Date: 21st August 2011 at 8:23pm
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Liverpool managed to get their first win away to Arsenal in 10 years on Saturday thanks to an own goal by Arsenal’s Ramsey and a late tap-in by Luis Suarez. That is two goals in two games for our Uruguay striker and one can say that he is not 100% yet after his summer exploits in the Copa America.

Going into the game on Saturday, there was a lot of shock among the fans when we saw that Suarez was on the bench but that just goes to show how tactically aware Dalglish and Clarke are as they opted to start with Carroll up front alone with support coming from the midfielders.

I have heard Arsenal fans already saying that we won because they went down to 10 men. That is not our fault! Even when they had 11 players, we were still bossing them. If Liverpool did not win that game, I would have been very upset as Arsenal offered nothing going forward with their depleted side.

Looking at Liverpool: I was highly impressed with Martin Kelly who came in at right-back ahead of Flanagan. Even Fabio Capello today has said that he liked what he saw of Kelly. Jose Enrique also put in a very good display for the Reds at left-back. He is proving to be a bargain buy for us. In midfield, Charlie Adam continues to pull the strings and I can not wait to see him play alongside Gerrard.

If there is a player who did not stick out for Liverpool in my opinion on Saturday, it was Henderson. I feel with time he will get better and get more used to playing in the Liverpool side. Stewart Downing is quickly becoming one of my favourite Liverpool players and he put in another good display on Saturday. It is such a joy to see a Liverpool player with so much pace and being able to dribble past defenders. The last time we had something that effective was Steve McManaman.

When Meireles and Suarez came on for Kuyt and Carroll, you could instantly see the difference these two made. Yet again, it is a joy to see such quality coming off the Liverpool bench this season as compared to seasons gone by when someone like Ngog would be coming on off the bench and expected to grab as a winner.

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68 responses to “Who shone and who flopped against Arsenal?”

  1. Jamie says:

    Agreed, downing and enrique down the left is looking realy promising and will hurt alot of teams this year, suarez among the goals and looking dangerous, but i still feel hes not at his sharpest yet and stevie g to come back…… theres alot of promise and potential this year for the redmen….. YNWA

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    • Vince says:

      totally agree but with a central defender and a replacement for ngog will make liverpool a force once again. if cash made available, would suggest a flank player on the right.

  2. fuwee says:

    Sorry Ron, your viewon the game was really a die hard fan’s. I’m a Liverpool supporter too. But really they had good reason for that. I don’t disagree with them. We were struggling against a depleted side. And only when they were domn tyo ten men and only when Suarez and Miereless were brought in did we see any decent passes and penetration attempts. I would have left Kuyt on or even Carrol but I’d take Henderson out towards the end of the 1st half. Those on the pitch or on the bench would have done better than Henderson that we give salary while in a huge soccer clinic. Any LFC player is already better than Henderson.I believe in Kenny but I am so sure he realises that Henderson could be the mistake he made as no one can be so spot on with their purchase. Making one bad purchase may be very costly but making the second mistake by still giving Henderson the start solely for denying and refusal to admit Henderson was a mistake will be even a costlier price to pay. Huge money lost in Henderson that was needless especially in midfield where our quality is. Need we sell Mereless, Aquilani ? We don’t .The money for Henderson could have been used to better use like the Central defense, a striker or a right winger. Still there’s time and to do well and can only see everyone in the squad doing well, but we have to have all eleven players on a hundred and not ten with one clueless-lost-passenger . I am so glad I realise I am not the only one withn such opinion when I read Singapore’s New Paper after the Sunderland game . I so much want him to do well and prove me wrong when he was namedthe 1st summer purchase. So I watched the videos of his games for LFC pre-season matches, the matches with England U-21 and saw what I’ll not want to have in my team. He reminds me of Jimmi Traore. The price for him made me even lost for words. Henderson is a prospect of liability not investment. And believe me, I want to be wrong .

    • sah says:

      everybit a true assessment….he might come good but for 20 million…an experiment…see u get mata for 23 million…what a waste of money

    • red 33 says:

      I’m totally agreed and i’m curious why kenny give henderson the chance instead of pacheco he’s trying to get rid off?? Bias???

      • Bill Shankly says:

        What makes you think you have the right to question a man of Kenny Dalglish’s stature within the game about his player choices ?

        Perhaps you are an arrogant biased little prick that thinks the world owes him a living ?

