Date:4th January 2012 at 6:00pm
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A lot has been going through my mind, some good some bad and right now I’m not so sure I know where to begin. So this might come across as an unreasonable rant, but I feel I need to let some of my anger out.

What on earth has Kenny Dalglish gone and done with £100m pounds? Firstly, he starts off by spending £35m (transfer record) on a player who is meant to be good in the air, since when do you spend that amount of money on a player who can’t offer you anything else? And then when the player arrives you all of a sudden realise that he isn’t even good in the air at all. His movement is crap, he stands on the bloody football pitch, he’s lethargic, no pace, not a hope in hell of getting past a defender, and let’s not even start on his ball control. The guy lays-off a ball to a winger in the middle of the park, then stands there. He then stands there, WTF??? What the hell is Bellamy supposed to do when he gets to the by-line?

To top it all off, we went and overpaid on other players who were supposedly meant to get this guy firing. £20m on a “moneyball” signing (most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard) who is supposed to provide the quality ball for our one dimensional record signing to feed off. And more money on another chap whose set-piece alone was apparently worth £10m at some point. Not to mention £20m on some youngster who is supposed to be the next best thing. The most depressing bit is that we got rid of some perfectly good players to accommodate this lot.

What peeves me the most is when I go onto the LFC forums and I see someone saying they think Andy Carroll played well. He won a few headers in the air (around the centre circle, might I add) and laid off a few balls. Really??? Is that what it takes to be considered a striker good enough for Liverpool Football Club, is that what we should be expecting from a £35m investment? For some reason our management seem to think it’s fine to splash unheralded amounts of money on what I and many others would consider to be at best average players, players whom no other top club would touch.

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