Date: 26th September 2011 at 10:34am
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Liverpool were holding on towards the end of the game on Saturday against Wolves and with 10 minutes to go, Kenny Dalglish decides to call upon Steven Gerrard off the bench to replace Luis Suarez. I was shocked to see Suarez being taken off the field at that stage but Kenny had his reasons.

Suarez was visibly frustrated at being taken off as he kicked a water bottle as he walked to the bench and then sat with a glum face for the remaining period of the game.

No player likes to be taken off the field, especially when the game is still on a knife edge. I would have rather seen Carroll coming off than Suarez but Dalglish has not even spoken out Suarez’s tantrum at being substituted. Dalglish simply said after the game, “Luis has been outstanding since he came to the football club, not just on the pitch but off it as well. We are very fortunate to have him.

“We look forward to many more happy days with him here because he’s a fantastic footballer.”

Do you think that Suarez was right to react the way he did? Did Dalglish do the right thing by taking Suarez off?


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  1. Sharn says:

    It wasn’t right for him to take Suarez off. He is fashioning a wip for his own back side! Y start Carroll in the first place? Is he trying to justify Andy’s price tag? I believe so! Surely Suarez is their best player at present, when Bellamy plays upfront with Suarez, there’s brilliant movement, aggression and passion going forward! Don’t get me wrong, Andy will get there, but he needs to perform first. Show that you are able to lead the attack upfront! if this continues,I will not be surprise come January and Saurez wants to leave!

    • Chan says:

      Can blame Suarez. Would you be happy to be substituted ahead of a donkey? And one that cost 13 mill more than you but does pratically nothing but stroll around the pitch in comparison?


    Substituting a player is normal therefore Suarez was not right to react in such manner.

  3. paulc says:

    yes,cos kennys always taking him off.ok protect him.let him take crowds plaudits whatever.but k.d is gona damage their relationship.and suarez enthusiasm.part at end where stevie had no option upfront,when wolves defence split.suarez most likely wouldve made it 3 and game over sooner.and when the likes of adam gets kept on!

    • Genious says:

      I think what Danglish did was not right by substituting suarez it shows that he is playing players according to the amount they are being bought.i fear he will leave.

  4. Livmad says:

    Dalglish was wrong to replace Suarez, instead, should has replaced Lucas “the squad player”. With Lucas playing every game, Liverpool has no spark in the midfield. No wonder all good player left.

    • lfcfanatik says:

      I second you on that…I don`t understand why all the managers keep playing him benitez hodgson the brazil manager and now kenny dalglish…What the heck! Now that gerrard is back he should take the place of lucas in central midfield together with adam. Gerrard is far capable of playing holding midfielder and at least he can score and provide some assits for his team mates unlike lucas. Now some of you naieve supporters may start crucifying me and telling me to go check lucas stats for last year before spouting nonsense but let me tell you something, lucas stats are misleading and those pundits singing praises for him are just fools. I just think that there is a whole soap opera surrounding lucas. The once disliked player who was forced to play out of position and despite all hardships managed to game after game progress and win over the fans by making this position his own and producing some outstanding performances there is indeed very “romantic” right?

      Here are the real stats for lucas:

      below is a list of the top ten players having made the most tackles in the league the previous season.

      name tackles made tackles lost Accuracy %
      1.Lucas 111 61 64.5
      2.Vaughan 104 37 73.8
      3.Parker 093 28 76.8
      4.Clichy 090 21 81.1
      5.Alcaraz 087 42 67.4
      6.Murphy 084 33 71.8
      7.Mulumbu 083 25 76.9
      8.Salgado 082 21 79.6
      9.Holden 081 36 69.2
      10.Kompany 080 80.0

      As you can see lucas tops the league for most tackles made. But does this make him the best defencive midfield in the league? If you still think he is check well. He on average lost 3 times more tackles than the others. Thats why his accuracy in tackling is the lowest in the above table with 64.5% only. And this was done with only the top ten players having won the most tackles in the league. If a complete analysis were to be made I`m sure that lucas would be in the top ten least accurate tacklers in the whole premier league.