        Dalglish started the game with 2 Spaniards , a Dane , A Brazilian , a Scot , a Dutchman & 5 Englishmen , he then brought off an Englishman & a Dutchman & put on a Portugese & a Uruguayan !

        Who or where was he biased against !

        An English team , in an English League , in guess where ?…. Yup ! England !!! with less than half of them being English at Kick off ^ then he takes one of them off with 20 minutes left suggests that if anything he is Biased against English Players !!!

        • Benj says:

          Yup, having an opinion that doesnt tie in directly with KK’s plan makes him an arrogant biased prick…

          Get off your high horse.

          But no I dont think KK is biased or anything like that, but he really should have tried a different player as Hendo just doesnt look all there yet and every play through him looked average and usually failed.

          Good choice to have Luis and Raul as super subs.


        • shane says:

          I think maybe the point is, Dalglish seems keen to ship out the Foreigners and replace them with so called ‘english talent’. Which is fine. The question though is whether or not a) that talent is good enough to play for Liverpool FC, and b) whether or not they are ‘value for money in the current market. One would have to question Dalglish as to what do you do with 35 million, buy someone like Aguero or someone like Carroll. Its a no brainer. Whether to buy a Mata, or a Downing for me personally a no brainer, whether to buy someone other than Henderson, who knows. I’ve watched Every pre season game and I’ve yet to see Henderson in a game, it passes him buy so much I have to check twice to see if he is on the pitch.
          Aquilani made our ‘new midfield’ of Adam Downing Henderson Spearing and Shelvey look so mediocre when he came on, they couldn’t think as fast, move as fast, they had no vision, guile or class, he made them look like amatuers. We know he wants away, but with Kenny not putting him on the team sheet, it appears reasonable to think that Kenny doesn’t have him in his plans.

          Whats great about the current owners, is that they want suffer fools and they won’t take any prisoners and sentiment only goes so far. If Kenny doesn’t deliver something he will be fired.

          And lets face it, they never looked like scoring a second during the Sunderland match, their was no one on the bench to change the game, and against Arsenal it looked exactly the way it has all pre season.. Flat, one dimensional and uninspiring.

    • Gord says:

      You would have left Dirk on?!? Which game were you watching? All Dirk did was give the ball away on countless occasions. It seems to me that fans are only getting on Henderson’s back cos he cost £16 mil (not £20 mil as you perpetuate). If you look at the stats of the game, Henderson had a much higher pass completion ratio than Adam. He did not give the ball away or misplace many passes. The only area of the pitch he wasn’t good on was the final third. In my opinion, this was due to a lack of confidence. It doesn’t help our own supporters getting on his back after a grand total of 2 games. Neither of which he made a mistake which cost us the game.

      Look at Lucas, when he came most fans were on about how crap he was. Now, if we were to replace him with a player of similar quality it would probably cost over £25million. Out of all our midfielders only he is an automatic 1st choice if fit.

      Give Henderson a chance before you guys start laying into him. He was far from our worst player yesterday. Adam & Kuyt played far worse yesterday than he did.

      • REDseptember says:

        First class Gord,if Henderson had cost £3million does that mean he should be given more time.He is an excellent footballer and yet here we have Reds slating him after 2 games in the premiership.

    • M. says:

      Excellent. I was going to write almost similar words but surely couldn’t have summarized better than you. I don’t blame KK much for spending that heavy on JH, because, as we are not in CL, some so called star players refused to join us & KK probably was a bit stressed to buy some quality players quickly. JH had a great season with S’lands, compared to his age, he is young, English international & was willing to join us. KK was probably nervous that, any delay might result is poaching from Clubs with European football & SBruce took the opportunity to ransom us. Had Adam been purchased earlier, or Acqua could show his potential at the end of last season (He was totally unknown to KK), I am sure KK would have given a second thought, at least before spending that much.

      But, now, what I am bitterly disappointed that, KK, probably is trying to justify his expenses, by starting JH. He can be a future prospect, but no way he should be even on the bench for EPL matches, let alone start, a head of SG, Raul or Acqua. Against that depleted Arseal midfield, I had to search for HJ for entire 90 minutes & could find only when loosing position or pathetically miss-passing, even after Frimpong’s departure. Imagine what SG or even Acqua could have done with this Arsenal midfield?

      It’s a catch 22 situation for us, similar to Robbie Keane. We can’t sell him back, because I don’t think anyone ‘ll offer half the amount spent on him & we can’t start him as he is not good enough. Moreover, to accommodate HJ, we probably are making an even bigger mistake, off-loading Raul & Acqua. I might be harsh on one of our players, but JH is not good enough even as a substitute 20-30 minutes & that might not be good for his development as well. Can we loan him to a mid/low table club so that he can start at his best position & get long match time.

