Date:24th October 2011 at 1:26pm
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As a player and manger (first time round) Dalglish wrote his name in the history books of Liverpool Football Club and that will never change, what I don’t want is for that reputation to be tarnished by his inefficiencies this time round.

I feel the time has now come where as fans of Liverpool we need to hold Kenny Dalglish accountable for his actions.

This post is in no way whatsoever asking for the head of Dalglish, I think, pray and hope in time he will be the right man for the job, but as of now, he is struggling to prove his worth.

Saturday’s performance again proved that we are a long long way from where we all thought we might head this season. We played well for 30 minutes in truth and the goal just on half time had a touch of luck about it, the so called luck that Dalglish claims has deserted us so far this season.

From the offset his team selection raised questions, a newly promoted side arrive at Anfield with no idea what to expect since the last time they visited Anfield in the league on the standing Kops final day in 1994, and he chooses Kuyt over Carroll? Johnson over Kelly? Decides not to give his £20 million signing Henderson a starting berth despite the suspension of Lucas. To add insult to injury, When Norwich score there is no reaction. Why at this point were the substitutions not made? Why when they were, did he take Bellamy and Downing off for Henderson and Carroll and bring Agger on for Kuyt in the 91st minute– a defender for attacker when we need a goal.

I have mentioned in posts previous to this that many a critic pinpointed a lack of tactical awareness by Dalglish in his previous tenure and yet still managed to line the Anfield trophy cabinet with glorious pieces of silver. The problem this time round is that the game has evolved so much that football is barely recognisable to the one that was replaced with the Premier Leagues inception.

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