Date: 24th October 2011 at 1:26pm
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As a player and manger (first time round) Dalglish wrote his name in the history books of Liverpool Football Club and that will never change, what I don’t want is for that reputation to be tarnished by his inefficiencies this time round.

I feel the time has now come where as fans of Liverpool we need to hold Kenny Dalglish accountable for his actions.

This post is in no way whatsoever asking for the head of Dalglish, I think, pray and hope in time he will be the right man for the job, but as of now, he is struggling to prove his worth.

Saturday’s performance again proved that we are a long long way from where we all thought we might head this season. We played well for 30 minutes in truth and the goal just on half time had a touch of luck about it, the so called luck that Dalglish claims has deserted us so far this season.

From the offset his team selection raised questions, a newly promoted side arrive at Anfield with no idea what to expect since the last time they visited Anfield in the league on the standing Kops final day in 1994, and he chooses Kuyt over Carroll? Johnson over Kelly? Decides not to give his £20 million signing Henderson a starting berth despite the suspension of Lucas. To add insult to injury, When Norwich score there is no reaction. Why at this point were the substitutions not made? Why when they were, did he take Bellamy and Downing off for Henderson and Carroll and bring Agger on for Kuyt in the 91st minute– a defender for attacker when we need a goal.

I have mentioned in posts previous to this that many a critic pinpointed a lack of tactical awareness by Dalglish in his previous tenure and yet still managed to line the Anfield trophy cabinet with glorious pieces of silver. The problem this time round is that the game has evolved so much that football is barely recognisable to the one that was replaced with the Premier Leagues inception.

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121 responses to “Kenny Dalglish to be held accountable”

  1. Rick says:

    Rubbish. We’ve played just nine games, NINE GAMES, in a three years deal. Non sense article. Give a break to The Boss and The guys and show some passion & support for the Club.

  2. Bill says:

    You’re an idiot.

  3. crazyhorse says:

    All i think is missing at the moment is a forward who can score,
    and i think downing needs to improve his overall play,
    i dont think we are to far away from being a really good team.

    • Phil says:

      Spot on Crazy horse… although I think downing is providing alot of chances for us, even if he isn’t brilliant all match.

      KK’s tactics seem to be ok so far… we normally create nough changes to win most games. The problem is the money he has spent on so-so players. But who made those choices (carroll for £35M, which is a joke, and henderson for £16/£20M), when we already had meirles who was fantastic last year, and aquaman who was our best player in pre-season by a mile. We didn’t need henderson, and we should have spent the £55M on someone who can finish (or even two). All we need is a goal scorer in the mould of rushie, fowler etc. and I know they arent ten a penny, but with £55M?

      The question I ask myself is… was it comolli and directors (money ball, blah blah blah) or KK who spent wasted all that money?

      Rafa wouldn’t have wasted it (although, I think he wasn’t attack minded enough for us to win the league with him).

      • Blah says:

        I agree with most your points untill you say something as silly as Rafa wasn’t as attack minded enough ?

        Season 2008-2009 go check the results End Off!

        • Michael says:

          yes, revisit the 2007 champions league final. the final he lost us with his negative football.
          or all the games he had us defending the remainder of the game going a goal up. or the games when he was content with defending a 0-0 draw right form the kick off. yes, very attack minded.

  4. LFCforlife says:

    get a life !!!! we have played 9 games and playing some superb footy except spurs game….. players finishing is poor not tactics of manager….support the the manager and don’t act like tactical geniuns

  5. richard says:

    what a moronic piece of tat this is. Kenny walked in to a terrible mess he steadied the ship and is now working hard to get the many new additions to not only settle in a new club but to gel as well. yes we will have some off days but Kenny can’t do anything about the strikers not hitting the target we created about 27 chances 15 of which were on target we out played utd but the ball would not go in for us. If you think we should just win every game stick to the easy level on your psp it might just happen for you. our return to the top level will take time and hard work and of course money. but football has changed yes it is more expensive but the game is no different Barca are playing similar to how we did under Kenny so to dismiss kenny is just diabolical.

    • ZZ says:

      “Barca are playing similar to how we did under Kenny so to dismiss kenny is just diabolical”…Liverpool fan for 30 years and i just laughed when i read this!! Have you seen Barca play?We’ve never played anything like Barca do and nor has anyone else.

      What we do need is someone who can slow the pace of the game down, get on the ball and pick passes and dictate play. Players in the mould of Silva, Modric etc. Why we let Mereiles and Aqua Man go is beyond me. Would have them over Adam and Henderson all day long.

      We need a clinical striker in January. What a waste of space Carroll is. Not techincally good enough, too slow to help in the build up and get back in box to finish chances. For ££5m we could have signed Lorente or Gomez who are miles better than Carroll

      • Flying pig says:

        Kenny put a millstone around his own neck when he paid 35 million for Carrol. It was a panic buy to appease the fans after selling Torres. We are now playing some very good high tempo football to which Carrol is completely unsuited and so he stays on the bench. And Newcastle look so much better without him! No way that we can make top four this season.

      • DaveWestAus says:

        He had Paisley there telling him what to do!

      • richard says:

        it is well known that with and under Kenny we played some of the best football in our history . if you do not realise this i wonder what the hell you have a season ticket for you obviously went and faced the wrong way thats the only way you could not of seen the utter brilliance that lfc showed. we fell apart once he left and never recovered.