      As you could all see Lucas is far from being the hero that everybody thinks he is. Making the most tackles in the league does not make you the “best” or the more “consistent” player in the squad especially if it is the only thing you can do. He should sit down and watch the better player steps in , our captain, steven gerrard! YNWA

      • Stan says:

        And what is it that Adam does other than being a dead ball specialist that makes him warrant a starting berth? He cant tackle , cant run , tries unrealstic passes , hes too slow , no defensive cover, no drive ..hes f…ing Sh.t..full stop

      • johnboy says:

        it tell’s you that all those manager’s who play/and have played know a lot more about football and player’s than you ever will.

      • magnumopus says:


        Everybody is wondering how these managers can not be as smart as you are?????????

      • dizo says:

        i think u dunkey shouldnt be on this site! coulkd u pls stay far away from here?

      • alex says:

        i tottaly agree with you i am a liverpool supporter since 1981 ,i dont beleive we have such a quality in midfield ,lucas isnt good enough to play for liverpool ,football in liverpool is not winning tackles ,it is scoring goals and creating chances ,and making assists ,were dose stand lucas in all this ,he is playing the destroying role and not the holding role ,please kenny wake up …..

    • charles says:

      I am afraid you do not understand the role Lucas plays in this current Liverpool team.

  5. Jevon says:

    Dalglish was this Dalglish was that – come off it people. Everyones a F expert…all of you wouldnt last 1 sec in Kenny’s shoes.

  6. granger phinjikah says:


  7. John Anumeh says:

    To me i wasn’t ok with suarez substitution i was hoping carroll will make way for Bellamy and steven Gerrald will come in for Adam i was suprise to see suarez out so to me it was not a good sub fom.

    • Steven says:

      I totally agree… Not to mention at half time take off Henderson and put Kuyt back in there!
      Also what are we doing with Carragher?
      He has lost the plot!!!

  8. ike says:

    suarez was right,he shud have remove caroll nd suarez was angry bcus he want to partner with gerrard

  9. Jon says:

    Rightly or wrongly, constantly substituting Suarez, together with his childish behaviour, is definitely going to cause a problem. His behaviour was disrespectful to KK, Stevie, his team mates & the fans. Unfortunately refusing to take a stand about it, does not reflect well on KK and makes him look weak. Personally I think you always play your strongest team & if someone gets injured you deal with it then rather than concentrating all your efforts on trying to keep players injury-free.

  10. Hampel obeng says:

    KD should know that lfc is not a feeder club to the other clubs. Lfc and her supporters wants to see trophies hence he should stop the preferential treatment thing he’s taken the club through.

  11. Nivster says:

    I think Suarez was angry because he’s been our most substituted player this season when he knows he’s one of the best in that team.

    I noticed it when he was subbed against Tottenham especially as he was one of a few that actually tried in that game. as he came off, he was nodding his head and then starting scratching it which seemed to me like sarcasm.

    He the most special player in our team and I can understand the need to rest him at times but hope this doesn’t make him switch again too soon. I don’t think Kenny was wrong in taking him off against Wolves as we were leading and only needed to close up the game.

    On a better note Andy Carroll played with a bit more passion against Wolves and was unlucky not to score – Maybe things will start to turn around for him.

  12. Ndebenkulu says:

    KK was wrong and he knows it! He bought Andy and Adam and is trying to justify their purchases. To kill off Wolves he should have taken off Carrol for Bellamy and Lucas G Force – this would have provided a more potent team with much more attack in mind. Carrol is not skillful nor blessed with pace, neither is Lucas. As fairly hopeless Henderson maybe, he is much quicker than either Carrol or Lucas. For me, i would rather have Henderson just in front of the central defenders with Downing, Adam, Gerard, Bellamy and Kuyt in it. Me thinks.

    • Stan says:

      Henderson in front of the defenders? To do what? He CANT tackle, hes too slow and hes too soft. If he was to be moved there that would be the nail in the coffin

      • jasbir says:

        If any defender come before henderson, I noticed instead of doging him his attitute is sending the ball back. He is just there to pass the time, It has to be a hell if anyone through ball toward him. He lack creativity, Strength, footballing sense and attitute. I failed to understand why he is playing football.

      • Red says:

        Spot on. he’s a liability to the team at the moment.

  13. moz says:

    KK probably brought suarez off to save him from injury, especially with the everton game coming up on saturday

  14. Teryima says:

    Dalglish was wrong for substituting Suarez when ÅCarroll was not active in the game. And as a matter of fact Dalglish should appologise to the club for wasting 35m òon some one can’t perform.

