Date: 15th December 2011 at 1:58pm
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It’s that time of year when rumours of signings are making headlines. In fact, the media is saturated with speculations that it is hard to take them serious. That is why I try to stay away from writing about transfers and tactics. Not because I don’t have any ideas (I don’t mean to brag, but I have already won 4 league titles and 2 Champions League titles on my PS3 playing FIFA 12.) but because it doesn’t matter how much we speculate, it comes down to Camolli, Daglish and Henry who we buy or play. But still, if we can take a second a fantasise about walking down the stairs, touching the “This is Anfield” sign and walking onto the Hallowed ground of Anfield to take a seat in the dugout, who would we play and who would we like to be able to call on?

In my humble opinion, I believe we need to strengthen on two areas. We need a right winger and another striker. Now there are numerous options I believe we can exploit by simply using our current crop of players. No need to splash the cash. Dalglish has used Kuyt and Henderson on the right side of the midfield, but I do not believe they bring enough. They do have quality though. Henderson showed he is a much better player in the centre of the midfield and although Kuyt would play in any position you ask him to, he does not have the natural speed or skill to be an effective wide man. What we need wide is pace and delivery. Simple as that. The rise in Tottenham’s fortune for me is down to the wide men, Lennon and Bale. Both brilliantly fast. I believe we have better quality in all other parts of the team, man for man, except out wide. We can play Bellamy as a right wing. He does have pace and a great delivery. Or we can play Kelly as right back and Johnson as a right wing. This will also mean we retain the defensive quality that Johnson can provide when we are under pressure. We could easily switch from a 4-4-2 formation to a 5-3-2 formation. Up front, we should use Dirk Kuyt in the role he was signed for, as a striker. He does have an eye for goal and we are not seeing a proper return from him by playing him out wide.

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5 responses to “Liverpool’s January transfer plans revealed”

  1. njanja says:

    Sandro or Tiote, Torres or Cavani, Hazard or Navas, in addition to our current squad will get the EPL down to Anfield.

  2. SAM says:

    id like us to to bring in a striker, before today’s news of the poacher and foz in the box type forntman that we are clearly lacking – david villa would have been my first chooice for total quality and what he offers within his all round game.

    Please dont before his leg break today even start to thinking that david villa is now 30 that he is all done, he is not, but with his leg break he will be nearly 31 and without having played football for 6- 7 months??

    For me if we are dreaming then it would be either;

    1 cavani, gomez, or higuain.

    I would like a power hous emidfielder brought in to make the squad deeper and just in case jay spearing will or does not get to the top level that we think he nmight then moussa sissoko, m’villa have all been spoken about, but there are many others.

    id also like a winger and he has to be able to dribble, we still apart from suarez, dont really have many people if all, glen johnson apart that can take a man on and beat players with pace – however we need that winger to have a decent final pass………

    will not be buying 3 players in jan, unless we are more cahs rich then first thought! – id like us to buy a huge top talented frontman.

    Id even through fernando llorente and if carroll doesnt take the game by the scruff of the neck then sell him in jan window.

    other players i like are; lavezzi, hummels, gaston rameriez.

  3. GODWINEO says:

    wide men adam jhnson is a gud option, lavezi n cavani. Brin Epl 2 anfild

  4. craig says:

    u agree with this.
    raheem sterling is an amazing young player and personally i think he would take the prem by storm. never afraid to take on players and he has great pace so quick. other than suarez no1 can run past players. so bring sterling through. a world class striker to play with suarez is needed in jan coz it is clear that carroll isnt good enough yet. whateva it costs bring in the best striker possible. oa right winger is a must aswell. 2 big signings in jan are needed. names such as cavani, Soldado, hazard, navas, lucas, gotze, cazorla etc. if i could choose any 2 players it would be Hazard and cavani.

  5. kagutsuti says:

    Soldado & Navas would be enough to secure the epl in the few years to come