    • Mike says:

      But it wasn’t diabolical to dismiss Rafa? Silva cost 25mil, he blasted 20mil on henderson while mata cost 18mil. Sold meireles just bcos of an inferior adam. Can’t change things tactically and can’t point out his defeciencies bcos he is dalglish! Should have gone for AVB or get bak rafa, give him 150 mil and check out d calibre of players he’ll bring in.

      • ZZ says:

        Mata was willing to come to us too. Chelsea only bought him when the pursuit of Modric came to nothing. People will say he’s too similar to Suarez but you just have to look at Barca. All with similar stature and style of play. All small with outstanding technique.

        This isn’t being negative or “not a real fan” but Adam is not good enough for Liverpool. He slow, cumbersome, wasteful in possesion and gets caught napping in possesion. Meireles is twice the player and is proving that by his performances for Chelsea and why Kenny let him go baffles me. Even more so Aqua Man as we’re crying out for a player with his repetiore of passing and vision. Oh well i said it before the season started and i’ll say it again. 6th place tops

  6. Sib says:

    What an absolute load of tosh, from start to finish.

    Picking up just one point in particular:
    If you were at the match, or knew your football, you would realise that bringing on Agger was actally an attacking move, coz it meant we switched to 3-5-2 from 4-4-2 and gave us somebody in the heart of defence who is comfortable in bringing the ball out of defence.

    Hopefully Agger is now fully fit again, following his ‘unlucky’ rib break 5 secs before Modric’s wonder goal, and can slot back in where he belongs. In the left centre of a 4 man defence.

    • john says:

      tactical change in the 91st minute with 3 minutes of added time – Genius move

      • Sib says:

        The point is the original author was saying it was a negative substitution. It wasn’t.

        • john says:

          of course it was, an attacker came off for a defender no matter what the formation change was, Johnson is not better than Kuyt at scoring goals, thats why he is a RB and Kuyt is an attacker, so the author is spot on

          • Chipdayz says:

            John, you really seem like an honest fun and not like them fools who have make kk a “god” tell me seriously; do you think that with the players we have, should kk be playing the 4-4-2 formation? and do you really think that as energertic as Suarez is, should he be played where kk plays him?

  7. Yunus Choonara says:

    I agree with article, Kuyt( must be sold ) , Carra ( must retire ) and Skrtl (to be used as sub} Johnson ( must be sold ) Dalglish has made errors in every single game we played thus far, we were lucky to have won 4 games. KD has to be accountable same like any other Manager and as he always says the Club is bigger than any individual, if the mediocre carries on he must be man enough to admit that he cannot bring success to our Club.

  8. nicky says:

    to be true. LFC will not be winning the title is season and coming seasons… the team played is so expected no matter who is paring upfront. if we don’t has Suarez i don’t know where the team currently lied at. the center back is very poor… esp without Lucas. Downing was poor but yet stay on the pitch, no creative from the upfront (Meireles sold and Aqualini load out) Gerrard is still lack of match fitness. hendo and carroll are purely over paid. the team got investment and support from the owner but bad bad buy… KD is history football has changed LFC fans please wake up.

  9. Azza says:

    This is a very short sighted article. We had bags of chances against both Utd and Norwich after both teams equalised and it was only a couple of world class saves from De Gea and Ruddy that prevented us from picking up 6 points from both games. If we had we would have been on 19 points, level with Chelsea and Utd….. at which point you would have probably written an article on how great Dalglish was doing…..

    We are playing well (with the exception of Spurs and 45 mins against Sunderland) and if we continue to create the volume of chances we are I’m sure we will finish in the top 4 – which has to be our aim this season as oppose to thinking we are going to win the league…

    • john says:

      and a world class save from Reina that prevented defeat, if we had beat stoke, sunderland, norwich, united spurs we would be top of the league, what a stupid response, reason for the article is that we did not win these games you idiot, same old Liverpool fan living in the past and for what ifs.

      well done mate

  10. Sharn says:

    I agree 100%! Kenny should b held responsible for his actions! Henderson shouldv’e started the game, that was a no-brainer! I believe Gerard shouldv’e played in Lucas’ position and Henderson in attacking midfield. Bellemy (left), Suarez (front), Downing (right), Henderson (r-mid), Adam (l-mid). Johnson (r-b), Kelly (c/b), Agger (c/b), Enrique (l/b). Subs – Carra, Carroll, Kuyt, Aurelio, Coates,Jones, Maxi!

  11. richard says:

    i think we are at the worst stage in our history but not in the football or the management but in the fans. we have never had such negative un educated fans before. i suppose you have to accept the hangers on the ones that have seen anfield on a school trip or in pictures. Kenny is a top top manager but you can’t expect him to right all the wrongs in 9 games to get all the new stars to gel in 9 games or to get us from the sorry state we were in under roy to title winners in anything less than 2-3 seasons. to all you armchair fans stick to championship manager on your pc or consoles and leave the real football to Kenny and his boys

    • john says:

      I have been a season ticket holder since the inception of season tickets and this article is bang on the money.

      What a surprise, someone trys to indicate the author is not a fan. How do you know this person has not been a season ticket holder all his life

      right all the wrongs in 9 games, i must admit i thought we had played more than games since January


      • richard says:

        4 points from a champions league spot with about 7 months to go to improve more.were we in that position this time last season? must of improved since Jan then.