    • HarryStyman says:

      How can you say that Andy Carroll was not active in that game, he was one of the most active players on the field and was unlucky not to score, he is starting to show promise and this is very important for him, as he may know that idiots like you above, slate his good performances just as much as you slate his bad performances. As for Henderson, I think people need to realise that he is young, learning and playing out of position. He needs time and our support, and tbh, very few liverpool fans seem to be giving it, this means that every mistake he makes people pick up on and miss the good that he does, i bet that when he scored that great goal against bolton most of the fans said on here..’ he was lucky with the defleaction# or ‘well it wasnt right in the top corner’ they need to start showing that they are true liverpool fans…

      • Pete says:

        It may not be his fault he is played out of position but that reflects badly on KK who plays him ahead of Maxi,Bellamy and Kuyt who are all better in that wing role.
        If KK had no faith in those playing in that role why did he chose to totally ignore buying anyone for that role and buy Henderson to play him out of position?
        He maybe young but so are Sturridge, Wellbeck and even Aguero(6 games in England) but that doesn’t stop them playing well. I also the buy British policy was to target those who don’t need much time to adjust given they already know the premiership but we are now being asked to give them the same time that technically better and cheaper foreign players would have needed.
        I wonder what would happen if we don’t make the top 4 after spending over £110mln in 6 months and also team principal having stated top 4 is the minimum aim.

        • dizo says:

          and with the way kk is going right now…i dnt see lfc finishing at the top four at the end sorry but that is just the fact unless he change this way he is going now!

    • ggggman says:

      s…t head

  15. Teryima says:

    Dalglish was wrong for substituting Suarez when ÅCarroll was not active in the game. And as a matter of fact Dalglish should appologise to the club for wasting 35m òon some one who can’t perform.

  16. jon says:

    if he wants to rest suarez, then why does he play him in the c cup! against wolves, he should’ve stayed on. he prob would’ve scored again with stevie supplying. adam should’ve gone off. his lack of quality is beginning to show. and bellamy should’ve replaced andy at some point as well. we were only playing wolves! no need to close things up.
    kenny was clever in later publicly saying how wonderful suarez is!

  17. ArmchairLFCfan says:

    For someone watching the match on tv, Suarez was, to put it mildly, visibly upset. In fact he looked both angry and disgusted. It’s important for KK to find out why Suarez was unhappy and explain his decision to him before Suarez takes the drastic step and decides to leave as suggested by some of you.

  18. Red Barron says:

    The question of this thread was not whether it was right or wrong to substitute Suarez but whether HE was right to show his frustration. So the answer to both is yes and yes. Yes right to be substituted. Why? Because Kenny said so that’s why and he’s the manager and he had his reasons. Yes right to show frustration because frankly if a player is not frustrated at having to leave the pitch then i question his commitment. Suarez kicked a water bottle, big deal! To extrapolate from his sullen face that he would want to transfer in january only shows how little some fans know about the machinations of football in the real world! Suarez is very happy at Anfield and with the fans, he has said so many times. He is getting game time and getting goals. He is adored by the fans. If you think being pulled off ten minutes before the end of a game in which Stevie G makes his league return is gonna mess with his head then you are frankly a goal short of a hat-trick!

  19. lowey says:

    seen rooney do it at united before. great players want to play all the time. sir red nose unfortunatly knows wat hes doing (aswell as king kenny)
    just relax people, keep the beast hungry
    not to mention 3 points

  20. nkanyiso dube says:

    Suarez was wrong to react in that manner,i fully understand kk’s decision to leave caroll on the pitch.andy had a beta game on srtdy and kenny wanted to gv hm a chance of geting dat elusive 1st goal of the season so as to up hs confidence

    • Stan says:

      so then substitute that hack called Adam who provides nothing to the team. Its because of him that our defense is always under siege. Both Adam and Henderson have no defensive accountability and opposition teams just walk through our midfield like they are on a Sunday stroll. Their positioning is awful when they dont have the ball and this is only exacerbated by their lack of pace. This is the reason our defence has conceded so many goals. Its not the defenders its the 2 new purchasers that start week in week out regardless whether they perform or not. Kenny just trying to justify their purchase by playing them.

  21. Ynwa says:

    A big YES…………Henderson who so far is a wast and 20minutes Adam, should have been replaced, and definetly NOT your best player SUAREZ!!!

