Date: 21st September 2011 at 4:19pm
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Daniel Agger is injured again! I had thought that he had hopefully gotten over his injury problems which have hit his Liverpool career. What is frustrating with Agger is that it is not one continuous problem, if it is not his ankle, it is his groin or his thigh and now it is his rib.

Agger went down on Sunday against Tottenham and if he was not injured, Spurs may not have scored their opening goal. Now it is being reported that Agger has fractured his rib and is likely to be out for 4 weeks. It is not really Agger’s fault that he has been plagued by injuries throughout his whole Liverpool career, just take a look at his injury on Sunday, it was really unfortunate.

At the start of the season I was looking forward to seeing a decent partnership forming between Agger and Carragher but now we will not see those two together for a while. Martin Skrtel is suspended for the Carling Cup game today (Wednesday) following his red card against Spurs so he will not be available which means that Kenny Dalglish is set to give Sebastian Coates his full Liverpool debut either alonsgide Carragher or young Danny Wilson.

Wilson is hoping to get a start tonight and build on his Liverpool career. “Hopefully the manager decides to play me again and I’ll look to take the chance that comes along,” he told the Liverpool Echo.

“If you’re not getting a run of games and are only given one opportunity then you need to make sure you take it.

“Brighton have just come up from League One and are going well in the Championship. It will be a tricky game but we just need to focus on ourselves. If we apply ourselves in the right way we are a match for any team.”

Now looking at all the injuries Agger has been picking up, do you think it is time for Liverpool to cash in on Agger and sell as we can not really rely on him? There is no doubt that Agger is a great talent and could go on to be a Liverpool great but for how long will he continue to pick up these injuries? He is still only 26-years-old. We signed him for only £6million in 2006 and surely we could get much more for him if we do sell him. What are your thoughts?


35 responses to “Time for Daniel Agger to leave Liverpool”

  1. qrishendo says:

    ..Agger loves LFC…if he has to go he mostly gonna break down and cry…

  2. james says:

    It’s a physical game, sometimes players break ribs…not really his fault if you think about it. Send him some calcium tablets or a 50 cent armoured vest if you really care, and stop crying into your cup of tea writing pointless articles. Time for Agger to leave?! If fans expect loyalty from players you need to give it back also….Say no to knee jerk reactions!!!

    • Yas says:

      Spot on.

    • Mish says:

      Yes! Bang on!

      If it had bee a re-occurrence of his back injury or something I could understand the bleating but the bloke went down hard and broke a bone. That isn’t a matter of frailty, it’s a matter of physiology.

      Enough with the fairweather, knee-jerk pap.

      • Alex says:

        So tru football is hard injuries happen Gerrard has been injured no one says sell him the guy is our best defender, so give him a break

  3. Noel says:

    Yes sell. To improve you need every player at the top of their game. It mightnt be Aggers fault, but look at Johnson as well. These players are absolutely no use when we are trying to improve. Also James, it is hardly kneejerk when he is out every season for a huge chunk of games.

  4. jobsaplenty says:

    would be very tempting to cash in on the likes of johnson, agger and fabio due to their poor injury records. but id have to say emphatically No!. Agger and the rest are a cut above. Agger’s one off rib injury is impossible to legislate against. Johnson’s recurring hamstring is more of a worry for me. its clear we need another CB, but I dont think we can afford to let go of any.

  5. pete says:

    dont sell him just keep him as 4th choice centre back and sign a quality 1st choice centre back like Cahill so we dont need to depend on agger

  6. RAHIMA says:

    Injuries have cost us so much in the last few seasons.
    Though Agger is a fans favorite at LFC and he loves the Club, we have to let him go.
    I say bring in Gary Cahil from Bolton.

  7. Rich says:

    What a pointless article! Our most gifted centre back with experience, he breaks a rib so we get rid!?!? Sure he’s been out a lot but so has Gerrard, shall we get rid of him???? He looks like he’s gotten over the other injuries thanks to the medical team at Melwood now and a freak fall you want him gone?
    Love the fact that you blame the first goal on him as well. Nothing to do with the fact the whole team started off as slow as a sloth and couldn’t find any rythem.
    It’s also better that its not one problem consistently, means there is no serious underlying problem which will result in 6-12 months out due to an operation!

  8. Gaz says:

    Dear me there are some absolute kretins out there that support liverpool, get rid of arguably our best centre back because he fell over and broke his ribs, give it a break you utter muppets, hes been our best player so far this season, jesus christ sometimes I wonder where you come up with some of this drivel….wake up and give yourself a slap!!

  9. raj says:

    selling off our best CB, because he broke his ribs.
    just one word, “RUBBISH”.

  10. Liam says:

    oh come on, get off his back he is the best centre back we have, and he has one unlucky fall and its time to sell him?

