Date: 28th August 2011 at 7:58am
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Sebastian Coates was at Anfield on Saturday to watch Liverpool beat Bolton 3-1. The 20-year-old giant Uruguay defender is thought to be on the verge of signing for Liverpool from Nacional before Wednesday’s transfer deadline.

It is thought that Coates has undergone a medical already at Liverpool ahead of his £7million move but after the match against Bolton, Kenny Dalglish was asked about this transfer and as always, he gave nothing away.

“When we have something to say then we’ll tell everyone at the same time,” said Dalglish.

Bolton’s consolation goal on Saturday came from an error by captain Jamie Carragher and I am hearing some fans already saying that it is time to drop Carragher now and start playing Agger alongside Coates. Is this talk a bit too premature? Will Coates walk straight into the Liverpool starting lineup?


24 responses to “Dalglish remains silent on Coates deal”

  1. M. says:

    Anyone ‘ll walk straight into LFC CB, in position of Carraghar. He had his time for which I have all the respect, but at the same time, you have to move on. Any top EPL forward ‘ll brash past him running backwards now. With his loyalty, commitment & experience he ‘ll best serve now in training sessions & dressing room.

  2. Jrncusa says:

    We won 3-1 , no that will not happen. Still very ex ited to see what Coates can provide.

  3. Akmilan says:

    Hardly can we find the right replacement for Jamie he does everything right. His experience is diverse. Though he was unlucky to make a mistake yesterday. He really tried making up for but really unlucky to giv d ball back 2 klasnic

  4. vipakindele says:

    Can still remember Hypia?Carra’s experience still matters in lfc defence. remember his block agaist torres last season.But now he shouldn’t be playing everyweek to allow the young bloods to fit into the team cos the are d future.

  5. Lee says:

    Anyone saying that Carragher should be dropped and replaced by Sebastian Coates is not a fan or knowledgeable of football.

    These imbeciles see a player linked, have undoubtedly never seen Coates play but believe all the hype and soon want him as a first team regular.

    No time for these type of people – they should be given a good kickin

    • Jonski says:

      Spot on mate. Other players made mistakes yeterday in other games Cahill did in ours Jagielka in their game are they finished too? Even though both could be sold soon for £15m plus. Truth is Kenny and Carra will now when the time is right for him to stop playing. On Coates I have never seen him play in the flesh and I question anyone on here who says they have too. So how can you say put him in ahead of Carragher, absolute jokers. I thought the idea was to support players not slate them at the first opportunity!

    • REDseptember says:

      Not only the points you very well make my friend,but eventually when Coates gets his chance,and doesn’t do everything 100% right you can expect to see the author “Ron” and many more on this site slaughter the same Mr Coates,just as they have Henderson etc etc. Have to say they’re amazingly quiet on Henderson today though.

  6. fmisntreal says:

    carra still has a lot to offer but it does have to be said that his time is running out. yesterdays error to allow bolton to score in the last minute was a bit of a downer for me, took the gloss off an otherwise outstanding effort by the team.

    Carra will be a manager of liverpool one as his knowledge of the game is vast and he has the passion t go with it.


  7. Zekk Chai says:

    My guess is Jaime will still be first choice this season. He didnt have a choice but to make that interception. He cannot simply think Reina will come up tops in the one on one. He had to do something and just turns out klasnic was extremely lucky to be in the right position to take the shot.

  8. Ab-ham says:

    Carra should b given more bench time, he is old & always mak costly mistake. Asume it was 1 nil b4 d mistake

    • Jonski says:

      Go and “support” someoneelse your clueless. It’s like criticising Suarez for missing the one on one and saying assume the game ended 1-1 ridiculous comment!

    • markC says:

      Have a word with yourself boy, one mistake in 90 mins. I bet Cahill wished he could say that. If you’ve ever been to Anfield you would have seen who organizes the defence, a true leader that can still cut it with the best. Carra will never walk alone, but you will with comments like that.

  9. Barayaarc says:

    Carragher is a legend he really tried 4 liverpool n is just dt yesterday he is un lucky by getting an error n try 2 cleared it bt d ball gone 2 klasnic coates need 2 b introduce in every 2nd half of d game so as 2 coup wit EPL YNWA

  10. Denzil says:

    Jamie is going to play every game and Coates will be gradually given spells. I know Kenny will mold the defence for the future and based on Coates performance and positional qualities in training, KD will decide how to use him. So I trust KG will make an informed decision and we will see his best qualities accordingly. YNWA

  11. Chris says:

    His experience is vital.I seen this lad in the copa and he mint but he never played in Europe before so will need time to adapt and who better to learn from than the master.he will eventually take his place in the team but not yet.

  12. Ameen says:

    Just cos of a mistake that was almost corrected doesn’t make our man in the middle a tired leg. Carra’s impact in yesterday’s match was massive. Coates is good but the EPL and the Uruguayan league are two different leagues. He really needs time to plend and of course to learn from the master minder himself. Enough about Carragher,why isn’t anyone asking if Carroll is our striker or a Cb of our opponents? Cos he’s just never out of the way for our strikers and seems to take the ball back instead of charging forward.

  13. Gerrardious says:

    Not keepin in mind the error he made yesterday, Carragher is old and slow. even at his best, he can easily be beaten by anyone with pace. In case u haven’t noticed, Carragher ALWAYS drags the defence deep whenever we push up bcos he lacks speed.
    Admittedly, I have never seen Coates play and am not slaggin Carra off bcos of his error. But according to wot av heard and read, Coates is pacey, terrific in the air, can defend, and is comfortable on the ball. so I expect him to be slowly bedded into the squad as the season progresses.
    Truth be told we dont have any fit (Agger??) world class CB rite now, so if we have a player who can develop into one in the near future, I believe we should get him on the pitch as soon as possible irrespective of which cult hero gets benched.

  14. RedMan123 says:

    I do not think Carra sould be dropped, like many before me has stated he can still keep up with the best and his experience is essential to our defence. One mistake in a whole 90 min match means nothing. However when coates signs I would like to see him partner carra for a few games to gain experience and partner agger at cb as I assume they will be the new partnership.

  15. Geovanni says:

    Mistake? yea but not costly.It only spoiled my 3-0 prediction.

  16. m kop says:

    How can it be premature.

    I’m sorry but if Carragher was good enough LFC would not be looking for a defender.

    He can stay at the club as 4’th CB, he has experience and in case of injurie’s or bookings he can come in but not as first choice CB.

  17. REDseptember says:

    Looks like you’ve dropped another clanger “Ron” either you get positive when writing about LFC (particularly in the current climate when we are going well)or start writing about trout fishing or basketball or something else you don’t really understand.

  18. williams says:

    kenny should not ask if COATES will walk straight into lfc starting line up,if COATES will solve our [lfc]defensive blunder then kenny should do so by introduce COATES into the team line up,afterall he sign the player to solve lfc defencive errors.

  19. don wynne says:

    Buying Coates, just adds to the squad, he looks a decent player but if you selected bits to put together a U tube of Carra’s play from last or even this season he would look fantastic to. Kenny knows what he’s doing, Coates will play as and when the time is right, if he looks fantastic in training we will see him, subject to injurys to others introduced gradually, not as some suggest as direct replacement of anyone. If once in the team he does the buisness then all well and good, lets not write off the other players we have for this position because of hype.