Date:16th November 2011 at 7:24am
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Despite England beating Spain on Saturday, the most interesting International action, for Reds fans, was Uruguay’s 4-nil victory over Chile. In that game, Suarez did for his country what both Messi and Ronaldo regularly fail to do for theirs: he took the game by the scruff of the neck and carried his team through, scoring 4 goals in the process.

Some may argue that Chile aren’t exactly the greatest opposition to judge a player by but Suarez has already set the bar high enough for himself, winning the Copa America for his country pretty much single-handedly earlier this year.

There is no doubt that both Messi and Ronaldo are head and shoulders above the rest of the world in terms of their quality but there are few who have watched Suarez’s ability since he joined the Reds that would disagree that he isn’t exactly light-years behind. Like both Messi and Ronaldo, he’s fast, agile, quick-minded and is capable with both feet.

Perhaps Suarez’s greatest attribute is his unpredictability; nobody – not even Suarez sometimes – knows what he is going to do and that is a great asset to have, as both Barcelona and Real Madrid will attest. The only mark against Suarez’s record so far is that his record for Liverpool hasn’t been the greatest just yet, scoring 11 times in 27 games for Liverpool. But his worth to the team is again reflected in the 11 assists he’s managed in the same time period.

The goal-scoring has never been a problem for either of these two but when it comes to their country, they have often struggled to make a real impact. Suarez’s record for Uruguay is 26 goals in 52 games, while Messi has just 18 in 65 and Ronaldo has 30 in 86. Given that Uruguay are probably the weakest of the three International sides overall, Suarez’s contribution can not be overlooked. Messi, playing in a side that can count on the combined talents of Tevez, Higuain and Aguero amongst others, has failed make his mark on the International game (and that’s without including the sublime talents of Maxi Rodriguez!).

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