        • john says:

          was not hard to improve,Would hope so with the money spent, Newcastle spent 5% of what we have yet sit higher, so do spurs ,again your response has no bearing on the post previous, i questioned why u thought he was not a season ticket holder ???

          • adolf says:

            john your a tit. why not give the team chance to gel. we would all love instant glory but thats not gonna happen so why dont you fuckoff and support united with the rest of the glory hunters you twat. we dont need fans like you

          • richard says:

            owning a season ticket means fuck all own one and your thick as shit.

  12. Abdulaziz says:

    – Agger in for Kuyt to give more freedom to your fullbacks to attack!!
    – Liverpool were unlucky to hit the post 3 times!!
    – The worst thing from the game was probably Downing’s form!!
    – Andy will come good!! BUT needs ALOT of time!!
    – Still 9 games into the season!! it’s a marathon not a sprint!!

    • john says:

      agger for kuyt – 91st minute ??????????
      Liverpool were lucky to score, deflection of defender beat the keeper

      9 games in and already way off the pace

      • Abdulaziz says:

        – Bellamy’s goal was lucky,, maybe!! the 10 other chances Liverpool missed were unlucky!!

        – yep it was late on 91st min but i was just saying the reason why Kenny did that!! Agger’s awareness to cover against counter attacks and give freedom to Johnson and Enrique to stay up!!
        Agger shouldve came on the 80th min 😛

        – not off the pace for a top 4 finish yet!!

        • john says:

          unlucky or poor finishing ?? seems to be a common theme this season. not off the pace but on the first 9 games evidence, not likely.

      • adolf says:

        yeash and unlucky to hit the woodwork you cunt. so what you tryin to say

        • john says:

          Would rather be a united supporter than call my self adolf, what a stupid thing to do, unless its your real name which is really gutted. You clearly know nothing about football as all you do is abuse, i pay £900 a year for my season ticket so dont expect to draw 1-1 with Norwich, you are the typical LFC fan always excepting medicorite and and making up excuses, you should be the one to support someone else, we dont need fans like you.

          • teamofcarraghers says:

            SACK THE MANAGER
            Were four points off fourth with 29 games to go SACK THE MANAGER
            Yea but we are creating plenty of chances and look good we just need the them to fall our way
            No I played football manager and was top after 9 games after buying neymar messi ronaldo wilshere and cahill SACK THE MANAGER

            God I used to laugh my head off at newcastle fans and how deluded they were with the sature of their team now its sad to see us going the same way……..just over a year ago we were almost bust as a club with a poor team lead by a poor manager are you lot really so blind to see that kenny is trying to build something

            Signing young hungry players like carroll and henderson who he can mould and develop as players is a sign of a manager looking at the long term stability of his club and selling foriegn ‘stars’ such as meireles (who was let go because he wanted more money, but hey who doesn’t love a mercenary) and aqua (who had an amazing pre-season just as voronin and jovanovic did before wonder if their available?) Who are older.

            Its a sign of todays instant/now now now society with ‘fans’ such as these openly critising a manager after 9 games with his squad (not last seasons) I suggest if you like instant success and older players who will play for the highest bidder but only when it suits you take a trip down the M62 and don a sky blue shirt

            We are building our future not purchasing it and selling ourselves to the player who will take the most money from us


          • adolf says:

            i abuse you john because you talk absolute rubbish, you pay 900 a season for your love of the club through good and bad. if you dont like it then give up your season ticket for someone who will stand by the club through thick n thin. you should give kenny a chance. people like you sound like all those scum fans who call for fergie to retire when they lose a couple of games and look at wot he won. it took him 7 seasons to win the league. now look

          • chipdayz says:

            John calm down, dont mind adolf, The Original Adolf was Stupid

  13. couney says:

    Spot on choonara bt i disagree with selling johnson

  14. gavin lee says:

    so called liverpool fans tryin 2 pick faults after 9 game into a new season with SIX new players [when we are playing sum brilliant football in every game apart from the spurs one witch was played with 9 men four most of it.,if you all look at the team when fsg took over and now what a difference their is but it takes time . 4th spot at best i think and maybe a cup run then build on that like chelsea an man city did

    • john says:

      Gavin Lee, the typical LFC fan who hides behind excuses, the same excuses we have used for the last twenty years to explain us not winning the league, piss off and support someone else

      • Red Scouse says:

        john, you love to dish out the abuse online, but you’d not say a word to anyone’s face. Give it a rest, cos you just come across like a coward and a liar..

  15. richard says:

    all in all we are not playing badly we create so many chances but the strikers are not putting them away yet are by all accounts getting it on target. so what is Kenny supposed to do about that?
    1) striker training (oh! hold on they do that and are hitting the target.
    2) buy decent strikers (suarez decent ,Bellamy decent Carroll up until signing for us decent. kuyt actually quite decent.

    wait i know he should come on himself and do it for them… get a grip people Kenny can not take the blame for forwards being just plain unlucky . and you can moan about the defence but if the goals go in the opposition do not want to leave gaps then do not attack as freely. give it a bit of time , have a bit of patience and you will see. its not like anyone can seriously expect us to go unbeaten in his first 9 games in charge full time.

  16. Rick says:

    Nice to see that the large majority of fans here, They showed their feelings about this utterly non sense article.

