Have Liverpool built a team around Andy Carroll?

Some of my mates on Twitter believe that if we had not signed Carroll we would not have signed Downing, Henderson or Adam this summer. Especially if Torres had stayed at Liverpool, then we may have signed Mata and some other player. They believe we did not sign Mata because Dr Dalglish and Comolli thought Mata would not be able to swing the ball in like Downing and they believe Mata is the type of winger that likes to cut in and not hug the line.

So if our eventual singings were brought in to suit Carroll’s game, then that would mean the total amount of money spent towards Carroll would be 79 million! That is 35m plus 20 (Downing) plus 16m (Hendo) plus 8m (Adam).

All this should mean that we are going to have many goals from Carroll this season, because the players that the Doctor (Dalglish) ordered are exactly the players that Carroll should thrive on. All this gets me excited. And Carroll should have had one goal already this season, but that silly referee decided to rule out his goal. I am confident that many will come from the young lad.

I would never want to be In Carroll’s shoes, that is, knowing that Dr King Kenny is building Liverpool around me. Just playing for Liverpool FC should be scary enough, but being the present and future of such a great club should be a mighty task. And knowing that most of the players that were bought, were bought to make it easier for him to score could put a sizeable amount of pressure on Carroll, wouldn’t it?

Thankfully this is Carroll we are talking about, the English giant. Our Doctor has already backed him to score a lot of goals and so have many respected opinion leaders. Other players too have backed him to be prolific this season, Jose Enrique being one of them. What is most important is that Carroll himself has backed himself to score many goals this season.