Date: 27th October 2011 at 3:22pm
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Luis Suarez helped Liverpool to a 2-1 win over Stoke on Wednesday night in the Carling Cup. Suarez scored two brilliant goals but had to be taken off with 5 minutes left in the game as he picked up a knock. Whilst Dalglish was explaining after the game about Suarez’s injury, the boss also put it an word or two explaining how Suarez is not a diver contrary to some peoples beliefs that our striker goes down too easily.

Dalglish explained: “He got kicked right at the end of the first half. He turned Jonathan Woodgate. He made contact with him but he tried to stay on his feet to take the chance. That’s where he hurt his leg. That just emphasises what we say about the wee man. He had the opportunity to stay on his feet (and did).

“Both of his goals pleased us, but the most important thing was the way the boys went about their work.

“It was a fantastic first time ball in from Jordan (Henderson). The quality of the pass in and the header was top class.

“But you get excited about any goal don’t you?”


11 responses to “Suarez injury latest and his ‘diving’ claims”

  1. Ashfah says:

    Suarez doesn’t dive as Christiano Ronaldo did at MU.

  2. Yasin says:

    Suarez and Henderson….Class.

  3. youtellme says:

    Another win when Gerard does not play – the stats are heavily weighted against playing Stevie G. You will argue – but will you explain ??

  4. williams says:

    SUAREZ is always a world class player all time the only problem for suarez is someone to create chance for him as he (suarez)did but we (lfc)don’t have such a person and that left for kenny to act fast and bring in a good player like (HULK)from fc,porto,or (HIGUAIN)from real mad.and SUAREZ should’nt get injured because we don’t have someone that will do what SUAREZ is doing for us on the pitch.

  5. had says:

    im lfc fans i hope no body get me wrong pleas don’t play gerrard and careger and kuyt every game see what happen YNWA

  6. artigas cruz says:

    am happy to see coatez play in the win i dislike blaming people for their mistakes and i think liverpool are on the right track, carrol and coatez will do great things together up front on pk and set plays…zuzu in my opinion is the best player around right now and is nice that kenny knows how to handle him.

  7. youtellme says:

    Gerard statistic holds since he first played at 18 –

  8. Livmad says:

    I agreed with Ashfah.

  9. youtellme says:

    Shame on you – I expected a barrage of abuse etc because I was only winding you up – STEVIE G WILL ALWAYS DO FOR ME.