  11. Rav Dhillon says:

    From reading this post I can instantly tell that you were trying really hard to sound professional, it is also extremely evident that you don’t know how to write and more importantly, you haven’t got a clue as to what you are talking about. I suggest you take some media courses and loyalty lessons, along with lessons to study the game before you try to act the big man.



    Rav Dhillon

  12. LFC_Stats says:

    Not to sure what you would write if Suarez was injured a few times!! Agger has stuck with liverpool through all his injuries he could off just given and gone home and played but he loves the club and you certainly cannot just on a whim decide he should sold for something that is out of his control…

  13. BIG BEN says:

    You’d be a fool if the thought of selling Agger has ever come across your mind.
    Granted, he’s injury prone but one can tell every time he’s on the pitch, the team plays better.
    How much would you get from selling him? Is that silly money worth it?
    I say keep him and he’ll be in the first team if fit, if not he’ll be a bloody good backup.

  14. Roger Hunt says:

    Must be a slow news day for the author to suggest this inane drivel. Agger is just 26 years old, and is just coming into his prime as a man and a player. He is a candidate to be the future captain of the club, just as he is now captain of Denmark.

    Also he is patently the best central defender we have so the suggestion that we sell him is ill judged knee-jerkism of the most deluded kind.

  15. crazyhorse says:

    What a sad man you are,you really must get a life!

  16. don says:

    was going to state a resounding NO to selling agger, can’t imagine how you ame up with that one, we need more talented players not less, lol looks like the rest of the posts take the same line. If you get one calling for him to go it will have been typed by someone in a straight jacket with a crayon in their mouths.

  17. don says:

    just spotted RAHIMA’s contribution, crayon brigade are already here.

  18. are you CRAZY agger loves liverpool and is a decent centre back i am sure when he will peak ( 28-30 for a defender )he will be fitter and more solid physically,PLUS HE WILL BE A ROCK IN THE BACK ( like vidic and ferdinand for the scums)

  19. Gallos4lfc says:

    If u have time to read thru the comments u’ll get yo answer,who’re u to suggest that lfc sell agger?get a life

  20. crazyhorse says:

    Skirtel is one player who should be sent packing
    the lad looks and plays like a park player,
    wouldnt get in any top teams in europe,
    dont know why we ever bought him.

  21. Shiv says:

    Don’t you think Agger has to work extra hard at that point because martin was very slow. The player works his ass off to cover for another team mate, gets injured and you start to have a go. Grow up

  22. Rob, texas says:

    Vidic has been out with several injuries at United, should they sell him? Hell no! (well maybe to us;) Why in the world would we sell our best defender without anyone to replace him (Vertognen? pleeese…) Horrid journalism.

  23. Flying pig says:

    We remain weak in defence. After watching Coates play at Brighton, it is clear that he is a long way from being ready for EPL. It is not so much about one player but our strength in depth, or lack thereof. I would like to see Kelly play at CB occasionally. How many of us are wishing that KD had used the 35mil on top class defenders instead of Carrol? It may ultimately cost Kenny his job if we fail to reach top four.

    • Billy says:

      FP I agree he started very gingerly, then went to reckless, but I thought he got better through the game.

      Remember he’s not doing interviews yet in English so trying to understand Carra wouldn’t be easy.

      I thought he showed signs of a good centre back by the end, he also had a header from our first corner that had to be dealt with.

  24. Billy says:

    This is not Dan’s body failing him this time this is an injury caused by a fall to the ground, this all while playing some of the best he has for the team.

    By the same logic we should sell Stevie as he’s old and been out for 6 months or just put down the author of this article as he’s brain dead.

  25. bole says:

    I think that you are an idiot,if we sell him who will play for us another brittish flop?!?!?Danny is our best defender by a miles,I m sick of Caroll,Adam and Henderson and dont want to see one more flpo like these come in our club,Rafa sign Torres-Kenny sign Carroll,Rafa sign Alonso and Aquilani-Kenny sign Henderson and Adam,and please tell me one more time that he ruined our club!!

  26. Matt says:

    Renewing his contract when AC Milan were prepared to pay £9 million was another terrible bit of business by Purslow.

    Agger is almost rivaling Aurelio for skivving in the treatment room. Although neither is at Vladimir Smicer levels….yet.

  27. RedMan123 says:

    Put it this way, at least it was his ribs and only out for 4 weeks than him injuring his back and then being out for months+.

  28. Alex says:

    Dont sell agger, i know his injured and shit like that but he’s our best defender, and also he loves the club no need for a top centre half we already got coates, wilson and kelly who are future centre halfs, he’ll go then, sell him when wilson and are in the first team

  29. Word says:

    Put a flap jacket with LFC colors and put him on the pitch. Perhaps the Wsi 613Srs Football Flex Shield Shirt.

  30. edxsuarez says:

    no agger is the best CB in premier league