    • john says:

      why is it nonsense ??? because its true, when did we win the league last ? how much money have we spent ? same old LFC fan, hiding behind excuses, the truth hurts and thats what you cant handle

  17. strebby says:

    agree regarding puzzling substituations at times, but on the whole cant agree we’re getting it wrong, we have to remember we’re not challenging and were never likely to challenge for the title this year we challenging for 3rd spot at best. but we’re playing some great and at times breathtaking stuff, the problem is in the finishing of the created chances not the creativity itself, and also i may add that kenny is right we have had some shocking luck and even worse refereeing, (how many times have keepers against us this season played absolute worldies, how many time have we hit the woodwork?) in all 8 games (not counting spurs) we created more than enough chances to win every game, 2 blatant penalty decisions vs stoke not given, a clear sending off not given and a perfectly good goal disallowed vs sunderland, on saturday the referee didn’t give a single foul for luis suarez even tho he was climbed all over in some of the arial challenges, was blatantly tripped 25 yards out and other situations, and that run from adam into the box where he was absolutely clattered(not saying it was a penalty) for the ref to give a freekick AGAINST adam was a joke… 3 world class saves and 3 times hitting the woodwork and poor finishing cost us yesterday, as poor finishing has cost us in every game we’ve failed to win, so no, the tactics and play is not wrong, its the finishing that’s out!!

    • Jevon says:

      weve managed 4 shots off the woodwork per game for the last 2 games…ewe created 50% more chances than city but we converted way less chances than them……thats the difference.

      • strebby says:

        exactly pal, that is the difference, i’d be far more worried if we were creating nothing like quite a lot of “experts” and bloggers are leading a lot of people to believe, i tell you something, a team very soon is on the end of a hiding from us, lets hope it’s the baggies on saturday

    • Mike says:

      U might think we’re not true fans but the truth is, we’re appalled by what we see bcos we dare to believe we can be better. The concluding part of last season showed that the team was much better than people thought, just like rafa had been saying. Now, if he spends 120mils in the name of improving the team, isn’t it logical that the team performs better? The only problem is he squandered the transfers by selling off the better performers and replaced them with inferior ones. Imagine aquilani and cole in the team alongside llorente, adam johnson, mata, aguero. Mourinho won the epl in his first season and i don’t think he spent more than dalglish!

    • Mike says:

      U might think we’re not true fans but the truth is we’re appalled by what we see bcos we dare to believe we can be better. The concluding part of last season showed that the team was much better than people thought, just like rafa had been saying. Now, if he spends 120mils in the name of improving the team, isn’t it logical that the team performs better? The only problem is he squandered the transfers by selling off the better performers and replaced them with inferior ones. Imagine aquilani and cole in the team alongside llorente, adam johnson, mata, aguero. Mourinho won the epl in his first season and i don’t think he spent more than dalglish!

      • strebby says:

        firstly, i never mentioned anything about being true fans or not, everyone is entitled to an opinion but i think people should look more at the bigger picture now and again and look at what is trying to be achieved instead of simply the here and now, rome wasnt built in a day. secondly aqua and meireles WANTED TO LEAVE i really wish people would stop going on about them like they were messi and ronaldo!! mata wanted champions league football and aguero, although cost roughly the same in transfer fee as carroll will cost somewhere in the region of 30m more over the course of his contract in wages than carroll will and we simply cant afford that, we cant afford that because of the knock on it will have on other players salaries and creating a massive disparity in the wages of the squad, all of these things must be looked at other than just simply saying why didnt we get player X or Y… we tried to sign adam johson in january but city simply wouldnt sell. my point is that people are saying we are lacking creativity when it simply isnt true, we are lacking in finishing off the chances that are created, and that, sooner or later will come

  18. Jevon says:

    Everyones a fucking expert. Actually no youre not.
    Youre pathetic. Bullshit article sorry. youve lost the plot.
    Maybe its all this bullshit negativity affecting our luck that some of you are so effing good at.
    Shut the F up and support your team.
    Ill bet its the younger generation too, no f manners.

  19. Red says:

    Another spineless loser bleating about the manager. Let’s be clear about this as everyone at LFC has been including Kenny.

    After years of underinvestment and the asset stripping of the squad under Hicks & Gillet we are not yet in a postion to challenge for the title.

    Our objective this season is Champions League qualification and that won’t be easy against the Scum, Chelski, Arsenal and Spurs all of whom have stronger squads or greater resources than we do. That’s forgetting the second tier of clubs who are also pressing for CL qualification.

    Every year we have the same old jerk offs bleating about the f*cking league despite our limitaitons which anyone who takes an interest in LFC knows we’re not strong enough to challenge.

    Now, I don’t agree with everything the current administration at the club has done or the minutiae of tactics during any given match under Kenny.

    But I don’t go running around endlessly bleating like a f*cking spineless chicken every time results don’t go precisely the way I want them to.

    Get a life, grow up, get some spine, show some intelligence and loyalty to the club or f*ck off.

    Simple enough for you?

  20. Keith says:

    i think the fans should be held accountable for the awful atmosphere at Anfield on Saturday.

  21. Matt says:

    I think this is a very good article and some people need to wake up and see the bigger picture, 4 wins out of 9 is not camps league form its more like Europa cup if were lucky!!