  3. Imran says:

    Fuwee, you talk utter rubbish and for a so called Red, you need to learn we support our team 110% no matter what. We are only 2 games into the season, half the team is new and it will take a number of games for the team to gel. As for Henderson, anyone can see he has bags of talent and will be a big player. Stop being the manager and start being a supporter.

    • REDseptember says:

      110% right Imran, Laptop fans trying to tell a football genius how to do his job, shame on you all.I would wager most of these are the same people who 2 or 3 seasons ago were slaughtering Lucas,and would easily have let him go.Reds fans my arse!

      • Bill Shankly says:

        Keep it real REDSEPT ,

        Were the trophy-less years with Lucas developing on the job in CM worth it now that he has proved himself capable of putting together valuable consistent performances ?

        NO !

        We were robbed by money grabbing owners who denied us the funding to build a squad to go & genuinely compete .

        I am not & never have been one to scapegoat a player but Lucas & Insua were over used at far too young an age to be making that many appearances & I put it down to the in house politics of Benetiz trying to manipulate things into his favor , he threw them boys to the dogs , Lucas showed his grit & came through , Insua has apparently stopped developing .

        Developing kids within the squad is all well & good but they shouldn’t be used for 1’st team action unless its in the second leg of a tie we have sown up , or at the end of a League campaign we have closed out early or as subs towards the ends of games we have no chance of losing because of their presence .

        They have to be protected from the scapegoaters like Kenny has done this week expertly with young Flannagan .

        Kids have got to have established senior pros for them to train with & aim for while they are developing otherwise yer gonna get Kids replacing average slightly older kids in our team .

        Lucas came through the hard way , not many can come through what he has done , its not the way forward .

        Thems my views on it & if Kenny contradicts me I’ll accept his judgment …

        He is Kenny Dalglish after all !

        • Jack says:

          @BILL SHANKLY: All Kenny would say to you is that you do not leave a spacing between a word and a punctuation mark. Where were you when the teacher was giving the class a lesson on punctuation?

        • REDseptember says:

          Think your missing my point and digressing a bit,this is not a question of not winning trophies whilst “blooding”young players it’s about giving young players support and not castigating them on supposed “fan”websites. Speak positively about our young players or lets not speak at all.Confidence has always been a massive part of anyones game,i can’t imagine players drawing a lot of confidence from some of the commentaries on here.

        • trev says:

          you hit the nail on the head with everything you said fair play to ye lad

      • TroLLman says:

        We didn’t pay £16m-£20m on Lucas, where’s the comparison?

        I always supported Lucas from the beginning while he was being slated from the get go!

        But you need to look all the factors regarding Henderson

        A) we spent money excessively on a player that does ADD anything to the team! To the squad yes! Not first 11!

        B) preseason and 2 league games later Iv seen nothing to suggest he should start just yet.. But that’s not his fault it’s Kenny!

        C) These factors annoy fans like myself who just saw Chelsea buy Mata for £24m!

        Did you when Henderson was on the edge of the Arsenal box with on defender to beat?? He couldn’t hold on the ball nor beat the player!

        So it’s not like we can use him all over the middle with positive results!

        Overall we a decent team playing a disjointed one.

        Why Raul never started is beyond me, Suarez was leggy against Sunderland so I see the reason to use him sparingly.

        Also Adams misplaced more passes in that game than Lucas does all season and Thats saying something!

        • REDseptember says:

          So because Henderson cost £16million he really should hit the ground running?The comparison my friend is not about money,but about young players getting a chance to settle in.The comparison I make is simply this…Lucas got ridiculed and turned out ok,dont you think its possible Henderson might do the same,given half a chance and not 2 games?

      • M. says:

        Cool down man.

        Who told you that same people were cursing Lucas? Do you know how much RB spent for Lucas & what’s JH’s price? Even at todays’ equivalent money it’s no comparison. Lucas was never a bad purchase, considering his pedigree with Brazil’s set up. He might have struggled in his initial years to cope with English style. Also, we should remember that, his standard at CM was set by Xavi Alonso & Xavier Mascharano.

