Date: 26th August 2011 at 10:00pm
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Once again Liverpool striker Luis Suarez demonstrated his absolute class against Exeter City in the second round of the Carling Cup last night. As Kenny Dalglish said, the entire team showed the right attitude during the match, and Suarez particularly looked like he was enjoying himself out there.
Although we were playing against a struggling League One side, Suarez was the stand out performer among his team mates, despite the fact he should be showing some signs of tiredness after his exertions in the Copa America.

The only real worry I have is that the Reds don’t look have as effective when the Uruguayan is not on the pitch. Certainly it is not surprising considering his quality, but I would like to see others stepping up to the mark to take games by the scruff of their neck, and being the leading creative attacking threat.
This is not a criticism of Kenny Dalglish’s signings by any means but the likes of Andy Carroll, Stewart Downing, Charlie Adam and Jordan Henderson all add something different to the party in the final third, rather than being flair players with that spark of inspiration.

Downing is a direct runner who will provide the team with width and pace, Henderson is a very solid passer but has some years to go before he is the final product, Adam can provide some killer balls but will rarely create something from nothing, and Andy Carroll will always be the aerial option.

For sure Steven Gerrard will fill this creative void when he returns from injury. Raul Meireles will also be a very important element in the team’s creative play but I still feel we may rely too much on Suarez for inspiration at times, especially with Gerrard absent.

Against Sunderland after he was substituted, against Arsenal before he came on, and even to a certain extent when was taken off last night, the team looked a lot less effective, and I am hopeful that in the coming years, when the Reds return to the Champions League, we can attract more players of the calibre of Luis Suarez. Don’t get me wrong, there are many talented players at the club already but if we are going to make that step towards being the top European club, we will still need more quality.

For me, the acquisition of such players will be the difference between top four and title contenders. I am aware that such things cannot happen overnight but I am still dreaming of a time, in the not to distant future, when the Reds have a fair few more players like our Uruguayan.

Article courtesy of David Tully at Live4Liverpool


31 responses to “Do Liverpool rely too much on Suarez?”

  1. calel says:

    yes, without him we lack movement in midfield. Henderson, adam lucas are stagnant. long ball too much. we need them working better and get another creative player.

    • john says:

      lucas can actually be creative, but he only does so when Liverpool are winning and there is no risk in venturing fowards. He is a defensive mid after all.
      Charlie Adam is known for his long balls, but Liverpool no not have that many fast winger to chase down the long balls. When SCholes was punting long balls for United, there was players like Nani, Ronaldo, Valencia to chase the long balls.
      Henerson can be creative but he is much too young right now

  2. a says:

    we played 3 games. pre-judgin liverpool again… just make a blog of great things about liverpool…Im bored of blogs just worrying about liverpool, if u’re better than KD and the rest why don’t you go apply.

  3. Imran says:

    You must be really bored. World class players do dominate games.
    That’s why they are world class!!!

  4. Paul says:

    We must remember that without the other 10 players Suarez wouldn’t get the chances. Liverpool are all about movement off the ball to make the space and chances for the likes of Suarez . I suggest we don’t start saying we are a one man team a bit like Gerrard being that one man… As other teams will say it for us. Don’t do their work for them by producing headlines like this!

  5. REDseptember says:

    What’s with all this we thing.Hands up if you’ve even been to Anfield.Why dont you all just fuck up an have a sleep!!

  6. steve mcauley says:

    doesn’t seem to matter how many players liverpool buy, we’ll always be a one-man team! first gerrard then traitorres now suarez! give over man and give the team a chance to settle! i think you’ll find suarez, carroll, downing, adam, gerrard, johnson and hopefully another couple of signings will rely on EACH OTHER to make Lfc great again!

  7. SuaRed says:


    Is anybody else getting board of this? Liverpool fans doing there best to undermine the team!!!

    Can I suggest you take a day off Mr Tully?

  8. LFC4LIFE says:

    Liverpool without Suarez is like barca without messi. Im not saying we as good as barca but its a similar situation.They don’t have the same attacking flair without messi. Messi just makes it easier for barca to break down teams just like Suarez does for us. Now no one calls barca a one man team cus one player improves their play. We have a great squad with lots of quality who will win games with or without Suarez. so can this website write a positive article about our team sometime???

  9. Geovanni says:

    Well, its a nice comment. I can also say dat its the truth. Check it well.

  10. Davie says:

    Yes WE DO as we did Stevie G & that fud Torres.

  11. Geovanni says:

    I can’t lay any critics on any of the new signings yet just b’cos suarez is doing better than them. But all the same, I think that early signs are good. Let the new guys step up their games b’cos we the kops are full of espectations. So don’t blame anyone that is worried at their early lack of creativity. D present long balls been played pisses as well.

  12. Brianj says:

    Could we do a more predictable article, game three?

  13. byrnesey says:

    Don’t start with that crap again Suarez is clearly the best player we have but we are far from a one man team.Now we really have strength in depth.

    The future is bright,so time to put an end to all the whining and get behind the team.

    we will without doubt make the champions league.

  14. lfcfanatik says:

    Do liverpool rely too much on luis suarez? Yes liverpool does, just like before when we relied too much on torres! Suarez staying fit till the end of the season is the only chance we have of securing top 4… I know that one man does not make a team but still you cant deny the stats. Without the goals and assists of suarez we struggle to win games. During the 3 first matches of this season, all our goals so far was thanks to him and last year if you analyse carefully you will realise that our team winning all those games was not due to the “genius” tactics and formations of kenny dalglish but only because suarez was playing. Why were we kicked out of europa huh? It simply because he could not play for us. Still not believing it? Try removing all of his assists and goals during last season and see how many matches we could have won without them. I think we would have been lucky to be in top 10.

