Date: 17th August 2011 at 3:27pm
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There is a lot of speculation that Liverpool are still in the market to sign a new centre-back this summer and Bolton’s Gary Cahill is reportedly high on our wanted list.

Cahill put in a solid display for Bolton in their opening Premier League game against QPR and the giant centre-back opened the scoring for Bolton with a superb goal that would have made any striker proud. Besides scoring the goal, Cahill looked very composed at the back and that is the kind of centre-back Liverpool should be looking to bring in if we are indeed after a centre-back.

Apparently Cahill has a £17million release clause and I wonder if Liverpool would be willing to spend so much on the 25-year-old England International. The beauty with Cahill is that we can bring in him and build or backline for the future around him. We have Jamie Carragher currently leading the defence but truth be told, Carra is get on in age and his legs will not go on for another 2 or 3 seasons. So rather than panic in a season or two, we can bring in Cahill now and start working with him alongside Carragher and then later on with Agger or Kelly. I am still a big believer that Kelly is a future centre-back for us as opposed to a right-back, and seeing him alongside Cahill would be great for Liverpool.

Please make this one more big signing Kenny.


10 responses to “[Video] This is the centre-back Liverpool should sign”

  1. bole says:

    I feel if we bid for him City will come with double offer and take him

  2. YNWA says:

    No no no……If you think that Gary Cahill is right for Liverpool,and @ 17mil?, than I would hate to have you scouting for players.Gary Cahill is an average player, not composed enough with the ball, we need QUALITY, and Gary Cahill is not that!!!

  3. Boltonfan says:

    YNWA has clearly not seen Cahill play. He’s one of the most composed centre-half’s in the premier-league. For that comment, anything you say I really can’t take seriously. Maybe he’s over-priced at 17 million but who’s fault is that?! None other than clubs like man city and your club paying ridiculous fees like 20 mill on henderson and 35 million on Carroll.

    • YNWA says:

      @BOLTONFAN,….For your info, I have seen him play, many times, and if you think he’s that good, than why sell?, let him stay at Bolton.

  4. jonesey says:

    You are missing the point here mate – listen great managers find great players on the cheap – what is Connolli doing all year – surely he has had time to find 6 cheap signings by now – David Moyes has to do it this way – SO LOOK AND LEARN AND STOP SPENDING DAFT -Besides Shanks would have made Kelly a centre back

    • Bill Shankly says:

      Great managers do no such thing , they find the right player at the right time & if they have to spend to get him then they spend .
      Fucking Cheapskates are ruining our club .

  5. GG says:

    Cahill is a right footed Agger without the injuries. So, yes, he can do a job for LFC. The question is whether he is worth the 15 or 17M being bandied around.

    By the way, can someone explain why an exit clause is important if the player is in his last year at a club? If Cahill is in his last year, Bolton should do everything to get the best deal possible (but not 15M) unless they have the assurances of the player that he is willing to extend his contract. I think Bolton will eventually agree to a serious proposal if LFC makes one.

    IF not, Dalglish and Comolli should go for Ryan Shawcross, Kjaer (Wolfsburg), Chygrynskiy (Shaktar), Tasci (Stuttgart) or Barbarich (Zagreb). There are lots of options! Cheers!!!

  6. jonesey says:

    There you go Connilli – GG is giving you a few clues

  7. barcafan 26 says:

    Gg i agree that simon kjaer is quality but that chygrynskiy is shocking. He played around 20 minutes for barca and was awful. We sold him for a fortune, how i dont know but if you want to move forward and improve then this man is not the answer he couldnt hit a cows arse with a banjo. he is a 25 million titus bramble

  8. rajiv says:

    why dont we get the damn alex from chelsea or we may even get the uruguayan coates from national…hes young and he was very impressive for the copa america…musachio is also a gud alternative…what do you think???