        Lucas was a Brazilian U20 Captain (It’s Brazil man, not England) before joining us, (& would have lead the Brazil U20 WC team for 2007, barring injury) a humble member of a club with Kafu, Dunga, Rivaldo, Lusio, Ronaldinho & Kaka to name few. & off course he lifted the South American U20 Trophy in 2007 (Did you see JH hobbling around in this years EU20?. At 19, he won the Bola De Ouro, a humble personal accolade for the best player in Brazilian League, again few of his ordinary predecessors were Zico, Falcão, Careca, Alex, Romario, Robinho, Kaká and Tévez.

        He was a Brazil International before turning 20 & before joining us, has played for Brazil 16 times so far & I back him to lift the WC ’14 trophy as Brazilian Captain. & remember, as a Brazilian, Lucas is a great ball player, starting his career as attacking Midfielder (Joint top scorer in 2007 SA U20), Rafa converted him as a holding one, for LFC. Come on, you also can use a laptop & I can tell you there is portal called Google & a site wiki, for basic information to cross check my comments.

        • TroLLman says:

          Very nice 🙂

        • REDseptember says:

          Who told me people some people were cursing Lucas…you’re havin a laugh.where have you been,Lucas was slaughtered regularly by Liverpool fans early in his career at Anfield, were you not there to hear it.The point i make is not about fees or Lucas CV. its about slaughtering our newly recruited young players. Now its Henderson turn,and its wrong,regardless of his fee.Kenny Dalglish thinks he’s good enough,that’ll do me.

    • red 33 says:

      @Brainless-This is opinion comment which every red have the right to wish for the best of the club,This is how we get rid of hodgson to make sure our beloved club always stay on top of EPL. Get a live #!*^

    • gio says:

      I totally agree with you, all these brainless fans who start moaning and whining just after the 2nd game of the season
      (4 points taken out of 6) they can go to h… or better start
      supporting another team.

    • kkkersh says:

      agree with you 110 per cent

  4. fuwee says:

    Just a little wish I wanna share. There isn’t much tpo do as henderson is already part of LFC. The best thing to do really is to send him out on loan . We want to be in Europe but we aim the league title. So there isn’t space for experiments with Henderson. The other concern is Carroll’s pricetag. Without glancing at the numbers, I think he’ll do fairly well but not to the pricetag he shoulders . I now if there were other teams were interested in these 2players before we secured them and what were the price others were willing to pay for them. One thing we must not ignore the clever business olr should we say how lucky Steve Bruce and Alan Pardew were. And between Pardew and Bruce, It’s for me Steve Bruce who actually stroke gold despite the difference in transfer fees coz Carroll is no doubt a better player. Henderson on loan to any team is good and a win win situation for everyone.

    • REDseptember says:

      Garbage,pure bloody garbage.Please please please stop commenting as you do about “Our great club,and our players” Go and play stupid football manager or something.

  5. Greg says:

    Fuwee.. agree 110%.. any lemming that says you should support the team and the players 110% no matter what is a moron.. I’m sure those people were 110% behind Hodgson and Konchesky too even when we were stuck in 12th place! LOL.. idiots. You support THE CLUB.. not the manager and the individual players no matter what. There is a difference. It’s ALWAYS RIGHT to question … no matter who is in charge. So Imran.. stop talking out of your ass and think. Dalglish has been horrible in the transfer market! Carroll @ 35m.. Downing @20m and Henderson @ 20m are absolute idiotic buys. Suarez and Enrique were quality.. 2 great foreign players..3 overpriced overrated Brits… and Adam who is above average and may turn out to be a decent buy. Downing may prove to worth it.. but so far Carroll and Henderson are 2 jokes…if he is stupid enough to sell Aqua (starting MF for the Italy national team) then he should use the money to buy another top quality striker and not overpay for more mediocre Brits.

    • Fuwee says:

      Hey Greg. Ur a true RED who cares for the club. Good to know that you’re not the “Yes man Imran”. You obviously knw alot of football than just being a supporter who obviously knows nuts. Sure enough, we do need another quality srtiker and central defender. Let’s hope those who are exit bound get sold on time.I do think we can make the push for Europe with 2more quality players and to make sure Henderson if we’re are keeping him in the squad n get prepared before he is thrown in just for the sake of proving a point that for me is just unthinkable. I doubt Imran has any football sense. Really. Greg, I don’t know you but I’m sure you can give Imran a few pointers to football which he could use instead of just being the Yes man Im ran. I’m off to bed Greg. Glad I’m not walking alone !!!

    • TroLLman says:

      Well said Gregg!