  22. Neal says:

    I agree and disagree with the writer’s piece to a certain extent. Kenny Dalglish is a legend and doesn’t need any justification , however he shouldn’t be immune to criticism. We need a clinical striker to come in that can bang 20 goals in a season. We’ve not started excellently , but it’s an improvement at the end of the day … Author please judge kenny at the end of the season … Rome whasn’t built in a day … Look at Alex Ferguson.. What did he win in his first 2/3 years? Instability at a club helps no one. Judge kenny at the end of the season if we finnish lower than top 5 by all means call for his head , if not we’re moving in the right direction , we’re moving up!

  23. here come the boo boys says:

    Why aren’t we top of the table! sack Dalglish! Why aren’t we City? Sack the new owners! Why aren’t I managing Liverpool when I’ve won 245 games of CL manager in a ro1?

    • john says:

      typical LFC fan, excepting poor standards, fans like you are the reason that we will not win the league

  24. Neal says:

    And bring back rafa with the title of “tactitian coach” haha

    • gabriel slovakia says:

      raf is tacticly 10 times better than kenny.wake up

      • J Carvalho says:

        spot on Mate! And after 9 games we are 10 points behind the leaders.By my calculations we will finish the season on about 62 points.A BIG diff from 82 points Rafa’s days.Never had 100 mil to spend in 1 go.Adam better than Meirelles you are having a laugh.And yes us the fans we know a little bit about football.Meirelles fan’s player of the year last season.Suarez will b gone in Jan 2012.YNWA

        • richard says:

          is that the same Rafa that chose to sign 100 players he had the cash to sign masch reina torres and co and took us to 2nd then 7th thats below our 6th of last season. as for your calculations we will not improve at all through the season good fan you are

          • SK says:

            The Rafa who wants money to buy Alves, but was not given the cash.

            The same Rafa who has to buy and sell to make profits, in order to buy more.

            The same Rafa who had to sell Bellamy and Crouch in order to get the money to buy Torres

            The Rafa who had made a profit on Alonso for 20m… for some player who publically stated he wanted to leave LFC for Real Madrid.

            The same Rafa who only had 1 bad season (7th) but continuous to put lFC on the map of europe, with a high European ranking…

            The same Rafa who donated 96,000 pounds for hillborough

            The same Rafa who orchestrated the demolition of Man Utd and Real Madrid in the same week..

            The same Rafa who was forced to sell by those 2 cowboys before he could buy.

      • Michael says:

        and did he, this tactical genius manage to win the league?



  25. Chipdayz says:

    Yo mate, this chipdayz…y’all know me from the kop. I really feel you man. These suckers have made kk a “god” that he is not doing nothing considering how much money he waisted and how much hope we had in him. He dont know good selections and good players…Y’all should let him know that this is 2011 not the 80’s. Anyway, i said and i will say it again…kk will be sacked!!!!!! KK shouldnt have treated meireles and aquilani like that. It was obviouse he dont know quality and now those ‘Suckers” (adams,henderson,downing,carroll) will make sure he gets fired!!!!!!!!

    • Dk says:

      Yo moron, what d’ya know bout quality player you idiot!

      • Chipdayz says:

        At least i know you are gabbage and that you are a fun of kk (you must be a carrol fun too) not liverpool and you are english as well!hahahahaha

        • Wembo says:

          What’s a fun? You gimp! Pi$$ off and ‘support’ someone else

          • chipdayz says:

            Wembo! What kinna name is that? You obviousely a kk worshipper. You fools better wake up your king before it’s too late…How much longer does he have to prove that he(kk) is not so clever as you made him to be…hope y’all fools do not call him(kk) a sucker when he finnally brings us to the bottom!!!!

    • richard says:

      i think someone has overdosed on A Team reruns fool suckers… whats that all about.
      Kenny Dalglish is a good manager but will need time to sort out our team Carroll only scored about 4 less than rooney last season so how could kenny of been wrong to buy him how could kenny know that he would not settle? its easy to say just play him but there are other strikers also fighting for a spot in the 11 should he just dismiss them because Carroll scored 1 goal ..i don’t think so. Just remember one thing once Kenny sorted out his first 11 last time in charge we played the best football in out history. but he needs time to get it right

    • Red Scouse says:

      Yeah Chipdayz, we all know you from the KOP. You are the moron who keeps getting banned for being a complete prick…. Jog on you septic nonce..

  26. Leighton lfc says:

    John is right on all accounts and the article is spot on….. when I heard the starting line up I was puzzled by Kenny’s team selection but to be totally honest its not only about the team he put out because they should have been able to brush aside newly promoted Norwich….. its fucking Norwich wtf

  27. Jevon says:

    what a load of crap some of you can spout omg

  28. badnews says:

    carrol needing more time? what will we say if morgan, sterling,
    suso or coady were on the pitch?
    what was the purpose of buying
    english? so they settle in immediately.
    did suarez need time to settle? no.
    he was banging in goals since he came.
    fact is we wasted money on crap.
    january cant come soon enough.
    the author is simply saying kenny
    got it wrong with his purchases.
    if we dont criticize he might
    buy TITUS BRAMBLE next time in the
    name of buying english epl marko marin,
    eriksen or kagawa khedira or
    m villa and damiao or lavezzi.
    other than we will still be
    debating about this 6 seasons
    from now and mans would hav
    won 4 more titles. its a sad thought.