  22. phil07 says:

    these kind of petty comments responding to a petty ‘article’ do nothing but create division. was dalglish right to take suarez off ? yes, because he is the manager and you lot are not. try supporting the team, the manager, and the club, rather than imagining you know better lol. how these idiots continue to criticise lucas, who yet again was magnificent, absolutly beyond me. do any of you ever watch football? grow up or go back to kindergarten.

  23. HarryStyman says:

    Seriously people… you all need to lay off Charlie Adam, to those who all think that he doesn’t offer anything, you could check over the short-list for PFA player of the year last year, you aren’t true fans if you moan at a player who has been giving his all in every game this season, at least he is passionate.

  24. Ayodeji says:

    English coaches are known for their sentiments when it comes to their selections,I wonder y he substituted Suarez for Gerard,when there were unperforming players still on the pitch..I’m begining to doubt the competence of Dalgish.I dont know y he prefers to start Henderson ahead of Kuyt,is it bcos of d amount he paid?Rubbish!!!

  25. Azeez Adesunbo says:

    kenny dalglish was wrong to substitte swarez when carrol was there inactive and adam too he should have leave luis cos he said he feet to play 90 minutes on every game

  26. ShardeYNWALFC4EVER says:

    We need SG & LS to play together more & more, not sub one for the other. We have the game against manure coming up and Ugly Face will have all his bum -suckers wound up. Hopefully all the frustration of both these wonderful players will be taken out on Everton & then FULLY against manure

  27. Plez always subtitude at the right time not wen suarez blood is on fire kD.

  28. Davie says:

    It WAS wrong for KD to take of Suarez wasnt it? He shouldve taken of The lad from the TYNE. And we shouldve had the game sown up at halftime.

  29. mick says:

    Remember he played a full copa america lads….

    You dont wanna see him burnt out at christmas or a litle after because thats what will happen. He also came back one or two games earlier than expected .

    Class man but a maniac. He is fitter than every other player in the squad at the moment as he had no summer break really.

    So when he is banging in important goals come the end of the season.
    You will thank kenny then, Trust in the man that wore the shirt !!!!!!!!!

    Kenny is right . Keep him for the bigger occassions

    • Pete says:

      So you reckon the 9 minutes off from Saturday after being played in the Carling Cup were he could have been rested all makes up part of a plan to give him some rest?

  30. liverpoolred says:

    Carrol should have been the one taken of, Suarez was a wizard the wolves could not handle him, ok kenny replaced him the lad threw a wobbler we all do that, but dont we have the best striker in the prem ship
    ynwa Suarez the fans love ya

  31. Dan says:

    For those Lucas bashers the man comes here and is asked to switch from an attacking midfielder to a defensive one, he never moans and always gives 100%. If it wasn’t for him we would let twice as many. You cannot compare Lucas to other midfielders outside our club, compared to what we have in our team he is the best defensive midfielder. He also covers Adam who isn’t that great defensively and as for the stats if you have half a brain you would realise the more you tackle the likelihood his the worse you %age of success is likely to be in these cases where you are covering not for your own position but others as well

    • TroLLman says:

      It’s such a shame that you have to point out the obvious to some of our uneducated fans!

      Well said mate :))

  32. Simon says:

    I think Gerrard wants to play with Carroll, so Suarez was subbed.

  33. Declan says:

    Seriously, I shake my head at some of the drivel being spouted by some of our ‘fans’ over this issue. An absolute inability to see past our last result is insanely counter-productive to what we are trying to acheive as a club.

    On to a few key points.

    First – Lucas. A few people pointed out that the madness of all three of our previous managers in putting Lucas in as a regular starter. Considering he’s a regular in the Brazilian squad too, haven’t you numptys worked out that there is a reason vastly experienced managers think he is worthy of a starting place that could be beyond your armchair comprehension? (The tackle on Jarvis towards the end of the wolves game was class too)

    Secondly – Substituting Suarez. As Mick correctly stated, Suarez hasn’t had a real rest since last christmas when he got a bit hungry in the dutch league. There are a team of medicos/fitness experts at Anfield and it is laughable to think that they don’t talk to Kenny about the best way to manage players to avoid them burning out. I’d love to see suarez and gerrard link up (and we will as soon as Gerrard is good to start games again) but leaving Carroll on the pitch in Saturday’s scenario isn’t the worst decision in the world considering his aeriel ability both in hold up play and defence.

