Date: 16th November 2011 at 7:24am
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Despite England beating Spain on Saturday, the most interesting International action, for Reds fans, was Uruguay’s 4-nil victory over Chile. In that game, Suarez did for his country what both Messi and Ronaldo regularly fail to do for theirs: he took the game by the scruff of the neck and carried his team through, scoring 4 goals in the process.

Some may argue that Chile aren’t exactly the greatest opposition to judge a player by but Suarez has already set the bar high enough for himself, winning the Copa America for his country pretty much single-handedly earlier this year.

There is no doubt that both Messi and Ronaldo are head and shoulders above the rest of the world in terms of their quality but there are few who have watched Suarez’s ability since he joined the Reds that would disagree that he isn’t exactly light-years behind. Like both Messi and Ronaldo, he’s fast, agile, quick-minded and is capable with both feet.

Perhaps Suarez’s greatest attribute is his unpredictability; nobody – not even Suarez sometimes – knows what he is going to do and that is a great asset to have, as both Barcelona and Real Madrid will attest. The only mark against Suarez’s record so far is that his record for Liverpool hasn’t been the greatest just yet, scoring 11 times in 27 games for Liverpool. But his worth to the team is again reflected in the 11 assists he’s managed in the same time period.

The goal-scoring has never been a problem for either of these two but when it comes to their country, they have often struggled to make a real impact. Suarez’s record for Uruguay is 26 goals in 52 games, while Messi has just 18 in 65 and Ronaldo has 30 in 86. Given that Uruguay are probably the weakest of the three International sides overall, Suarez’s contribution can not be overlooked. Messi, playing in a side that can count on the combined talents of Tevez, Higuain and Aguero amongst others, has failed make his mark on the International game (and that’s without including the sublime talents of Maxi Rodriguez!).

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22 responses to “Liverpool have the 3rd Best Player in the World”

  1. Ashfah Hussain says:

    Give him time and he will climb to be no1 in the not too distant future.

  2. rick says:

    Two little men called xavi and iniesta would like to have a word with you. I’m as big of a suarez fan as anybody but I would probably trade him for Iniesta if it was a no-cash deal.

  3. Gary says:

    This player is amazing. Every time I watch Liverpool play, I want the ball at Suarez’s feet every time. Its a joy to watch this player in every possession because he is utter class. I never expected him to be this kind of player, he is taking the world by storm. Why do Liverpool not understand that it is South American football that excels. Kids play on the street without shoes, for the love of the game. Very skillful players, and confident too. The age for British is over, who is the next touted player that has burst out on the scene; you can maybe count them off one hand. I am sure that the average player in South America is more technically gifted and naturally ept than the awkward British players.

  4. Suarèz ïs a calamity-striker. In a way that he gives defenders headaches and nightmares, he gives them something 2 think about. Suarez – Man Of War.(‘Akogun.”- in yoruba language in nigeria.)

    • don says:

      Akogun; good word thanks for the education; i agree a player who doesn’t know what he will do next can cause wide spread panic, only issue is that he might be hard to play with, guess you try to get the ball to him in and around the box and stay on your toes lol,as for who are the best players in the world, we all have opinions, far better to work towards having the best team in the world.

      • Camilya says:

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  5. i am he says:

    i read this article word for word 3 days ago on another site, copying and pasting articles from other sites is a bit naughty and very lazy….. wassup? cant you think up your own stories…. christ on a bike even the headline is the same tut tut tut

  6. Please kenny stop using caroll as our striker, pls use ballemy and suarez

  7. King kenny please we need a good creative midfilder and also tevez ,lennon, arjen ruben, goetze

  8. Tony says:

    Suarez does it every game for Liverpool and Uruguay, either assisting or scoring at every level of football, Messi, Rooney, Ronaldo cannot say the same!!!!!

  9. karl says:

    Suarez is amazing…Tevez would ,make a great addition to our team….we need someone to bang in goals when suarez doesnt fire…..and our crossing of the ball is poor…as well as the fact that our players dont make themselves available…if you look at the amount of corners alone we have wasted this season its ridiculous….also i find that we dont break fast enough…we always end up holding the ball up which allows the other teams defense to backtrack

  10. ZZ says:

    As a Liverpool fan i agree that Suarez is definitely of one the best players in the world but to say he’s above Xavi or Iniesta is laughable. Football is about scoring goals but Xavi dictates the game like no one has done since the other ZZ retired a few years back! His vision to pick passes and ability to carve defences open is unrivalled. No one has the ability he does to control the tempo of a game.

    Uruguay has very good players that support Suarez (have you even heard of Forlan, Cavani, Lugano, Godín, Gonzalez etc?) and more importantly they are a better balanced team than Argentina, especially in defence where Argentina are severly lacking in quality.

    I hate this fawning by supporters of their own team, especially those who blindly refuse to see past their rose tinted glasses. Suarez is a great player but is not in the same class as Messi. He is a once in a generation player who I think will go on to become the best player ever. As for Suarez being the 3rd best player in the world, i suggest people start watching football other than “the best league in the world”

    • Tony says:

      Messi has done what for Argentina?????, he is nothing without Barca, let’s see him do it in England!!!

      • ZZ says:

        What on cold, wet wednesday night in Hull you mean? How could i forget the yardstick on how highly a player is rated!! Jog on you clown

  11. Dave P says:

    Where does Stevie G come in your top player ratings? He may have been injured for some time but it surprises me that some of you forget the worlds best midfielder so quickly.

    God speed your return Steve so that your Liverpools supporters amnesia will quickly be cured.

  12. Joe says:

    That’s such a stupid thing to say. He probably wouldn’t get in Barcelona’s, Man City’s or Real Madrid’s starting eleven. He’s only scored 4 premier league goals this season despite having played almost every game in fact he’s not even a proven goalscorer at the top level because since he’s been in the premier league his scoring record isn’t great, and who cares if he scored in Holland, so did Afonso Alves and Marteja Kezman.
    And to those saying Messi wouldn’t be the same player in England: he’s scored 7 goals in his last 6 games against English teams (Man United and Arsenal, So far in all competitions he’s scored 23 goals, he scored 53 goals last season, he scored a hat trick against Real Madrid when he was just 19, he got 21 assists last season and remember Ronaldo hadn’t even scored against a Spanish team until he moved to Real Madrid.

  13. Rob says:

    Messi plays for Barca & Ronaldo for Real look at the players around them LFC have 3 class players Suarez,Rainer&Gerrard WHEN FIT. Saurez is no Kezman or Alves he manipulates to menu games take a chance in Jan Tevez & Diago would make us more clever & ruthless

  14. kagutsuti says:

    I think people are talking about luis as a top class player as our best player but it’s not true
    Reina is our best player, better than casillas or valdès or buffon or someone else