The key to Liverpool’s defence and it is not Jamie Carragher

Liverpool’s defence always seems safer to me whenever Agger’s in the team, and needless to say, it is vitally important that he stays fit this season. Some have said that Liverpool still need a new centre back but I disagree. A fully fit Daniel Agger would solve any need for a new top class centre back, and alongside him we have three other good options in the shape of the vice captain Jamie Carragher, the solid Martin Skrtel and the promising Sebastian Coates. Liverpool’s defence this season hasn’t been as good as it should be, but I believe that a regular run in the team for Agger would dramatically improve our stability at the back. The Dane’s classy style of play also aids Kenny Dalglish’s desire to get the team back to playing good, fluid, attacking football.

Every now and again we’ve seen signs that Liverpool are slowly returning back to the pass and move philosophy, and with so many attacking moves starting off from the back, it is vital for us to have as many ball playing defenders in the team as possible. This style of centre back is becoming more and more fashionable for modern teams, and I am just glad to say that we already have one of the best around in our team. If Agger can stay fit, not only can I see him playing a major role in our charge into the Champions League positions, but I can also see him proving himself to be one of the very best centre backs in European football.

Article courtesy of Mark Wilson at Live4Liverpool