  15. Barayaarc says:

    U guys r just saying ur mind bt suarez is a superb YNWA

  16. ANDY says:

    Jesus! Wot do you people want? If we only had Ngog up front everyone would be moaning. He’s a world class player who always catches the eye.
    Do UTD rely on shrek? Do chelski rely on drogba…. and lucky frank? Did Arsenal rely on fabregast and Nasri? Did city rely on tevez over the past season?
    LFC have a much more balanced team, together with strength in depth and people don’t like it! Get a grip.

  17. 8u11etpr00f says:

    how is gerrard going to fit into this Liverpool team, with Lucas needed defensively, Adam doing well and Meireles playing well and he can’t even get into the team. Also what about Glen Johnson, when he gets back how is he going to get back the right back slot against the in form Martin Kelly and even Flannagan. Kelly can go forward, he can cross the ball and with all of that still stays strong at the back unlike Johnson, he is now getting recognition from Capello so he is in contention for the Johnson’s England right back slot,after recieving praise from Capello after the arsenal game i wouldn’t be surprised if he is given a chance in the next international break, with Johnson out there are not many other good English right backs out there

    • lee tarn says:

      are you joking this is the same stevie g that dragged us to a champions league and f.a cup final wins and you think he will stuggle to get infront of 2 average midfielders . adams is not good enuff yes he has a great left foot but his too slow and carnt tackle , he will end up costing us games with the fouls he gives away around is own box.lucas is ok works hard but doesnt create much, this is the reason we struggled against the lower teams with him and spearing

  18. lee tarn says:

    simple answer yes without his goals and assist we are average and people can argue all they like but the facts are there plain to see.when we first signed suarez just look at the improvement of the player like kuyt and maxi scoring loads of goal but more importantly look at how many time suarez was involved in those goals. this is just like when we relied on torres and stevie g we have spent alot of money on average british players and are 2 best signs are foreigners enrique and suarez both bargins. its really hard not to look at players that we could have got for the money e.g carroll = agero or falcao , downing = mata and henderson well 1 word why? unproven and noway near ready to play for us. charlie adams has a great left foot but wot else.. nothing, too slow carnt tackle and we could have got parker for the same money. i know we have to buy english player for the new rules but its no good if they are not good enuff.parker would have been able to bridge the gap till shelvey and coady were ready. i really hope these players come good has we only have 1 world class midfielder and he’s injured stevie g

  19. dizo says:

    we realy on suarez? yes no not really the fact is that in the class of more then a student,them can never take the first…quot me anywhere…we have fantastic players but certainly suarez is the man so why do u people have problem?? we spent on him not to come n watch match or just to make our player complete xi…we spent on him to come n win games for us,n that is just what he is doing..could u imagine a worker who know his job…we should be very proud n get behind this guyz n see were we ll end up at the end of the season…

  20. Eldon says:

    David has a very valid point as most great teams have three to four world class match winners which makes them unpredictable and gives them plenty of attacking threat. It is early days with the new squad. Other players may step forward once the squad gels but I have the horrible feeling that if Suarez was to be injured for a major period we would lack a major abillity to break down teams and score. I would even go as far to state that Suarez is the difference between an champions league place and europa.

  21. tony says:

    We need one more world class front man that simple.

  22. wazio says:

    Suarez an falcao wot a strike force

  23. Hadi says:

    Many many thanks for luis Suarez he’s best player than every one in the world I hope god look after him

  24. Graham says:

    1. How can you be over reliant on a striker to scaore goals? That’s his job… and he does it well. In exactly the same way Reina’s job is not to let goals in. When he keeps a clean sheet do people say are we over reliant on Reina? No! When Downing puts crosses in on a regular basis, will people say are we over reliant on his service. Of course they won’t. Idiotic journalist love to hightlight the goal scorers only and not the rest of the individual components of a team.

    2. Suarez is not our best player. I hate the term ‘best player’! Suarez would be crap in goal. Rubish in defence. And not overly effective in midfield. He’s our best striker yes but not our ‘best’ player. Reina is our best goalkeeper. Enrique is our best left back. Downing our best left winger. etc etc. Why can’t people see logic and look at it that way?

  25. wale says:

    Thanks Y’all.

  26. Lee says:

    graham i dont know if you hadnt noticed but we normally have 2 strikers and we know there job is to score goals but wot the article is saying is will we win as many games without suarez and the answer is no. and he his are best player just like torres and gerrard have been cos these world class players change games on there own.reina has won us games but the facts are that nearly every game suarez has scored or made a goal out of nothing for others and thats wot makes him the best, match winning performances and works his butt of for the team

  27. olowe kayode says:

    liverpool will rule d world again

  28. bri says:

    Lets put this“ one man team” crap to bed.send luis suarez out on his own to face the opposition,see how we get on

  29. Robert says:

    i think we are relying too much on Suarez. brilliant player with bags of skill, speed and balance. once Gerrard is at full flight, it will be exciting to see them perform together. we do need back up though. having Caroll and Kuyt and possibly Bellamy as back up will be great. if we can put in a bid for Adam Johnson, i will be really happy. we will have a well balanced side that will be able to compete.