Date: 22nd September 2011 at 10:00pm
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There are already some suggestions that Andy Carroll is unhappy with the amount of game time he is currently getting at Liverpool considering that he is fit. I find these reports and suggestions to be very silly as one can not come up with that conclusion so early on in the season. Yes, Carroll may not be playing well right now but we still have a long season ahead of us and how do we know that Carroll is not going to his a purple patch and start scoring goals?

Dirk Kuyt has looked good playing upfront with Luis Suarez so far this season and Craig Bellamy did well partnering Suarez against Brighton. The Suarez – Carroll partnership has not quite taken off but give it some time.

Kenny Dalglish has reiterated that Liverpool have a squad and not a team thus Andy Carroll will continue to feature for us this season.

“Andy is a professional footballer who understands what goes on in football,” said Dalglish. “He worked really hard at Tottenham. It was a bad performance and a bad day for us.

“We don’t have a team, we have a squad. There will be times when someone will play and others won’t. Sometimes you’ll be lucky and sometimes you’ll be unlucky.

“But the football club is more important than one individual, including myself. I’m sure the players realise that. Although there will be a disappointment if you aren’t playing, I think there’s an understanding as well.”


35 responses to “Why Andy Carroll should not be upset”

  1. richard mcgill says:

    Andy Carroll will start firing for us soon. i would imagine he will play at his best alongside Bellamy and learn from him. then given time and patience he will become an ideal foil for Suarez

    • Phil says:

      @Richard McGill
      Learn from Bellamy in order to play alongside Saurez? Who? Carroll? Wow.. what vivid imagination you have. Bellamy would sooner clubbed Carroll than to teach a DONKEY how to play football.

  2. Davie says:

    In football form is never certain.Leave Andy Carrol alone,the guys got a 35 million sqidley didley price tag on his head plus critism from every direction it only increases the pressure.Let him get on with his job and play well at LFC. Andy YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE.

  3. Kel says:

    A plodder is a plodder. He’s never going to be “firing”. He’ll be gone by the start of next season.

  4. Neil says:

    When we signed this guy i said to my mate “I bet this guy goes back to Newcastle next year for 6-7 million quid” Dont get me wrong, i will continue to support him and anyone else in a red shirt but deep down there’s something wrong here im afraid. YNWA

  5. Kopstar says:

    Waste of money will never come good no touch no movement no speed no nothing play better when he is not in the team waste of money would not of paid 35pence for him

  6. William says:

    Unfortunately he doesnt have any of the attributes required to fit in with the style we play.
    He now looks like a knee-jerk signing to keep us happy after the Torres sale.
    A £35M centre-forward should be the first name on the team sheet. He cost as much as Fabregas and Aguero. For me I would sooner start with Kuyt, Bellamy and Suarez.
    Personally I think we have to question Commoli’s role in our signings so far? I am not impressed with Carroll, Adams or Henderson. They just dont look like Liverpool players. Downing looks like could be decent signing & Coates hasnt had much game time yet. Very strong in the air, not sure how he would handle a smaller quick striker? Time will tell.

    • Chan says:

      You nail it there, cost as much as Fabregas and Aguero who are world class players. Are yo listening KD, DC?

      • Asheen Singh(South Africa) says:

        I agree totally with you guys, how can you pay those prices based on future potential. KD&DC seem to think football is about gambling, especially when you are playing with somebody else’s money, why buy proven talent?

      • seth says:

        Kun would never have come without CL football, and his wages are ridiculous; FSG would not pay them. But how about Mata? Anyone seen the boy play lately? Fit right into the english game and is consistently dangerous and creative. typical spanish midfielder; intelligent, can’t take the ball off him, makes killer passes and is a scoring threat. everything jordan henderson is not. there’s a chance that if we’d come right in early with a big offer for Mata telling him he’s key to our future, he’d be wearing a red shirt. Carroll improved v. wolves, a bit, so maybe there’s hope. dzeko took a while too.

  7. bleps says:

    It took Heskey some time to find his touch and the same happened with Crouch. Luis Suarez found his feet straight away and the fact that he has impressed from the start has only made Carroll look poor because he hasn’t. Their partnership hasn’t yet reached it’s full potential so it’s a little premature to label Carroll a dud. It will happen for Carroll just as it did for his predecessors. Time will tell.

    • Chan says:

      Crouch and Heskey, are they world class players? Where are they now? Do they cost 35 mill?

      • bleps says:

        I’m just trying to make an analogy and considering Heskey and Crouch both played for England it seems the manager thought they were world class. Everyone knows how stupid transfer fees have gotten nowadays. 11 million for Heskey in 2001 was a club record signing at the time just as 35 million for Carroll is a club record signing a decade later. Both Heskey and Crouch did have their best years while at Liverpool. Who’s to say Carroll’s fortunes won’t follow a similar path?

    • Terror says:

      ‘It took Heskey some time to find his touch’ That clown never found his touch!!!! Mind you the rest of your comment I agree with.

