Date: 19th August 2011 at 3:12pm
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Liverpool’s Brazilian midfielder, Lucas, seems to have the answer on how we are going to beat Arsenal on Saturday: keep the ball away from them!

“They like to pass the ball, they have a lot of possession,” Lucas told “They have been fighting for titles for a few years but they couldn’t win. For sure this season they are going to be strong and it will be a tough game.

“It’s always difficult to stop these kind of players. Barcelona is also a team that likes to pass and at the moment no one can stop them.

“We just have to make sure you have a good shape and play with a lot of determination. You try to have the ball. If you have the ball they won’t be able to pass between you.”

Whilst I agree with Lucas that we need to keep the ball away from them, I feel the best way to approach the game tomorrow against Arsenal is to be very physical against them in midfield. They have a very soft midfield without Wilshere and Song, and if we boss them there physically we will have more ball than them.

Their defending from set-pieces is also very poor and that is where we must make the most of Charlie Adam’s deliveries and get the likes of Carroll and Agger onto the end of his crosses.


3 responses to “How Liverpool plan to beat Arsenal”

  1. Bill Shankly says:

    I dont wanna sound like an awful prick but here is our winning formula for this & every Game this season .
    1 : We have to stick together .
    Whether it is going our way or not the Fans , the Players & the Staff have gotta stick together .
    We will win together
    We Will Lose a Few Together
    We will Draw a few Together
    But we will only be whipping boys for the press , opposing fans & opposing teams if we dont stick together .
    2 : Keep the Faith !
    If you have doubts ?
    Shut yer mouth & grit yer teeth & see how things pan out up until Xmas at the earliest .
    I kno we havent had much luck with Managers since our mini revival under Roy Evans but you should trust Kenny , at least look at his track record at the top end of management & most importantly believe your own eyes , his results since he has taken over & our performances against the best sides havent been a fluke or an accident , he really is that good .
    Kenny has been there & done it & he had been there & done it so often so well he makes it look easy .
    He has masterfully taken over a Squad in free fall for a season & a half & carefully man managed them & quietly rebuilt them into what at this moment in time is at the very least the rock solid foundation of a genuine top 4 & trophy challenging season .
    Keep The Faith !!!
    3: Think of the Players as your palls !
    How would your palls feel if they knew you were chatting shit about them behind their backs ?
    They wouldn’t feel good about you & wouldn’t want to play well for you !
    I suggest that if there is a player you like who isnt at our club & isnt likely to be at our club that instead of cursing our lads that you curse that player you fancy & I promise you you will see his form drop if you do it often enough !
    Just stop doing it to our boys !
    Yes some of em arent good enough to be in our first team squad but this is Kennys first season & he isnt going to destroy any players career by butchering a players reputation & releasing em like they have the plague !
    If a manager , club or fans get a reputation like that then no top players are going to want to play for us !
    Some Games we will win in style , some we will have to scrap for & some we will draw & some we will lose , this isnt a fairy tale or a computer game , thats just how it is .
    So lets not pop the champagne corks when we win a game that isnt a final or a big league or cup game against a big rival & on the same hand lets not pop the depression pills if we dont get the result we were hoping for !
    Football has a funny way of balancing out over 90 minutes & over a 38 game campaign .
    Greavsie wasnt joking when he told us that “its a Funny Old Game ”
    Surly you are all old enough to remember the emotional roller coaster ride of the 2005 season & that night in Istanbul ?
    The players are your palls playing for your hopes & dreams on the pitch !
    Kenny is your Favourite Uncle passing on all his football knowledge , skill & experience to them everyday to help them go out there & win for you !
    Even if your pall didnt have a great day with you but he was doing his honest best you would stick by him wouldnt you ?
    4: Dont let anyone from outside the club talk to you about the club !!!
    Dont trust them !
    The Club is your Family !
    If you think someone is only saying something good about the club just so he can get close enough to you to say something bad about the club ?
    Tell him to get lost !
    Utd , Arsenal , Everton & Chelsea fans love to read LFC forums & pretend to be LFC fans so they can talk shit about us & turn our fans against the club .
    We are a big joke to them , we gotta be more street smart !
    5 :Dont be afraid to make big stupid unrealistic overly ambitious statements about the club !!!
    Why ?
    Because Kenny Dalglish & John W Henry are our Family !
    They want to get us everything we want & need & they have the skill & muscle to do it !
    We are a magic club !
    Dont forget that !
    This is our Time & we are on a one way journey to Success AGAIN !
    YNWA !

  2. Regen says:

    The plareys who have been class for us are the likes of Torres, Mascherano etc, big price tags but also big talents..that’s todays market unless you do a Wenger but Rafa is not a coach that seems to massively improve plareys to be honest.