    • kkkersh says:

      wot did hodgson know about liverpool fc? fuck all and that is why im 110 per cent behind king kenny. so do one you twat

  6. Lord PercyPercy says:

    @Imran: Supporting your team should be done unconditionally, but that doesn’t mean fans can’t express criticism or concern when they think something is wrong. If someone isn’t doing well on the pitch it’s fair enough to say so. I’m not quite sure we needed Fuwee’s essay on the shortcomings of Henderson, but I do agree that he hasn’t been convincing yet. However, the season is only two games old and it would be a bit harsh to write him off so soon. You are spot on in pointing out the team will need some time to gel.

    I have one criticism and I don’t think the lack of time together for this side has anything to do with it. I reckon using Andy Carroll alone up front is rarely going to work. While he’s good in the air, any defence worth its salt should be able to negate that, especially as he’s not blessed with pace to get away from his markers. He needs a strike partner rather than occasional support from midfield. I look forward to seeing more of a fully fit Carroll and Suarez partnership. Then I think we’ll see the best of Big Andy.

  7. Harvey says:

    First of all, HURRAH!!! What a feat our boys have accomplished. I thought our boys played really well and we deserve that win although, have to feel sorry for Arsenal and we have to admit that today their squad was heavily depleted. Okay, now the drawbacks :

    1) ANDY CARROLL : He is, i hate to say it, but a deadwood. By this, i mean he doesn’t chase the ball and and when he does is too slow. He just waits for the ball to come to him. Okay, granted some days his chances may come and he’ll score but we really need another striker in the Suarez mould. And let me be clear by this i mean, NON ENGLISH, someone who can move and also finish.

    CASE IN POINT: Arsenal’s own goal was because of Suarez’s movement which caused the Arsenal defence to panic and concede an own goal.

    2) JORDAN HENDERSON : What’s KK’s fixation with him and does he really deserve a starting 11? He may be a promising player for the future but a starting eleven?….. Just imagine what Raul or Aquaman could have done if they’ve played in his position behind Carroll today. He just lacks creativity.

    CASE IN POINT : I think we all saw what Raul and Suarez did in the final 20 minutes. Do i really need to elaborate on this one?

    3) ANOTHER WINGER AND CENTREBACK: I think we’ll all agree on this one. Stewart Downing, as good as he is, i think is being overused. There’s a long season ahead and at this rate, there’s a chance he’ll succumb to fatigue. And another CB won’t hurt either. But i think KK will address to the above problems sooner than later.

    Apart from that i think we just need sometime to really gel as a team which i’m sure in due time we’re gonna see. YNWA

  8. erik says:

    Fuwee and Greg are spot on with Henderson…he is lost out there and it isn’t good for him to get the start and therefore the scrutiny he is now under…Kenny should realize he is hurting him in this way.

    Carroll on the otherhand is doing fine by me and will get better. Sure we paid a lot for him but he is here and gives us another dimension. Not his fault that all we are doing is hoofing it up to him…that is for Kenny to sort out. We were lucky against an Arsenal team missing about 7 starters, down a man and and with another who could barely move. Pretty hollow victory from where i was sitting but 3 points are 3-points. Kenny needs to sort out our best 11 and we will do just fine.

  9. cayceejoel says:

    Good game,but am not impressed as a liverpool fan,what if there was no red card?why kenny always start henderson?where is aquilani?its worries me,cause asernal game wasnt a test for our team,it was a bonus,if we need to compete for the first four,we really have to do better than this.

  10. Sanjay says:


  11. noxy says:

    both carrol and henderson are useles biznes. They both sucks. To hell wit dem and kk

  12. REDseptember says:

    So we’re at it this week again,”who flopped” wise up you people. Do you all(and I suspect many of you aren’t old enough)really believe that during Liverpools heyday every player who played every week was brilliant.Of course they weren’t, but fans/supporters did what they always did at LFC, support the team the boss put out on the park, supported all the team/players.Once again we get this NEED to write something,and again it’s garbage. Henderson didn’t decide his fee,yet you lot feel justified in slaughtering him,and no doubt others will follow while there are silly articles like this about.So much negativity,not enough praise.IF YOU CAN’T SAY SOMETHING POSITIVE ABOUT OUR PLAYERS/TEAM,THEN SAY NOTHING.

  13. Felix says:

    Kenny let Raul to start on Xi he is creative enough compared to ur infant Henderson if ur wanna to be at top four and buy Gary cahil faster.

  14. Billy says:

    So Jordon is getting the LUCAS treatment from a section of our fans, mainly because of his fee.

