Liverpool have the 3rd Best Player in the World

This is the one mark against his record and is the sole reason why many still refuse to count him as a greater player than Maradona; a man who – like Suarez – single-handedly dragged a poor Argentina side to a World Cup win in 1986. Thanks to Suarez, Uruguay could be serious contenders for the next few years.

There are those would also argue that the likes of Rooney, Van Persie, Aguero, Iniesta and Xavi and all would offer serious arguments for being one of the top 3 players in the world today but none would be completely waterproof, as there are few players in the world these days that excel in all areas.

Which is why I believe that, if Suarez can bring his club goal-scoring record up to the same level as his performances for both club and country, which rarely drop below excellent and often hit the heady heights of exceptional, then we could well have one of the best players on the planet playing for us for years to come. He just needs to make sure that the end-product is there more often than not and his status on the world stage would be unquestioned.

Article courtesy of David Tyrer at Live4Liverpool