    To conclude this novel, I’d seriously urge all fans to think back to the past two season under Roy and Rafa (and those twits Hicks and Gillett) and try to keep some perspective about where we are and where we’re going… YNWA

  34. Mike Arms says:

    Why is Carrol being slated again? He worked very hard on Saturday and had a productive game. Suarez was taken off because he doesn’t stop working, he needs protecting from himself sometimes. He hasn’t had a real rest and he works his socks off every game, tiredness causes injury, an injured Suarez would not be welcome. I’m quite sure Kenny with all his experience knows what to do and how to do it.

  35. PakNdak says:

    It is easy for us to comment and to slate the managers, the players etc., since it is not our job to do it. KK is the one who has to make the decision for the betterment of the club. My question: Who is easier to be replaced if injured? AC or Suarez? What if AC had been taken out and Suarez got injured a minute after? Do you think KK did not enjoy the way Suarez play on Saturday? Man, you people are sick to say that KK only play British players. Who bought Suarez in the first place? I am not saying that fans cannot criticise the manager, but, please criticise constructively, not, blindly……

  36. TroLLman says:

    Of course KK was wrong and not for the first time!

    I was watching modorics belter against us and was shocked at the lack off effort by Adams to make a block on the shot

    He was like 5 yards away and Lucas around 8 yards and by time the shot was taken he was still in the same position, while Lucas was around 4yards away trying to make a block!

    Now I’m not saying Adams could have blocked the shot for sure… Because he never made an attempt unlike Lucas.

    In addition, For every 10 Hollywood balls he plays 9 go astray and 1 makes the target :/ that just is not good enough!

    Henderson… Well I’m sure I don’t need to point out how ineffective he is!

    I said before the Stoke game we wouldn’t win if he starts with either of those 2 an that’s exactly what happend!

    All this bull talk about KK and pass and move is rubbish… We still play as if Hodgson was in charge, but with Suarez in the team it masks alot of the flaws!

    Against Brighton we had 40% possession and at ANFIELD we allowed Wolves 51%?

    Is that some kind of joke?

    If we play the Mancs they will have 80% of possession at this rate :/

    It’s not on and if KK plans to start with henderson and Carroll we will not win !!

    Even though Carroll had a much better game, I’d rather Stevie played up top with Suarez!

    Also Kuyt must start!!!!!

    If he starts with those 2 on the bench we will rip Everton to shreds!!!

  37. Gitano says:

    I don’t see any reason why sluggish and inexperienced Hendersson should start in place of a more experienced and workaholic Kuyt. If Kuyt is taken out towards the end for Hendersson is will be understood not otherwise. Hendersson has no place in the starting lineup and this is and issue that should be looked into, facing a team like ManU or Mancity would be too dangerous. The Totenham game was an example. Kuyt should always start cos he links up well with Suarez and scores goals too.

    Carroll should be made to prove himself by coming in as a substitute for Bellamy. He still has a lot of work to do on his fitness and pace this season, if he does he will score goals no doubt.
    Maxi scored some brilliant goals for us last season and should be given a chance at some point, with the likes of Adam coming off for him.
    Don’t forget that players on the bench sees the loopholes better.

    Conclusively, experience and versatility is more important than PRICE TAG.

  38. Gitano says:

    You can see the Enrique – Downing combination, a Johnson – Gerrard or Johnson- Kuyt will be great too. Let’s wait for Powerful Stevie G and Glen Johnson to return to full fitness and see where that leaves us. I know Gerrard’s presence and passes will make Carroll work harder.

  39. Rango says:

    I think we should convert Carrol to a central defender!….well if he can’t put the ball into the net he is best to be in defence.Also all this bullshit about his arieal abilty would come good in defence woudn’t it?

  40. jasbir says:

    Surez was rightly furious. He was at his best and could score 1 or 2 more. Actually, from vary begaining kenny is letting him down. He never want to see anyone close to his reputation and cliber that’s why he is keeping gerrad away from the games. I think it will damage liverpool in long run. When Bhallmey is at his best and delivering than why carrol. Firstly train him properly and come on the standard than put him on the pitch. otherwise, he will there just to spoil the game of others without going to make any contribution. His one header is enough for kenny to praise him inorder to conceal his failure.

