Date: 21st November 2011 at 10:15am
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When the team sheets were released before kickoff yesterday (Sunday) against Chelsea, I was surprised to see that Kenny Dalglish had opted to start with Maxi and Craig Bellamy as opposed to Stewart Downing and Andy Carroll. But Dalglish knew best and the players he started off with did very well for us in the first half.

Maxi grabbed the first goal for us after brilliant link up play by Bellamy and Suarez. Bellamy was a constant threat with his pace and intelligent play.

After the match, Dalglish revealed why he started with Maxi and Bellamy. Dalglish said: “It seemed like a good idea at the time.

“He likes London, Maxi – he likes the temperature here! He’s a really intelligent footballer, as is Craig Bellamy. The two of them really appreciate their profession, they know how to look after themselves. We know what we get from both the lads and you could see how good they are.

“We had a lot of really good players.”

Do you think that Maxi and Bellamy should be starting more games for us?


11 responses to “Revealed: Why Dalglish started with Maxi and Bellamy against Chelsea”

  1. njanja says:

    Both of them added what we have been missing since the start of this season: experience and brilliance.

  2. Dale Marlow says:

    “Seemed like a good idea at the time”. Quality. The man has such tactical nous it’s frightening. The chumps in the media simply accept his view that he is lucky and it’s all down to the players.

  3. ArmchairLFCfan says:


  4. Philip says:

    Its just that kenny refuse to accept the fact that the combination of bellamy suarez and maxi is superb because the will always practice pass n move. Players like bellami n maxi are always gud friends of the net. Both carol knows nothing about pass and move but lofty kind of play n thats not what we want. Kenny shud stop proving he’s got a good buy n use those that deserve it.

  5. redz says:

    yes they should start every game they played very well together, bellamy was a great bargain .. i think we dont need andy carroll.

  6. fatoye folarin says:

    the combination of bellamy and suarez is superb i think both should start more games

  7. Vincent caddell says:

    The large versatile squad kenny and his team have put together is finally coming to good use. To answer your question, yes they should start. As we know though for more than a million reasons any player in the squad can have a dip or dramatic rise in form. So the starting 11 can be picked and chosen on a regular basis, from our expansive squad. We need players like Andy Carroll to be there during times when Bellamy, Suarez are injured or having a bad few weeks. I think we need to not let his over priced – ness get in the way of what a fantastic footballer he really is. He’s very young remember. And is fitting into a new team that play proper football, not just hoofing it up te pitch. I think when he’s on, the rest of our team are guilty for the change in play. Ie the long ball. They need to trust that he actually has great feet as well as one of the best headers going. (it doesn’t matter weather it’s the short ball, long ball or diagonal, as long as it’s the right ball!)

  8. Akash says:

    I think maxi and bellamy were brillant, it was the most exciting game in a long time from the start to the end. Thank’s to kenny for that change off play. It was the best change he ever made and it really changed our game. Let’s do it with mancity.