last 12 months than carroll had done in by the time he was signed. I would love them to nip in for Jnr Hoilett too

  19. M. says:

    But he is not a British & Carroll is. This distinction made Downing preferable to Mata, Adam to Mireless, Henderson to Kyut (or Aqualini). Is Ba that good to KD (More over he is “N***o”, similar words & acts I am hearing more since KD has taken over. He has successfully off-loaded 2 so far, Babel & NGogg. Johnson ‘ll leave soon & Raheem Starling ‘ll not make his start under KD)

  20. kay says:

    truth be told Dalglish would’nt buy Ba even if his LIFE depended on it simply because he’s not british..pathetic,smh.

  21. scousesuarez says:

    i know demba been great so far scored 15 goals but so did carroll last season adam too so i wouldnt sign him plus hes too slow if you noticed it he can score goals but he cant run actually we need a complete striker whos fast strong and a good finisher and demba is not fast clearly and stop buying only from newcastle ffs

  22. english bull says:

    You guys make me laugh so much my sides are hurting. You want it all now, for gods sake this is KK 1st full season with new players and just because were not 10 points clear at the top of the league you all slag him and the players off. You havent got a bloody clue. Carrol is only 22 for gods sake he is still learning his trade at a top club, give the guy a bloody chance no wonder he’s not doing to good with all you know it alls putting pressure on him. Why dont you all go and support man city if you want to win straight away. For the ones who believe it will all come good in the end, just believe and leave the armchair fans to slag off like they know it all lol

  23. Ausman mkwanda says:

    Carrol is a good player like the way he play.

  24. Sylvergreat says:

    Dalglish is confused with the squad he has,he lacks the tactical ability.

  25. frank says:

    There was a period in the M’sian history where the saying was: “Buy Brithish last”. Perhaps this could be applied now ???

  26. urchdaddy says:

    4 christ sake carol is not a complete player, i even prefer dani pacheco,david amoo to him.i want kkd to sign hulk,dos santos,osaze,lennon,adam johnson and bring back aquilani,benayoun,tores

  27. Akash @ Super Star FC says:

    Liverpool Should Sign:
    1) Higuain (for striker)
    2) Podolski (for left winger)
    3) Ozil (for right winger)
    4) Marco Marin
    5) Eden Hazard
    6) Aquilani (BRING BACK & PLAY HIM)
    1) Carroll
    2) Kuyt
    3) Downing
    4) Aurelio
    5) Joe Cole
    6) Charlie Adam
    7) Lucas

  28. shark says:

    You stupid fool! The new owners came after transfer period. So we were broke and didnt have players.

  29. Kanesh says:

    Why would a black player come to Liverpool?

  30. Movaizer says:

    Average players was all we could afford last season and during this mercato, thats cos we are out of the champions league. So will have to improve the squad but forget world class players for now. I am worried for us, if we dont get into the champions league. YNWA

  31. Sultan says:

    Dear our kop
    I really like your website and the articles but I use my phone to read it on the go most of the time and it’s quite hard to read because of the brown / sepia background onthe left side with the font being grey too. If the font was black it would make it easier to read all the comments. Thanks

  32. Gav says:

    Why are u all talking about this like demba ba would go to Liverpool at the drop of a hat,he’s going nowhere,u can keep Carol he a judas and as u have discovered can only play in a long ball team.I don’t like the comment insinuating we are a little team boys,last time I checked there was only 1 point between the 2 teams and u aren’t exactly a champion league team any more.Ergo why would our main man go,good look in the europa league next year,we will likely see u there

  33. Sal says:

    Demba Ba and any other black player should really think hard about joining a club like LFC
    Especially after the way the club has handled the suarez situation. Black players that have any morals would think twice and this is coming from a supporter who has followed them for 35 years but not anymore!

    • Blackwog says:

      Sal why not anymore ? are we as LFC fans supposed to reject the club because there are a few who might be racist towards black players, i am considered black in my home Australia but I have learned that the people who don’t like me because of that, really do not bother me because there just uneducated hill billy red necks that have nothing better to do in there lives. They will be the ones who will be separated in the end. I will always be a red fan till the day i die. YNWA

  34. Ged says:

    Can i just say english bull, spot on what you just said there mate! carroll is only 22 years of age and does not get enought chances to be prolific for liverpool, he needs more chances to play and get a run of games and the goals will come am pretty god damn sure of that! It is clear in everybody else’s mind that we do need a natural goalscorer and we have been linked with jelavic and darrent bent which out of them to my preferred would be darrent bent, going to have to put yer standards a little bit lower boys because where not in the champions league anymore so its going to be hard to attract big players to the club, there isnt any harm in trying like but whats the point, we are going to have to set our standards a little bit lower and the like of darrent bent he’s got a great record in the Premierleague so yeah out of them i’d take him but i cant see us going through with the deal, its going to be someone you havent even thought about! ynwa