  41. anb says:

    Had Gerrard scored or made a decisive pass, we would all have applauded Dalglish. Had Wolves leveled up, we would have broken down on him. Personally I would have substituted Caroll who has done nothing at all to justify his place in the starting 11. However, I sure Dalglish knew what he was doing.

  42. Gary says:

    Suarez was looking tired and started to give the ball away, he’s had a tough summer with no break, Kennys just trying to keep him injury free for the whole season. Carrol needs to keep playing 90 mins because he’s getting his fitnes back and is starting to look better with each full game he plays.

  43. cedlz says:

    i think suarez reminds me of ribery as in too much energy passion and commitment. he does not kno how to pace himself and gain a bit of breadth.but playing is the best way to acknowledge his efforts.certainly not to always substitute for those who belittle lucas,they must have a grudge from 3years ago.

  44. Dave101 says:

    The vast majority of people commenting on here are idiots. Suarez is the only player who has played every game so far this season (outfield), he’s also the most substituted. The obvious reason for this is that kd obviously wants him playing in as close to all games as possible. Therefore instead of resting a key player for a whole game here and there he subs him after he’s already had an impact, and helped win us the game. Suarez ain’t superman, he can’t play every game without a rest without getting injured or losing form.

    Second point about this specific game is, generally, and tactically as a manager, when trying to see out a game under pressure you’d always look to leave the big target man on, as he is the focal point to hold the ball up and give a defines under pressure an easy target and outlet. So tactically speaking kd was right again. Carroll was also having a good game.

    Thirdly, if we can’t see out a 2-1 lead at home to wolves for 15 mins without one player (which we did) we don’t deserve to win anything this season, as we would be one poor team. As we did in fact see it out, what’s the big deal?? He’s one player and if he’s that petty (which I don’t think he is), to get annoyed to the point of wanting to leave, he obviously thinks he’s bigger than the club and we’d be better off taking the money for him anyway.

  45. Willmott82 says:

    Totally agree with Dave101. Suarez as some of you on here seem to have forgotten played in the Copa America this summer. This will eventually take its tole on Suarez hence why KD is trying to give him a rest towards the end of some games rather than pushing him too much and risk injury or burnout before the end of the season.

    • TroLLman says:

      Right your making total sense….

      How many times has messi been subbed this yr… Lol

      We have no European footy to worry about so he will be playing potentially 17 games less anyways!

      Suarez is 24 not 34…..

      So let’s not use pathetic excuses like that again…. As Many of us don’t agree and infact neither does Suarez!

      • Dave101 says:

        So you’re saying using sports science to give a player as much chance as possible to play in as many games a season is a pathetic excuse?? I think that’s called pure ignorance

        • TroLLman says:

          I Think Iv seen enough sports science and the buying players on stats for a lifetime thankyou….

          2-1 up at home in a game we have lost control of, with 10mins to go we take suarez off?

          Hmmm for some reason I don’t see fergie taking off Rooney in that situation!

          But what fergie or i know…

          We must be living in the dark ages then I guess.

          • Dave101 says:

            So you’re comparing yourself to SAF now? Unless you are actually him in disguise what a waste it is to football that you never made you’re way into football management

          • TroLLman says:

            Dave mate…. Erm did you have a point?

  46. brieftalk says:

    taking suarez off isn’t a bad idea…..dis guys are rough and he’s the only good player we have….don’t wanna risk a 10mins pleasure to ruin our season

  47. Mike says:

    well i think he was upset because he always wants to play to give everything no matter what the score is… he was pissed so what? it means he gives a f..k about the team… i wish all of our players could play with that kind of passion …

  48. Boss2 says:

    now that majority of u r bored with KK’s action(s)…y not just bring back Benitez since we’v got the money and the squad too now!!

    • TroLLman says:

      Do we really want Rafa back?

      Challenging for the title and European trophies again?
      Not to mention being feared and respected by all teAms Europe wide?

      No I’m quite happy trying to break into the 4 every yr instead and being a team of yesterday thank you!

      Finally my fellow fans have broken me into accepting we are no bigger than spurs in ambition… Just as most educated fans said would happen if Rafa left!

      And I’m not alone on this!

      Strange how the media loves us when we ain’t challenging for shit all!!

      All fans that wanted Rafa out must love current position….

      Well done guys!