Why Ian Ayre is right and everyone else is wrong!

Wanting a larger slice of international TV revenue because of the hard work, popularity and marketing efforts of a bigger footballing institution? Give me a break Mr Whelan!

A lot of English League clubs are poorly run and are in massive debt (Portsmouth in their relegation season, Everton and very recently Liverpool itself come to mind) and the bigger clubs have to sacrifice for the greater good. I do not think Ian Eyre is saying give the smaller clubs a smaller slice to get rid of them. I think he is saying let the bigger clubs do their own thing to progress themselves internationally. I could be wrong with my interpretation.

Surely most people will agree that this is a better long term way of running the club than pumping millions from the owners pockets just like City, Chelsea and ourselves to some extent? Its a self sustaining way of generating real revenue.


The playing field in modern football has never been level despite what the general media and certain mangers will have you believe.Thats why a general “Top Four” has existed for many years. Manchester United and Chelsea have dominated the EPL for the last 6 seasons. So arguing about the spirit of football, socialism and uncompetive-ness yada yada yada doesn’t hold water with me. It probably will not happen soon because of the need for 14 out of 20 teams to vote in favour of it.

Feel free to disagree but I think what Eyre and Werner are saying makes sense and with the global fanbase that supports Liverpool FC, we could become a real superpower once again.


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