Date: 26th September 2011 at 10:00pm
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Andy Carroll came close to scoring for Liverpool on Saturday against Wolves. He had one opportunity with a header that came off the bar and then towards the end of the game he had what I would like to term a ‘sitter’ he was through on goal and all he had to do was fire the shot with his left foot past the keeper but instead he tried to dance past the Wolves defenders and in the end failed to score.

Carroll should understand that playing with the ball at his feet is not his strong point, he should leave that to the likes of Suarez. Luis Enrique has come out and echoed my sentiments that Carroll did ‘too many tricks’ in the box and thus did not score. But our left-back is confident that Carroll will find the back of the net soon.

“Andy was unlucky not to score,” said Enrique. “Maybe he tried too many tricks with the chance at the end but I think next time he will score.

“Against Everton would be the perfect game for him to score.”

I certainly hope he does as we need him to be firing and we should not just be relying on Suarez to score for us.


14 responses to “Andy Carroll should have scored against Wolves”

  1. Bill says:

    Carroll is another Crouch, he couldn’t hit the side of a barn door, what a waste of money.

    • Simon says:

      Give me a break

      Carroll has immense physical strength, strong shooting, strong heading. All of which Crouch didn’t have

      So he’s a million miles ahead of Crouch to start with

  2. richard says:

    To be honest i think the so called fans have been far to critical of Andy (helped by writers who can’t leave the lad alone) he came injured and unfit he has started the season needing games to get his match fitness (which he has not really had yet) he is slowly starting to look like he gets Suarez and looking quicker by the game. give him a chance to step up to a much higher level team and he will start banging them in he was close last time he will get there and everyone will have to choke on their words or go and support the bitters down the road thats all the whingers deserve and that includes the writers.

  3. Jevon says:

    Hell come good.

  4. Adam says:

    As a site by and for fans, youd imagine the writers here would actually know the correct names of the players, i.e.

    Luis Enrique? Kind of irked me that a site called OurKop, does not even know the first name of our player of the season thus far. By the way his name is Jose Enrique.

  5. jasbir says:

    What Hell is going on. He is not going to Score. He don’t have the class and aptitute. I think Liverpool is again going to loose 3 point due to kennys insistance. For God shake include Kuyt, Ballamey and Gerrad in place of Carrol, Henderson and Adam and try to bring a solid centre back as soon as possible even on loan. otherwise, this stupid scartel is going to let us down again. Carra is no more youth. Please don’t include Carrol and Scartel at any rate if u want to secure 3 points in derby.

  6. Leebaba says:

    Lets just support this lad once mayb he’l nd it… Remember lucas wen he started now he’s our chief cornerstone

  7. don says:

    I thought he showed signs of being the player we bought but I’m still a little shocked at the amount of negativity on these sites, Carroll when he played for newcastle was a giant, who no defender in the league wanted to play against, were playing the blues on Sat and it reminds me of how when they had big Duncan playing for them our defence was always all over the place! I don’t believe for a second that he is now a worse player than he was and if anyone tries to say he’s just a big lump, then i suggest they take another look, he’s a really good player who has the potential to be a great player, so I for one agree with King Kenny, there may be times to leave him out for a more mobile replacement, (Bellamy/Kuyt)but most games I expect him to start and the Carroll/Suarez/Gerrard/Downing attacking combination to cause more and more problems for the opposition the more they play together.

  8. Carroll will start scoring soon and when he does he won’t stop!