    Now LUCAS made a lot of people re-think and I Jordon will be the same. He was much better yesterday than last week.

    you’ve got to give these players yime to gel before ripping therm apart. Our midfield (3 new players) have to get used to Andy C runs. when i used to play got called up to county level and the only 2 players who could knock passes around really well to start with was me and the other kid from my school, we knew each others game through familiarity.

    Give it 10 games before the knives come out.

  15. Billy says:

    Reading through some of the comments above with a bit more detail.

    So Kenny was our saviour back in Jan, but now he’s a chump for some of his signings on the basis of 2 games.

    Someone above said that you should support the club unconditionally but you can have a go at indervidual player, what!!!

    Last season people where saying we should have got rid of Spearing, now the same sort of people are saying he should replace Jordon. Spearing like Lucas was given the chance to prove their doubters wrong, Kenny will give these players the chance, so back them don’t knock them for a while at least give them the chance to show what Kenny sees.

  16. lfcfanatik says:

    kenny dalglish and damien comolli had a transfer strategy during interseason which consisted of buying premier league players especially british one.They naively thought that those players would gel automatically in the team and not have to undergo any period of adaptation. But their ridiculous strategy is flawed since these type of players although not utter crap are far from having the class of foreign players with the same price tag…Caroll was a mistake and worst trying to build a team around a mistake is an even bigger mistake.Henderson is not good enough yet imho.Enrique Adam and downing r not bad signings at all.And I think aquilani should play and selling him is another mistake.Also I still don`t rate lucas.he does not bring anything going forward and do we really need a holding mid in the team?

  17. Mike Arms says:

    I am stunned that “fans” are already slating Henderson. He hasn’t done a great deal yet be he hasn’t really made any big mistakes either. Adam has made a few mistakes, Flanagan and Kuyt also but Henderson hasn’t done anything glaringly wrong. He’s a young lad who has played in several positions in the last 2 games and he will improve as the season progresses. Very little is achieved other than to knock confidence when young players are substituted, Kenny stuck with him and rightly subbed Carrol and Kuyt instead. Why do fans think that a hefty price tag means the player must settle immediately and play a blinder every game? Steve Bruce rates him, Kenny and other scouts do also so how come the fickle fan just wants to slate him?

    • TroLLman says:

      Nobody is or should slate hendo!

      We are saying he’s not good enough just yet for our first 11!

      Iv watched him preseason for England u21 and for us… And frankly he’s a weak link in the team!

      In the future he may prove to be a good signing, but come on he wasnt touted as a little messi or Ronaldo in the making, so I don’t understand the to have of paid that much money for a player who nobody outside Sunderland had heard about, including myself!

      Seeing his performances all of 6 games now I see why know one had heard if him!

  18. Darius says:

    I like Henderson, you can see he has a great touch. Bit too calm and laboured at times but that can be sorted. Carroll did look slow but I am convinced he’ll be a hit at Liverpool.

  19. Sage says:

    Carrol, henderson are scrap. They should be replaced with forlan and meireles in the starting Xi

  20. cheezy@s.a says:

    Guys come on have faith in kenny.sure henderson has not had the best of starts but I’m sure he will come good. His price tag abit high but just wait abit. Caroll is great in the air but needs saurez running of him. Gerrard is missing so either aquilani or meireles,should be the attacking midfielder. Depends on who we are playing,I’m sure dalglish has different plans. Let’s have this discussion after 10 games and I’m sure we will be in the top4. This year is going to be great, in kenny we trust. YNWA

  21. dis whole issue is confusing,i love king kenny but i hate hlm toying with our emotions.i was not happy with henderson and d king should either bench him or get him firing.we need to do better pleasssssseeee!!!!

  22. LFC 8 says:

    spot on “Harvey” and if anyone beg to support LFC they also should have know that as a supporter we all have rights to criticize some poor descision..
    CAROLL- paying ANDY CAROLL is tooooo much where he is only gud in da air..this will not going to help us win any important matches..when CAROLL was on da ground our total passing game is just going out of our plans and always looking for long balls for far CAROLL’s first touch n passing is dreadful and as striker he should have been know to dribble n twist when needed as long as he plays it’s very diffucult to adopt gud game plan in a particular match

    HENDERSON – he doesn’t deserve starting XI so give him some gud time at the 2nd half but he is one for da future when he was coming through ages..

    AQUILANI-superb sole performer in our pre season so he should been given chance in starting xi to see whether he can carry out da form throughout da season..