  8. Mike says:

    Caroll needs to stop this drinking lark and be more professional, kenny will defend him to the end, but it will be to no avail unless the lad shows REAL commitment. No partying , no heavy drinking sessions.
    One thing that really got my back up was in the summer when he went away on holiday with Wayne Rooney …., that twat hates Liverpool FC and is certainly not the person he should be hanging around with due to his reputation.
    Caroll has already failed at LFC and isn’t even prepared to fight for a place in the team. I told him on Twitter that he is wrong to go on holiday with Rooney as Liverpool fans hate him. But he blocked me fir saying that.
    Caroll has done NOTHING this season to warrant a place in the first team he looks slow lazy and no first touch. He is not LFC because of this.
    It’s a shame really because if he stopped drinking and partying and put more effort into training harder and clicking with the team then he will make it as he has the skill as we have all seen it in glimpses.
    I hate to say it but Caroll will be gone within the next 1-2 years for about £5 million and it will be because he prefers the drink and party life style.

    • Chan says:

      @ Mike

      Yes, committment is the word. Kuyt had a great scoring record in the Dutch league but is not so prolific with us. However he was committed and very hard working although not as skillfull as so other strikers, but his first 2 qualities overshadowed the rest and endeared im to the fans. Now compared that to Carroll who was asid to has more potential.

      Capello obviusly knows something that we don’t when he made that comment on Carroll. KD would obviusly defends Carroll as he is the one who choose to paid 35 mill for him who at that time had just half a season of top flight with him. Then again, no one points a gun to KD and made him sign Carroll right?

    • dominic says:

      and how do you know that he drinks? dont you watch the kings interviews, the only people that know andy’s private life is him himself. funny how everybody becomes a freaking expert. and god forbid he hangs out with rooney, not like their england team mates. preety sure a few of the boys were out with timmy cahill last year aswell. should have em hung drawn and bloody quartered. give the boy some time, he requires service and hasnt got much of it this season has he? YNWA.

  9. Swoops says:

    Remember his first half of the 10-11 season for newcastle, he has it in him lead lead upfront … Takes time to adjust support him and get on with it

  10. crazyhorse says:

    I did not know that big fella went on holiday with that little
    brain-dead little ugly blue-nose backward tramp!carrol learn to know where your bread and butter lies mate before all red
    loving fans the world over turn on you,and while your at it get that stupid f….n ponytail cut off!!!

  11. frank says:

    Give him time – I would say until the end of December. If he doesn’t improve, then gid rid of him, even at half the price we paid. Perhaps he plays better if he “drinks & party ??? ” – The same as THE LATE George Best ??? YNWA.

  12. Chan says:

    I think the more appropriate statement is “Why the FANS should not be so upset that KD paid 35 mill for this donkey posing as a striker”.

  13. Phil says:

    What rights have Andy Carroll to be upset or unhappy about? LFC paid £35 million for what was thought to be a footballer but got an expensive player who plays and looks like a darn DONKEY instead.

  14. sneh says:

    Start carroll against teams like wolves..if he doesn’t play well then bring in bellamy instead of him after 60 mins!!that would be the perfect plan!!

  15. Flauvio says:

    Bunch of couch managers slagging of Caroll instead of offering some support! Can’t wait til he starts banging them in – guess that’s when you all turn on a dime and start raving how great he is and how important it is to have a powerhouse like that leading the line.

  16. asfegeg er faf says:

    Leave Carrol alone and give him some time to adapt. A player with similar style of play is Dzeko, and he spent 1 year to adapt to the Premier League and had his breakthrough in the start of this season. Andy, you’ll never walk alone. Take your time!

  17. Mike Roberts says:

    I know he does drink heavily because he has been seen by me and me mates for the last few years in Newcastle / Sunderland and Liverpool . The guy is a Kamikazi drinker and has the mentality of Gazza in a brewery. I believe what I have seen and not what Liverpool are portraying. Like I said Kenny will defend him to the last stand. But mark my words …. When kenny realises he can’t change the lads habits he will get shoot like a rotten apple in a barrel so the drink curse doesn’t effect the other players. I couldn’t give a hoot what you think Dominic, your obviously easily pleased by what the the clubs and management say.
    I love kenny I want him to stay and think he will lead LFC to glory. But even he gets it wrong.

  18. bejo says:

    Most of you disgust me, what a bunch og fools most of you are probably jealous. And because you have seen him drink out in town doenn’t make him a drinker. Then he should run around Melwood with a bottle, agaim you are probably just jealous no one pays you big money. Carroll has the talent to become anything he wants to be, and judging from most of these comments here, he is certainly a much better person as well.

  19. Mike Roberts says:

    Think about it … 1 he has been warned by capello !!! 2 he is not being selected . 3 when he plays he’s crap . 4 he got injured last season due to drinking. 5 he is not happy at LFC because he has been told to cut out his partying. What more do you want to see that he will not make it at LFC ??? The only way he can make it is if he is happy to give up his partying which will then help him in his training which will then get him into the first team which will then help him connect with the players which will then keep people off his back .
    We have seen too many hangeronners at the club for the last few years and this is typical of some fans to say we are wrong to have an opinion. .

    • Chan says:

      Well said Mike. Well said. But obviusly KD would not want to see this because he got selected for the Wolves game. Yes for a guy who had just said before the game that players would be selected based on merit and not price tags, he choosed a 35 mill donkey over an actual striker (Bellamy) who well actually scores and who is err free.
      KD hears no evil, sees no evil, but you have to cost 35 mill.

  20. Alex says:

    If yesterday was to go by then he’ll do well

  21. give the boy a chance he will come good so 35 millon is a good buy wait and and see who gives a fuck if he was out with that rooney who shag prositutes and plays for those red twats down the east lancs road i have faith in andy caroll