Date:2nd December 2011 at 4:00pm
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I am narked. I am the type of Liverpool Fan that will try and read each and every single news article, website or blog that features my team. And I have come across many from a ‘so-called’ Liverpool fan calling for King Kenny to get rid of Big Andy Carroll. One in particular made my Red blood boil with the heading, “When will Kenny dispose of the 35 million pound flop.” I responded by informing the writer about some good colleges in his area that offer courses in Accounting and Business. He should leave sports and Liverpool commentary to Liverpool fans who know what they are talking about. Perhaps I was harsh, but I am annoyed by these ‘fans’ who have not learnt from the past.

Five years ago, Rafa Benitez signed a little known Brazilian midfielder. He was a blonde, long haired scrawny player who looked like a 14 year old boy in need of a good meal. He was useless. He could not run, he could not tackle, he could not pass. The only thing he could do was get my blood pressure up screaming at my television set. And I was not the only one. I am not exaggerating when I say every Liverpool fan I am in contact with wanted to see the back of Lucas Leiva. Two years later, every one of us is left with a taste of foot in our mouths. Lucas has morphed into being one of our best players and an important part of our team. He was and deservedly so our player of the season last year and made more tackles than any player in the top four European Leagues. A player so important to Liverpool fans that when he went down injured against Chelsea on Tuesday night, I swear I heard a universal gasp from Liverpool supporters. If Lucas can turn his fortunes around, then why can’t Andy Carroll?

I am peeved at all the references to the price Liverpool paid for the big number 9. I was one of the loudest voices who believed we paid too much for him, but that is not his fault. He did not choose his price, and the transfer is now history. We need to move on. Now he is a Red player and needs all the support he can get. He is still a young player and you do not go from being the hottest English property one year to useless the next. Yes, he has not found his feet yet but we must be patient. Have we not learnt from our error in judging to soon with Lucas? Yes Carroll missed a penalty, but all players do and will. Yes he has not scored as many goals as we would like, but how many games has he played? When I have seen Andy Carroll playing, I have seen him putting in a mountain of effort and overall I have been happy with his endeavour. He has proven to be a handful with most defences. Liverpool and King Kenny just need to figure the best way to play to his strengths. Remember he is still 23 years old, and someone who can be developed as a footballer in the Liverpool way. The Liverpool way is not to turn on our players and to put unnecessary pressure on them. The Liverpool way is not criticise our own players in the media. The Liverpool way is to pat a player on the back after he misses a penalty and telling him he will never walk alone. That is the Liverpool way, and if we, the fans stay true to the values of this great club, I foresee a future of Liverpool success with Andy Carroll leading the charge.