    CAHIL/MERTASACKER-finally we should sign either CAHIL or MERTASACKER to full fill our backline..

    AS a fans of LFC we are desperately looking forward our team to qualify for CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2012/13…

  23. Jeff says:

    Fk me! Can all you whining little bitchez stop moaning! We two games in! Fk off!? N. Get a life

  24. Matt says:

    Give Hendo a brake it’s only been two games and I think he’s proving to be a good signing he’s young and willing to learn, I do think it was a bit expensive to buy him but look at Carroll a record English signing I think again way too much but also young plenty of time to prove his worth. I think we should all have faith in Kenny and trust his judgement he will bring Liverpool back to where we belong at the top.

  25. Leigh says:

    This will all be sorted in a few weeks when Gerrard Returns. He is just keeping his spot warm for him and as soon as Gerrard is fit he will playing as a sub only. Get a few games into the interim is a win/win situation.

    • Suarez says:

      Gerrard is coming back at the end of September. This was confirmed by Capello on Sky Sport- Goals on Sunday yesterday. Capello was at the Arsenal game and met Gerrard and asked him recovery time. Gerrard will be back to full fitness by mid September he was told.

  26. Suarez says:

    1. Carrol should never start a game. With him at the start, we tend to play route one football and forget about movement etc… Plus his got a ego for me. So couple of sub appearance might give him the kick up the backside.
    2. Henderson – – He looked lost at the moment on the pitch. I was watching the game with my nephew and he was constantly doing my head in asking me where does henderson play??!!
    3. we just have to accept that Carroll and Henderson are gonna start every game from now on. So just be patient, Hendo will come good, but i still have doubts over Carroll. We look a different team when his not playing. REspect to Lucas!!

  27. Danny says:

    Liverpool may well be encouraged by the scoreline but in truth, it flattered them. Nothing in their performance suggested they will be anywhere near a title challenge this season. This simple fact of the matter is that any team worth their salt should be beating the depleted imitation of a football team that Arsenal put out. The reds needed the helping hand in the form of a red card and an own goal to send them on their way. Eleven v eleven they offered nothing and were it not for these mitigating factors, they wouldn’t have won the game. This gifted win doesn’t disguise the fact that they looked second rate against a crap side. Liverpool looked slow, Unfit, and nothing like a winning team. Henderson was pathetic and Adam was slow, clueless and unfit. I am a true liverpool fan, but i am not stupid. This team needs to get fit quickly and they need to wake up from playing henderson. Did u notice how he runs next to players and not even make an effort to tackle. He has no rithym and no vision. What a waist of money. KK is the man, I appreciate that, but i would think if he is the man, he would be able to spot talent, In Henderson he surely made a Huge! mistake. YNWA!!!

  28. njanja says:

    But what was Kenny thinking when he went for Henderson? No skill, no zeal, too lazy, a complete moron! Damian should be ashamed of himself . Shelvy, Spearing, Maxi, Joe Cole, and even Jovanovic are all better than him

  29. jj says:

    raul is not fit . so please do your research ?

    henderson is a central midfielder and looked alot better when kelly pushed up and he went into the middle, some players dont look like the do much but he did ok check his stats.

    becuase the side is still checking where each others is, the play esp on the break was a litle slow and sideways, the central players adam for one needs to push on quicker and not pass sideways or back when a break is on,but that will come with confidence.

    with carrol he can play with ball at hsi feet, to mnay crosses or long balls becomes predictable , however it did rattle arsenal and may have been a tactic to play them.

    lucas was excellent, so was kelly and enrique and agger all positives.( carrager is always excellent )

    very good defence line now.

    so for me henderson more central looks a much better player but you can say that about raul he disapears if on the wing, time will help henderson and adam to be more positive in the game.

    rual and suarez just looked class fall stop.

    oh and aqualani wants a transfer to italy to AC milan which should be done this week, he wants to go everyone and thier dog knows that.

  30. Bárður Hansen says:

    stop being so harsh on Jordan… He’s young and looks way more promising then our friend Adam… Adam continues to fail in his defensive line of work. We’re quite lucky that arsenal didn’t have all the players. We gotta be realistic. We can’t compete against the top teams with a player that is as bad as Adam in defending. I’m great in the other end of the pitch tho.. We lack defensive powers! Ynwa.

  31. gi says:

    A Caroll – Too slow – Price too high
    J henderson – Very bad – Price Very high..