  29. NeverWalkAlone says:

    Why all this talk about justification on KD qualities as a manager? The sweetness of success is the hard work put in to beomming legends. Any fan who knows the times before Highway, Toshack, Keegan etc etc know not all things went Liverpools way and what god given right have you to order success? Liverpool are a long way from once glories, but stand by your TEAM and support them when needed most, not when we are winning titles!!! NWA

  30. Mo says:

    I agree is KD fault Carrol hasnt score for a while he kept on playing him until he breaks his dock against everton the next game he didnt feature and against norwich came on 5min to go when we really needed a goal KD has lost it this is not 1980 is 2011 football has move on and he is just busy playing with his toy in henderson, downing and co I will be glad when we get rid of him asap after spending that hugh sum of money what is least is 4th place finish I cant see us getting the as long as he is the manager YNWA

  31. Mo says:

    No he is not getting it right I bet you a million we are going to drop another 3ponts on saturday thats when the blid supporter of KD will wake up to reality that he is not the right guy for the club YNWA

  32. SQ says:

    Just to chip in with some points… tomkins brought up the issue of clinicality…and makes me think, the whole grand plan for this season is faltering a bit as Andy Caroll is severely underperforming? Im of the opinion that the new players, Suarez -great, enrique-great, downing-good, henderson- talented and got ability but no confidence yet, adam- good lacks pace, caroll…as above. Thats the missing piece i think. and to make matters worse, its probably the most impt position, a prolific goal scorer. Im guessing Mr Henry hinted that, caroll was a big gamble…think about it, which club ever paid $35 mill for a rookie? Never, never been done before. So, i think the management are starting to realise this and are in abit of a bind….how do they fix this problem? Also, the British policy i feel was flawed. Dont get me wrong, i think the new players we have, got ability, but mainly bought so there were no dressing room divisions. hey, players wanna be happy too, but to what expense?Im a bit dissapointed that ard 100mill spent and we havent made that leap to the next level yet. Anyway, I support this team all the way…ive supported lfc for too long so this season is no different.

  33. MB says:

    I think KK is still experimenting with his team but as an amateur I agree that Caroll shd have played not Kuyt as though he works hard and tries hard he still does nothing much in the end. Caroll is always a big presence to disturb defenders and allow space for Suarez and he is a good header and we didnt have a single one to take the excellent crosses. Yes Kelly shd have played not Johnson, he was no good and the goal was his fault, Agger shd have come in not Skertel and plse let us start playing Coates – he was young player fo the Copa America and needs to play to become part of the defence. KK must not be scared to play young ones. Yes we have been unlucky and the keepers have made fantastic saves but the selection was not correct. Maybe KK has realised – Caroll is young, needs to play and he will get better.

  34. oyyouidiots says:

    caroll has not even had a run of games yet you idiots

    kenny obviously does not want to play a non match fit player although with the benefit of hindsight i think he should have definately started instead of kuyt at the weekend

  35. MICKEY says:


  36. Browny says:

    What a c unit! 29 shots…that’s one every 3 minutes. Hardly kennys fault.

  37. William says:

    He may be KK but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have an opinion. We have fallen behind over the past 2 seasons and have spent alot of money to try and catch up, but lets be honest some of the new players are worst than the ones we have let go!

    Obviously players leave for different reasons but we havent bought players who will take us to the next level, we just havent!

    Suarez and Enrique aside we havent improved.

    Carroll, adams, henderson and Downing wernt wanted by any of the title chasers. Why?

    We all know why.

    Wake up and smell the coffee. our money has been used badly.

    • SK says:

      Spurs and United wanted Adam..

      Downning was Villa’s best player last season, not Ashley Young

      Carroll was scoring freely for Newcastle before he joined us

      Same for Henderson for Sunderland. Man Utd was after him at one point as well..

      The problem was not bout the players, but about the tactics. 4-4-2 is out dated.

  38. RHudgens says:

    What frustrates me about Dalglish is he starts Carragher and Skrtel together-both are slow and offer absolutely nothing offensively. Johnson showed his defensive frailties once again. Why is Adam starting? Unless he is taking free kicks, he does not do much. With Gerrard in the line-up now, Adam’s best attributes will not be displayed. I am frustrated that we absolutely stink in the final third of the pitch. Either play Carroll and Suarez up front or Kuyt and Suarez up front and Bellamy and Downing or Henderson on the wings. I agree that when Norwich tied the game Kenny did nothing. It seems like every Liverpool manager is afraid to roll the dice by making needed substitutions. Giving Carroll less than 10 minutes does not work. Subs can’t be expected to produce when only allotted 10 or so minutes. Finally, let’s face facts: despite the way the team has played, they have had gilt-edged chances. Henderson and Carroll miss wide open headers; Skrtel greets the Kop with a horrendous attempt in front of goal. Liverpool should easily have at least four more points.

    • SK says:

      You can’t blame Johnson alone for the goal scored by Holt…
      Its a serial flow of mistakes starting from Adam who lost the ball from midfield. With Lucas suspended, there was no one to protect the back 4….. and with Gerrard so far up on the field, Adam lazy to track back… what do you think Glen could do, against someone substituted in to lead an aerial attack on us?

