Date:19th October 2011 at 10:42am
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Liverpool FC have been searching for a new stadium for many, many years. Rick Moores’ principle reason for selling the club was because he could simply not afford to fund the move. Fast forward four years, and Liverpool are still no closer to moving out of Anfield.

Whilst Tom Werner has recently said that a groundshare with Everton is not an option, it is ludicrous that two clubs no more than a mile apart, both of whom are desperate to expand the capacity of their stadium, are not even considering the possibility of building a mutual home.

Stanley Park, the ideal situation for such a stadium, lies perfectly in the middle of Anfield and Goodison Park, two grounds which are desperately outdated when compared to the Emirates Stadium and Wembley.

Understandably, many fans of both teams would fervently reject the idea, not wishing to share their ‘home’ with a rival. The history of Anfield is revered worldwide and perhaps sharing a stadium with Everton, who themselves have an illustrious history, would jeopardise this.

Nonetheless, teams across Europe have adopted a shared system to great effect. Inter Milan and AC Milan both occupy the San Siro, a sensational ground that annually hosts huge European nights. Likewise, Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich both play at the Allianz Arena in Germany.

If both Merseyside teams were to pump money into the project, companies would also see it as a better business plan to endorse the stadium with their name, due to the increased exposure they would gain by two teams playing in the stadium.

As divisive as it is, sharing a stadium with Everton is attainable and would solve a problem which has plagued both clubs for far too long.