    35M + 20M = 55M wasted. we could have buy Mata + Aguero with that price and many M will remain for LFC.
    Anyway!!! LFC fan from Mauritius

  32. stevo says:

    The new signings were strange to say the least will they bridge the massive gap to Utd,no they wont.Dalglish has recently stated if his massive investment in the new players are hit or miss,wait till the end of the season.So all praise for Dalglish is put on hold till next May,no less than fourth is acceptable.

  33. Ajiri says:

    I would like to credit our victory to Luis Suarez’s individual brilliance but then, its sad to know we still struggled against an arsenal side depleted by injuries & suspension to get a win that was not even convincing enough. Caroll to start with rarely posed any threat even with his aerial ability, aside a fantastic header, he was clumsy & almost useless.
    Now to henderson, totally inefficient and looking clueless throughout the game. What baffles me is how he fits into a midfield already well stocked, i really question his buy as much as that of Caroll can be justified.
    Luis Enrique appears to be the bargain of the summer as he makes neat tackles, drives forward & creates goal scoring chances, i couldnt wish for a better LB.
    Dalglish has no excuse of why we should not be in the top 4 this season after spending lavishly on overpriced English RATBAGS, YNWA!!!
    Fuwee & LFC Fanatik

  34. Redders says:

    I just watched the match for a second time. It’s easier to analyse performances when you are not so wrapped up in the emotion of the game. after my first viewing I too was slightly underwhelmed by the overall performance of a few players. However, I certainly would not speak out against our players individually. I cannot believe some of the negativity amongst so called lfc fans. You make me sick. Football is a game of confidence, how can young players blossom when they hear the groans from certain sections of the crowd. You want players to play with freedom and creativity then don’t crucify them for trying. Young players will make mistakes, f@£k me, experienced players make them too. But as they are idolised they are let off the hook. Get behind all the players. Support the team as your title suggests you should. A crowds reaction within the first few minutes of a game to one players sloppy pass or loss of possession can totally ruin his confidence for the rest of the match. And to question our managers choice of players is plain embarrassing. Do you honestly think you know better???!! Please people, get behind the players, the manager and the team. The rest will take care of it’s self. We have seen the potential of what this team can do (fulham away, utd at home last season) and we have just beaten our main contenders to 4th place….and you still moan. Seriously, just piss off and support city. The performance yesterday was actually really good. go and watch the game again, Henderson was class and rarely gave the ball away. Even Carrara came out and gave him praise. He didn’t do anything spectacular, but he certainly did nothing wrong. If kenny wanted him that badly, which he clearly did then so be it. the price has never been released just speculated. Have faith in the king and the players he brings in. Sure, not all of them will be a success but no manager in the history of the game has got every signing right. Start supporting or go support a fantasy team. You know who you are and you are simply not needed.
    Peace out

    • REDseptember says:

      Spot on Redders,I really believe a lot of these people are like sheep(follow the leader) and if the first moan picks on a new player(Henderson)the rest fall in behind.On LFC TV tonight Gillespie and Aldo gave Henderson a great assessment,like you have stated,outside of the emotions watch the game(I watched 3 times) and Henderson had a good game.

  35. Will says:

    Totally agree, hate when people talking shit about something they know nothing about!

    It is very often this season people slaughter Carrol, he has so far had 1 goal that the ref took from him and 3 headers that the goalies made bloody monster saves at. My suggestion to these people is, go support Chelsea or City and leave us true supporters give our backing to the team.

  36. Redders says:

    *Carrara* supposed to say carra…… Hehe. Damn auto spell!!!!

  37. Lord PercyPercy says:

    I think a lot of posters are right in that the knives have come out rather early for certain players given the season is only two games old. Sure, some players have yet to impress but it can’t be a shock to anyone when new players take time to find their feet in the team. I’m not that impressed with Henderson myself yet (seemed to lose the ball far too often vs Arsenal) but to banish him to the reserves squad after two games would be a bit harsh. The only way the lad will get better is to get game time.

    I admit to some not unjustified griping above, so here’s some positivity to make up for it. I was underwhelmed when I heard we were signing Enrique and Downing but I have to say they looked very good last match. Happy to be wrong about them!

  38. JJ says:

    I do agree with most of the comments here, but I’m a bit confused that you can say that Adam had a good game. No, he wasn’t pulling any strings in the midfield, he had a poor game and gave the ball away constantly. And seeing how slow Adam and Lucas was running, was really shocking. Dalglish hasn’t figured out how important pace is, in modern football, and I’m afraid it’s gonna cost us in the long run.