  39. RHudgens says:

    For the past few seasons, we have been victimized by set-pieces in key situations. Well, we have a few tall players in the squad like Kelly and Agger who must be used. If I am an opposing team at Anfield, I patiently wait for a corner or set-piece and score. Same old, Same old. Holt should not have scored.

    • SK says:

      For the past few seasons, we have been using Zonal marking by Rafa… we are one of the top clubs who conceded least from set pieces. Check the facts.

      This season, we switched to man marking I think under kenny…

  40. Gab says:

    Well, there is a difference between what the manager can change and what he can’t. I actually think the real situation is somewhere in the middle of your points. Apart from Tottenham, and considering the number of players who have joined and the injury to Gerrard, The Copa America and Carroll not looking 100% fit for most of the season, I don’t think anyone can criticise creating 29 chances in a game. Our play has improved since last January, anyone who can’t see that is watching different games. But I do think that moving on Meireles and Aqualani was in our control and both decisions were a mistake. Carragher’s lack of pace is there for all to see now and we defend a lot deeper because we have 3 fairly quick defenders and one extremely slow one. Enrique, Kelly and co will be better if they are allowed to defend further up the pitch and not have to adapt to Carragher’s last ditch style of defending because we have to sit slightly deeper to make up for his lack of pace. If we sat slightly higher up the pitch, we would create even more chances and have more possession because, with the exception of Adam, we have a fairly energetic midfield and two dynamos, in Kuyt and Suarez, up top. But there is plenty of the season to go and we can still improve a lot.

    • SK says:

      My first choice Centre defenders : Agger and Kelly
      Glen Johnson can keep his right back, and Enrique in the left. Carra should just go behind the scenes, to be a coach in the academy or something.

      Then… we can reduce greatly the hoofings..

  41. SK says:

    Check the abuses that Rafa received during his tenure as LFC Manager:

    1) Using Zonal Marking instead of man marking
    – This, despite LFC having one of the best defense in the league and one of the meanest defense in Europe. Compare this to the current one, leaking goals from all over the place. Reina must be fecking pissed off with the current defense methodology. Compare this unfair blame with KK’s

    2) Making late substituition until its too late to change anything.
    _ Rafa always got slated for making late substituition, sometimes as late as 80 minutes.. But those are meaningful subs. Check Champs league final in 2005, or the famous “Lucas for Gerrard” in the Merseyside Derby… Compare it with KK’s

    3) Boring boring tactics..
    This… despite us scoring goals for fun.. with Torres on fire with gerrard beside him. Yes, Rafa figured that Gerrard’s best position is in the hole, and not in the centre midfield. because Stevie is not tactically aware enough.

    4) Spend millions on 100 players vs spend 100m in a season.
    Rafa has to wheel and deal.. meaning to buy cheaper players because he was not given enough cash to buy better players. He has to perform “upgrades” by selling the existing players for players who are better (but not the best) but are within the price range, using the peanut budget given to him by the 2 cowboys. while KK has been given a 100m warchest to buy players he want.

    5) The Rant
    At least rafa was talking fact… and the fact that LFC accumulated more points/game after the rant than before the rant. Check it. very seldom you see rafa moaning about referee decision. Everytime will be ” he will concentrate and improve the team for the next game” Typical Rafa press…

    6) OOhh… nvr won the league, so Rafa is crap?
    – Who knew if rafa was given the treasure chest that kenny had, he could win the league many times over. If rafa had the supportive owners that kenny has, who would have known what happened?

    I only blame Rafa for one thing…

    His Goatee…………….

  42. ashfah says:

    Give KK some time to get the best combination. He is not infalliable.

  43. HD says:

    my only critic to KK, why he made the sub so very late in game. but its only 9 games ffs, give the team times. we still work in progres. and if you think KK has past it, you’re wrong.

  44. David Lowe says:

    We are nine games into the season and when you consider where we were last season at the same stage, losing to Blackpool at home etc, everyone was shouting for King Kenny then.
    The problem is that everybody is a manager these days and yes we all have opinions but Kenny has galvanised the team and brought in some good players.
    My message is clear….give him and the team a break and have some trust, he knows what Liverpool is all about and given time so will anybody that he signs or has been at Anfield for some time but never actually realised.
    This is not football manager and Kenny cannot switch off and start again if things go wrong and to my mind nothing has gone wrong since he has come back.

  45. Kaymatic says:

    Come someone remind me the last time it was acceptbale to mention LFC in the same article as Barca(they now seem a decade ahead). Lets put our Egos aside and BRING BACK RAFA!!!!!!

  46. Bren says:

    I have been a liverpool fan for almost 40 years, one of the reasons I love liverpool was watching KD play. I am a fan of KK both as a player and manager.

    The problem I have is I dont mind if we are behind and dropping points if we can see the team progressing over time.

    Kenny did a good job when he came in and the way we beat Man U was fantastic and the score should have been bigger.

    The problem I have is who is signing the players and selling them. I may be wrong but when liverpool pay between 16 and 20 M for a guy I have not even heard of I was worried. They say he has potential, well for that money I would want to at least have heard of the guy.

    Andy Caroll is a strange one, I thought he was a perfect buy even if 10 to 15 m overpriced. I thinough the statement from our director of football was strange at the time, the And C fee determined the Torress fee, well if I was there there would be no correlation, I would have looked for 50M for Torres and offered 20M for Carrol and sold and not bouth under those terms.

