Date: 5th September 2011 at 5:22pm
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International week really is the bane of my season. Just when the season is up and running and the excitement of players in and out has subsided after the close of the transfer window, we are forced to endure the ‘golden generation’, or what’s left of them make a rubbish nation look average, and qualify for a tournament that we will know will be a massive anti climax for England. Let’s face it should any other home nations qualify which is doubtful, then surely that will be the height of their aspirations.

I’m old enough now to have seen enough great players and great squads exposed by other nations as shambolic. I was gutted in 1986, couldn’t understand how bad we were in ’88. Cried as we succumbed to West Germany in 1990 and even more so in ’96 where after destroying Holland I thought we were nailed on to win it. Owen gave me hope till a United player got himself sent off. It seems that as I get older, my dislike of the national squad increases exponentially. I have to confess that I did not watch the Bulgaria game. I was out and about but I was not at all bothered, just which Liverpool players played and did any pick up injuries (Adam?)

I really find it hard to cheer on players to which I have little or no respect for, the Rooney’s, Ashley Coles and the like. Capello himself had a modicum of my respect until he remade John Terry captain. Quite clearly the message is that the players can do pretty much whatever they like and get away with it. Now we all know Stevie G got himself in a spot of bother not so long ago and still finds himself in and around the captaincy, (although I am biased of course, he was tried and acquitted so that’s good enough for me). although I am a little confused as to what Rio Ferdinand’s role is should the Manker ever get himself fit (hopefully fit enough to be torn to bits by Suarez!), but have we not forgotten the misdemeanour that saw the great Rio suspended for a period?

The injury list sustained by Liverpool players in the first round of games seems ok, Henderson was sent home and Adam has a knock but not sure how serious. Bellamy may well be allowed back to train after picking up a suspension, but his presence alone may be required for his younger team mates. With another round to go, at least we have an extra day now for some of our players to recover before the physical test of Stoke away at the weekend. Heavy legs and tired minds should be fewer this season with no European football, but it is still a worry.

So, does anyone else feel like this way, am I on my own here? Let me ask you this question: if you had a choice, would you take European championship glory with England, Wayne Rooney as your kids’ hero?, or a sustained period of dominance for Liverpool where we retook the league wins record on our own from Man Utd and became a force in Europe once again?

I know what I would choose.

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16 responses to “England success or Liverpool glory?”

  1. Wanav says:

    I will go for liverpool for sure 🙂 YNWA

  2. Keith says:


    I like to see England do well but for me its club over country every time. Liverpool is my week in week out football, England is my part time summer drinking excuse

  3. charlie 100 says:

    totally agree with you Liverpool glory YNWA

  4. Ajayi moses says:

    Liverpoolite d football world

  5. Prakhar Raj says:

    Anyday LFC…Who is bigger than Liverpool!!! YNWA

  6. jimmy says:

    can’t stand the granny shagger rooney either, i hope he pulls his hammy on tuesday, haha!!! with you all the way. Liverpool anyday of the week

  7. jonesey says:

    What is Capello doing slagging off Andy Carroll and why are Liverpool not sorting it out or denying the claims he drinks too much.One of the two need to be sorted out

  8. Rick says:

    Liverpool come first all the way, but I do like to see England do the things well.

  9. Greg says:

    YOu write this like everyone that roots for Liverpool roots for England… that is small minded and myopic at best! Liverpool is a GLOBAL BRAND with a loyal following that encompasses many countries! Which is what makes the whole “British Core” argument even more idiotic. England produces crap talent relative to the rest of the world and we need to be doing our shopping outside of the UK if we really want to get back on top (you all the teams that actually win the EPL do). We should be buying the Mata’s of the world and not wasting money on the Henderson’s (world class vs an English player) and if not for the ignorant bias of FIFA England would have dropped out of the top 20 years ago. I do not expect to see England win anything in my lifetime bcuz the players they produce and put on the field are plainly mediocre crap with very little technical ability other than they can run over people.

  10. Ben_LFC says:

    I’d be quite happy to never see an LFC player play for England again. I’ve got no interest in England and I just see it as an unwanted chance for our players to get injured.
    Crapello slating Carroll in public is totally uncalled for. It is disgusting to think this idiot is what everyone in the England camp looks up to.
    Also, I could never support a team with that granny banging scumbag in it. And how can a manager manage an England team when he can’t even manage to talk English?? It is a joke.
    LFC glory all day long for me!!

  11. Ob1 says:

    Granny shagger, team mates wife shagger more like porn stars then footballers. Lfc everyday over that bunch of egos and as for capello he should keep his arsehole comments to himself

  12. Kenny says:

    Capello was right to criticize Carroll. When Carroll was supposed to be working on his fitness during the summer, instead he was off partying and drinking with the likes of Rooney. Carroll has no affinity for LFC and should be shipped back to Newcastle on January 1st. The club cannot afford to waste any more time on Carroll. Barring injuries Kuyt and Suarez should be the strikeforce until the window opens again in January.

  13. cino santos says:

    till last breath i’ll neva support any team rather dan liverpool fc…… Liverpool till last breath YNWA!

  14. Chessie says:

    Agree with Greg, maybe the quetion is only for the English fans am an African boy who is mad about Liverpool.
    there is no way i will compare my beloved Liverpool to any team in the world.

  15. Kristian Johnson says:

    As much as I support Liverpool with genuine passion, I think if England won a World Cup, the joy would be unrivalled. Think of the euphoria on the eve of an international tournament in this country – normal behaviour goes out of the window as grown men paint their faces with St George’s flag and the country comes to a standstill.
    Just think of the reaction if we were actually to win! I know it’s an incredibly long shot, but there would be absolute pandemonium!
    I know I’m going to get slated for saying it, but I’d prefer to see my country win the World Cup!

    • jimmy says:

      i would love to agree with you…. maybe if man of the match, and tournament and captain, stevie g lifts the old pot then i might agree…. but to put jt/rio/rooney on the same pedestal as banks, hurst and moore, with capello alongside Sir Alf…..

      let’s face it, we won’t beat spain in the next four years with this side, and despite the rankings, Eng are nowhere near 4th best in the world!