Date: 10th October 2011 at 10:00pm
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Steven Gerrard, a man who has been one of Liverpool’s key players for the past decade, is finally back in the first team. After six months out due to injury, Gerrard recently made his return as a substitute in the League Cup clash with Brighton & Hove Albion, before further encouraging cameo appearances against Wolves and Everton.

There is no doubt that his return is a huge boost to Liverpool FC. However, it does throw up some intriguing questions. Where will he play? Who will make way for him? Since Kenny Dalglish’s return to Anfield as manager, Gerrard has been available for eight times, and now the boss has some decisions to make.

In recent years, Gerrard was a fixture in the team playing off the front man, for many years supporting Fernando Torres. This was part of a 4-2-3-1 formation that Rafa Benitez stuck to almost religiously. Nowadays, Liverpool are much more tactically versatile, and have much greater strength in depth. Towards the back end of last season, and at the beginning of this, the Reds have been playing 4-4-2, with Lucas Leiva and Charlie Adam occupying the centre of midfield, where Gerrard is most likely to fit in.

Lucas is the more established player, and perhaps compliments Gerrard’s style of play better. He also has much more experience playing alongside him, so it may be that at first the Liverpool skipper is brought in at the expense of Adam. Another possible option would be to take out one of the strikers, and have Gerrard playing just behind one man up front. At the moment, Luis Suarez is in ‘un-droppable’ form, which would mean that Andy Carroll would be demoted to the bench.

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17 responses to “Where Gerrard is going to play now that he is fit”

  1. chambers says:

    In place of the idiot Adam that’s where!

    • bobbiDanger says:

      you are a dick and no fan of this club.

      but, charlie and gerrard can play together or substitute one an other off the pitch, either way it will be great fun to observe.

      you fucking dick.

      • GMK says:

        yeah u fucking dick, chambers
        stop being a foolish fool and earn some respect otherwise I’ll come an d shove som………….

  2. Akash @ Super Star FC says:

    Centre Attacking Midfield

  3. I can’t wait for the game. I hope gerrard starts too as part of a midfield 3 or as an attacking right midfield.

  4. Mikearms says:

    Since we are at home I expect an all out attack from the first whistle, we can shore things up late on in the game.
    Playing 4-3-3 would give us the attacking impetus and give us lots of options late on if required.
    Kelly Carra Skrtel Enrique
    Kuyt Gerrard Downing
    Bellamy Carrol Suarez.
    Once we have frightened the mancs to death and are 3-0 up we can then rest Gerrard and resort back to a 4-4-2 with Lucas & Adam coming on and one of the front 3 joining Gerrard.
    It’s ambitious but if you play defensive against United it inevitably fails as they always get a jammy goal in the 90th minute.

  5. oz red says:

    starting xi

    kelly carra agger enrique
    kuyt gerrard lucas downing
    carroll suarez
    subs: bellamy maxi adam hendo johnson coates doni.

  6. jassu says:

    In order to defeat M United. The Liverpool team must be like this.

    Surez Kuyt
    Ballmey Lucas Gerrard Downing
    Enrique Aggar Carra Shelvey(Jhonson)

    Bench : Carrol, Henderson, Maxi, Skertal, Quotes and DOni

  7. Chessie says:

    this is the killer
    Kelly Carra Agger Enrique
    Lucas Adams
    Gerrard Suarez Downing


  8. shark says:

    kelly, skrtel, carrager, enrique
    gerrard, lucas, adam(kuyt)
    bellamy, suarez, downing.

    And the you win the league. Simple!

  9. Chessie says:

    Man U wont compete with this!
    Kelly Carra Agger Enrique
    Lucas Adams
    Gerrard Suarez Downing
    only for the weekend game.

  10. jassu says:

    Not at all

    This is not a ordinary match. This is the most important match of the league. therefore, there is no place for any emotion or prejudice. the team must be like that

    Kelley Carra Aggar Enrique
    Downing Gerrard Henderson (Lucas) Ballmey
    Kuyt Surez

    Ballmey is a vary important factor in the team. He is vary fast having skill he can shattered MU defence as we seen against everton. Enrique and Ballmey Combination is fatel on the left. on the right it is downing supported by kelley as right wing is a natural place of downing therefore, whenever a player play at his natural place produce is best. Surez and Kuyt must attack supported by Gerrard and Handerson from just behind. If we want to play fast attacking liverpool typee game than henderson otherwise, lucas. I think this would be a deadly combination to counter the MU any prejudice at this level will definately harm liverpool.

  11. my best 11 4 the reds agaisnt those horrible red bastards down the east lancs rd….. pepe,back four… kelly , sir jamie,dodgy skertl,the best signing of 2011 enrique,…midfield downing.sir stevie gerro..most improved player but so dont like him lucas…kuyt… up front…big andy carroll…and the magican little luis…..

  12. kagutsuti says:

    Kelly Carra Agger Enrique
    Kuyt Gerrard Downing

    With Carrol giving space, suarez and gerrard can shoot and score more easily

  13. RedHeart says:

    In place of Charlie Adam

    Watched him in Euro qualifier last night. He is just too slow.

  14. James says:

    Kelly Carra Agger Enrique
    bellamy Stevo Lucas Downing

    We gonna give ourselves a great chance of taking 3 points with this team.

  15. Collekrix says:

    kelly, cara, sketel, enrique
    downing, gerrard, bellamy
    Nani and young have to be neutralized, with kelly, downing and enrique, bellamy nani and young will not be problem. Lucas will take care of anderson and cleverly with the help gerrad. Is another 3-1 lost for man united