    I feel we have sepnt a good deal of money but regressed, selling a foreign player , Merilles who had setteled and proved himeslf to be a first 11 was a huge mistake and it was a liverpool decision no matter how it os dressed up.

    We had a lowely flowing to our game second haldf of last year and the players bought in have not improved the team apart from JE at left back.

    Now will CA, SD, improve much at their ago, I dont think so, are they better then what we had, I dont think so, Maxi was part of that flowing formation and scoring as was Merellis.

    The money could have been better spent, JE and CB are good signing’s.

    We made a mistake in sellin XA and the same mistake was reperated in selling RM.

    I was wrong about Bale , though he was a waste of space and put Henderson in the same bracket, while Bale had a good season is he going back thsi year. I hope that Hendersen truns into something but I have my doubts.

    The other thing is that in some years great players are available and this summer some of the best were, Mata should have been bought instead of Dowling. Look at Aguaro , I would have spent the 50M on his transfer and wages and kept the team of last year.

    Might be time to move Kelly to center back with Aggar too, JE at left back and GJ at right back. This back line would have more pace and could push the play up the pich and I think Kelly is very good at reading the game.

    Maxi left, lucas and gerrard center, dowling right DK and LS up front.

    The point here is most of these players were here before the summer, and we let a very good one go.

    Still I stand by Kenny and respect his achoevements and ability to transform, though I have concerns over the transfers and who is actually responsible for them.

  47. redz says:

    your full of shit man, its not kk fault if certain players cant finish off good chances,why dont u blame suarez and kyrt they missed plenty of chances not kk,

  48. Baz says:

    This site is funny. YNWA.

  49. Rick says:

    We’ve played nine games… nine games…. NINE GAMES.
    After NINE GAMES, the manager is the issue….
    Kenny turned down our fortunes last season, and this season We started SO FAR BETTER THAN LAST SEASON.
    If the team play good football and the team create many chances that means that the new guys are not doing so bad!!!!!!!!!!!
    Give some time to the guys and in particular SHOW SOME SUPPORT, PASSION AND ESPECIALLY “LOVE”, “TRUE LOVE”, FOR THE CLUB, THE MANAGER AND THE GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Paul Liverpool says:

    A team full of new players takes time to gel, I’m a season ticket holder of many years and have played and watched enough football to know this. When it clicks the results will come. Can’t stand reactionary articles like this. Get a grip John and grow up you blert. That performance in the first half was some of the best football I’ve seen in twenty years. It’s coming together.

    • john says:

      season ticket holder my arse, you are wasting your money if you are, you know nothing, performance in first half the best you have seen in 20 years what a statement hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha the same twenty years that we have not won the league, great staement Paul you have made yourself look a right twat.

      • Paul Liverpool says:

        Listen John aka Gobshite. Had a season ticket since 84-85. Half way through the double season 85-86 we were miles behind everton, knobheads like you calling for the mangers head. 5 months later champions. Hold your horses. Doesn’t matter how much you spend on a team still needs time to gel. Real Madrid galactico’s won virtually nothing. Your living in the past thinking we should suddenly be winning consistently
        when Souness tore the team apart 20 years ago.

      • richard says:

        blame kenny for the 2 goals suarez just smashed past stoke you fucking joke of a fan

    • Rick says:


  51. Matt says:

    You are spot on with what you said about Rafa!
    I would have him back tomorrow

  52. Rick says:

    It wasn’t an honeymoon with Rafa…
    Stop with these blatants & deluded nostalgic amarcord and show some LOVE for the CLUB.

  53. Joy says:

    Kenny needs to buy a top quality striker, a right winger and a CB,Skrtel is not very reliable and Agger is injury prone with Carra ageing.Our midfield too isn’t as good as it used to be, Gerrard has only returned from a long time injury, while the likes of Mereiles and Aquilani who had class and could turn a game around have been shipped out.Downing has been a decent performer but not outstanding and equally bad are our attackers they are doing all but not doing what matters in the end that is score goals,its difficult to say that’s bad luck or bad performance may be little bit of both.We need someone who can play like Torres did.Suarez is good but a different type of a player good at creating opportunities for others than scoring himself.I hope Mr. Henry is generous enough in Jan to let Kenny spend and Kenny should make quality signings coz hes been spendng heavily on players for the future and we want to be in the CL next season .

  54. Willmott82 says:

    Hang on so the side that dominated and should have beaten Utd last week are now suddenly rubbish as we drew with Norwich.

    Judge at the end of the season and when this group of players has had time to work and play together. Lets not forget Gerrard has hardly played with some of this team.

  55. Steve says:

    Absolute knee jerking garbage.

    Do you even remember where we were this time last year.

    You’ll regret this post soon enough.

    I’m embarrassed your actually a Liverpool fan!

    Where’s common sence nowadays?!?!?

  56. Ben liverpool says:

    I thought we were a bit unlucky. however, I am extremely unsatisfied with the back line- also reina has not been his normal self thus far. we’ve recorded only 2 clean sheets- a good one against everton, and one against an arsenal team that had everything against them that day.

    The season will be a disappointment if we don’t finish top four. With the owner saying top four is a must and with stevie and other players constantly saying how important a top four finish is, it’s almost got the fans expecting it to happen.

  57. pooloflife says:

    nine games !!!! new team ! in the mix , early days ….just think of 12 months ago. give the man time !!!???