Why it is time for Carragher to step down

From there on in, we were always up against it; the game-plan was to have Stoke always on the back foot, never giving them the chance to work their set pieces in from deep in our half. What resulted from the penalty was that Stoke no longer needed to push us too much, so the ‘front 3? of Suarez, Downing and Kuyt were no longer able to stretch them like they had in the first 20 minutes and Stoke were able to stay deep and tight and not even Suarez was able to squeeze through on many opportunities.

I was left feeling particularly angry after the weekends game though because it was easily a game we could’ve won. When you lose a match from a poor performance you can console yourself and put it behind you but when the reason you lost is a recurring issue that has been cropping up again and again and everybody seems intent on overlooking it, it is incredibly frustrating. Sure, we had a number of poor decisions go against us against Stoke (and we have had several other poor refereeing decisions go the opposition way in previous games this season) and I think that many of the match reports missed two handballs in the box by Shawcross that could’ve easily levelled the playing field.

Kenny even went as far as to claim that the foul by Jamie wasn’t a penalty but I have to disagree with him on this because as soon as you wrap your arms around a player’s waist in your own area you’ve as good as given away a penalty, and that’s exactly what Carragher did. But by concentrating on the poor refereeing in the aftermath of the game, Kenny is missing the real issue that once again reared it’s head on Saturday: Carragher’s time has come to an end and it is time he stepped down with dignity for the better of the team, because I’d hate to see a Liverpool legend try to prolong his career to the detriment of other players and the club.

Article is courtesy of David Tyrer at Live4Liverpool

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